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  1. MR42 was close to that as well! It didn’t have much inactivity either, if I recall correctly.
  2. Appreciate it, but I definitely can’t do it this year as I’m going to Curitiba, Brazil near the end of July for my mission Seconding all the other nominations so far though!
  3. Nope! So unless you’re my 11 year old brother’s friend… Also— thanks everyone! Muito amor! :D.
  4. I got my mission call today Brazil Curitiba South Mission, Portuguese speaking! Reporting to the Brazil MTC on July 31. Incredibly excited and grateful
  5. *whispers*

    Can I add you to my Shardbuddie collection? :P 

    1. Mat


      I don’t really know who you are and probably won’t be on the Shard much (if at all) but sure :P 

  6. oh hey i finally graduated from my own thread as of a month and a half ago :p. i made this when i was 14 thats kinda wild
  7. I’m not an authority here, but I would assume that the AG being in LG form means that a QF would be next up.
  8. You can mark me as inactive on the GMing sheet. It’s not quite the right word, but it’s the one that’s used and I’m not planning on running another game I’ve got an unused pass (and an unused ruleset for it…) that I can make up for grabs. Idk if I’m supposed to give it to someone specifically, or just chuck it out into the stratosphere for someone to claim, but whatever is the correct thing I’ll do that. Speaking of unused rulesets— I don’t actually care about my pass ruleset, but I have an epic Shattering of Adonalsium blackout ruleset that I’d be more than happy to pass on if someone wants it. I know Elan and Straw already saw the blackout rules, years ago. The reason I never ran it was because it needs like 27 players minimum which just isn’t reasonable these days, so if you want it just know that it’s kind of a pipe dream, but knowing that dream lives on would be enough for me
  9. Good job Stick And Faerie, wow, I was not expecting Vulture to be a new player. You did very well and certainly deserve that pass! Was I one of them? Glad I got to play with you after GMing your first game here. And funny that we ended up paranoia death spiraling on each other. Tbh that was probably predictable As I’ve been saying, this was probably my last game. At least for awhile. My last semester of high school just started and I’m busier than I’ve ever been, and I think recently I’ve sort of been playing SE just because it’s something I do. Call it obligation, or habit, or whatever, but the AG felt like a good time to rip the bandaid off and call it a day. I had a good run; now it’s time to pass the torch I actually think I’ll play one more this summer, in the weeks leading up to when I leave on a church mission, after I graduate. But until then, o7 and have fun y’all. I may pop in and spec now and again, we’ll see. Thanks for the last game, everyone, it was fun and I’m glad we technically got the win
  10. Hopefully you can complete it faster than me I did it in one take, but across multiple sessions and multiple days.
  11. I only have P4 and NKG left percentage wise. I could banish the Troupe I suppose.
  12. Ummm idk xD I think I sat against the wall and spammed quick focus and quick slash and that seemed to work fine. I don’t remember exactly what I used.
  13. I only did it three times cause that was all it took to get the new menu but that try I got 76
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