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  1. So apparently I'm a Shard legend now? I need a screenshot of that. I like to sleep, but not on the same schedule as everyone else. There's no feeling like being awake at 3 am, although waking up at 2 pm is a bit irritating after a while.
  2. So...


    Today I had the thought (one I've had before) that I missed the community on the Shard and finally decided to act on it. So I'm back! I don't think I'll do much for now, I'm trying to ease back into it so I don't overwhelm myself. But just opening this gives me good feelings, so I hope to do so much with all the amazing people here! 

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    2. Condensation


      I'm so glad to see everyone, it's totally whack to me that I've been gone so long!

      Yes, I do believe it may be time to resume or possibly even reboot Crystellation... it was always unapologetically my favorite. :D

    3. Experience


      I'm always down, I do enjoy being a snake :P

    4. Shining Silhouette

      Shining Silhouette

      I loved the worldbuilding of that one :P

      I'm definitely down

  3. Happy Storming Birthday, Connie! Hope you're doing well!

  4. As Ellis attacked her doubles, Melody kept as still as possible, moving the others around him and hoping he'd get close enough for her to snatch the amulet.
  5. Melody gasped in pain, the breath causing even more agony. She fell backwards to the ground. What more could she do at this point? Ellis was so much stronger than her, she barely even had any sword training! It was probably hopeless... But she had to keep trying. One more attempt before she had to give up, Melody thought as she illusioned away her pain for the time being. Later she could hurt. She created 6 copies of herself as she stood, giving each of them - and herself - varying degrees of realism. As she moved around herself, Melody came up with a plan: As many copies as possible.
  6. Hi there! Welcome friend

  7. Hey there y'all. 

    Prom's today, I'm going stag, and so my friends, Vapor, and I went to savers for a "day date". It was a PARTY. 

    Also, I got an odd1sout hoodie that should be like $40 for $5 instead. 

    And $80 worth of books for less than $20.

    I was so excited, y'all, savers has fabulous deals. 

  8. Melody gasped as she dropped to the ground, her sword falling out of her hand. That hurt. As Melody gritted her teeth and the pain was replaced with adrenaline, she jumped up and grabbed her sword's hilt with both hands. "Well, that wasn't the nicest. You should apologize... I'd accept that amulet!" Melody grinned and swung the sword towards Ellis again.
  9. Melody swung again, this time yanking at her captured hand at the same time.
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