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  1. You're awesome. Don't forget that :)

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      Thanks <3. You are really awesome too.

  2. I am not sure about what you are disagreeing with me. My argument is that you cannot simply say the Dalinar did not become a better person, just because he was changed by Cultivation. (I agree with both of your points here, which is also why I am confused) Legality is not the same as morality. This discussion is focusing on the morality of actions.
  3. Only Rathalas and his wife. You can hardly say that they were the key components of his life. At most you can say that she regressed him back to pre-Rathalas in some ways. You are ignoring my point that Dalinar wouldn't have been the monster without the Thrill. Indeed, the Alethi might have been much more peaceful. You can hardly say that the Thrill did not have a very very big impact on who Dalinar was.
  4. But Cultivation hardly took all of his memories, only a few of them. She took away a part of Dalinar. You cannot say that the sum of Dalinar is Rathalas and his memories with Evi. I never said that Dalinar would have changed without Cultivation? I am just confused why you consider that being changed by Cultivation and the effect of Thrill is so different. Your argument is that he became a very different person due to Cultivation's infuence Do you think that Dalinar would not have been a wildly different person if not for the effect the Thrill had on him?? I think you misunderstood me. Frustration said that shards cannot change people, I said that they did not have any proof for that claim.
  5. You... did? Here: I am extremely confused. A man is memories + drive + good stuff? (Or do you particularly mean Dalinar is?) Why is his drive what makes him? Well, we hardly have any evidence for this either way, so all I can say this that this seems extremely unlikely, but we'll probably have to agree to disagree. The thing you call as a "horrible evil look" was Dalinar being Odium's Champion, right? Do you think that is likely, or even possible, without the Thrill? You have no evidence of the second claim.
  6. I never said Cultivation had very little effect? I just said that Cultivation didn't create a *new* person who was *unconnected* from Dalinar. Also, do you think the Rathalas would still have happened without the Thrill? Would there have been even a chance of Dalinar becoming Odium's Champion, without the Thrill?
  7. This is not true, she merely took his memories, (and possibly some of his bloodthirst/battlethirst). Most of Dalinar was still there.
  8. This is just untrue? You can also say that only reason he became who he was was because of the Thrill, so it's not really his fault. Humans are always influenced by outside stuff, you can hardly say that it doesn't count when that influence makes it easier for them to improve but it counts when the influence makes them worse. Also, this is an older statement, but I feel that this is a completely wrong way to think about things. You do not have to *sacrifice* things to become a better person. You do not need to be*worthy* to become a better person. You just.. have to be a better person.
  9. ....I can only see the He noticed one. Also were the tags different earlier, I don't remember them.
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