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  1. Where’s the fun in that I don’t envy ur position cuz both Matt and I would’ve survived one NK which uhhh idk probably isn’t the best balance but gg you guys had a decent d1
  2. The elim doc was kinda sweet. :,) and yea, u can’t rly link with players that have been severed and I just lied about having kas shoot u n2 aeo lol. we didn’t have the ability to shoot anyone I just wanted to see if u would give up or not, and the no-kill n2 sealed it for me
  3. lol i lied about being severed so i don’t get roleblocked owned
  4. why did my* balefire not work on u? õ_õ’
  5. wut i am proposing the letter D for the hangman game from last turn are u implying u holstered the nk so that we could finish hangman
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