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  1. Welcome! I'm in (assuming I don't end up as the IM) as Araris, who seems like he would fit in well here.
  2. Currently TKN’s rules are stalled in committee, so I think either @Sart or @Kasimir should run the next LG so we don’t have too long of a lull between games.
  3. The best solution is obviously just to kill everyone that fails to sign in/post during the night turn.
  4. That was an (apparently failed) attempt at humor, since it followed my statement of honesty.
  5. Hmm. I guess if someone says something like "My ID of ___ causes me to read them e/v", that feels vague and not very fun to interact with if you have no idea what they are talking about. But at some point folks like Kas and Aeoryi get ID'd by a majority of the players and I think tiptoeing around that is pointless.
  6. My code is also always honesty above all else. This was my first game and I was a Smoker. In regards to NK submission, I probably agree but also think this is generally less of an issue than the inactivity itself. Mostly since only 1 elim has to submit the NK, so this only works as a clear when you are certain only 1 remains. Especially if the NK doesn’t conflict with other actions. In regard to player IDs, I tend to think that if you don’t want to be ID’d, then you can make that effort. And if you think Kas is getting ID’d and village read too easily, well, there’s the NK or pulling something like what Rae did. But I know from experience that trying to avoid IDing yourself is a bit burdensome, and it’s easy to slip. So I don’t think it’s even practical to try and enforce something like this, at least in a game like the AG with so many players that lasts for quite a while.
  7. Welcome! I both thought you played well and wrote some enjoyable RP. Hope to murder play with you some more! Will be sorry to see you go, you've been a solid member of the community for a fair while now. I hope high school wraps up well for you! also, this makes me feel old... I started playing SE in high school
  8. Good game everyone! Thank you @Devotary of Spontaneity for running things, this was a great way to kick off another year of SE!
  9. I guess I'm trying to ask you what the game design purpose of this communication is. How do you envision this 1-word communication creating interesting decisions for players? Once you've pinned that down then figuring out specific details to reach that outcome is a lot easier.
  10. Yeah, but even just 1 word can be too much, if the dead doc is spoiled and the dead player is confirmed as a villager. The underlying game design question is, "What's the point of dead players being able to communicate?", and relatedly, "Why can't dead players communicate normally?" In my opinion, the answer to #2 is twofold; elims kill players to stop them from communicating, and dead players, by virtue of doc access, have access to much more accurate information than living players, which would be game-breaking if the village had it as well. So it follows that allowing dead players to communicate should probably be serving the purpose of either 1) weakening the effect of the NK on a player, or 2) providing very accurate information to living players. And in the latter case I think there's a very fine line between a mechanic that is so restricted as to being pointless, and one that is gamebreakingly powerful for the village.
  11. There have been games with limited communication between the dead and the living, but you have to be careful with what information the dead players have access to in their doc, and with dead players having alignments confirmed by the GM. It all comes down to the details of the rules. Too much information guaranteed to be true goes against the premise of the game; mistrust.
  12. I think rulesets like these are great for QF games. I will say I'm not sure what you mean by "elims get a random fakeclaim", since the elims don't need to have a role to be able to fake having it. At the same time, they can't really bluff CS, and to some extent claiming Lurcher is pointless (a villager wouldn't want to do this, so by extension neither would an elim). In general this seems a little lopsided in favor of the village, but not a lot. A slightly higher ratio of elim players would make it work fine, I suspect.
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