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  1. I love Summit! They always have fun routes. I would probably choose Allomancy. Tin would be really helpful on the wall, as would Pewter!
  2. I don't know what the approval PM is, but if that's true, then it's possible that there is another politician in the game who just redirected a vote of someone voting on the same person they did. That's confusing. That was a fun game! I forgot about that.
  3. Just realized I'm an idiot and the Politician won't make this a tie, since it'll move a vote, not add one. Hey @Illwei, you haven't voted... any chance of you voting on Striker?
  4. I thought so, but maybe I'm remembering something else. It's been a while since I've played. Right now the VC is Striker (5): ash's_eyes, Liranil, Stick, Mat, Emulaton Liranil (4): Devo, Bort, JNV, Striker Since I know that Devo or Bort is a politician, this is a tie in my eyes. My susses, mostly gut reactions right now Village: Mat, Stick (not sure why on either of these) Neutral: Emulaton (hard to read since they haven't been super active, for good reasons), ash's eyes, Illwei Elim: JNV (idk, some of their reactions just feel weird), Devo/Bort (I think one of the other, but not both), Striker,
  5. ... So I definitely thought the skyeel attacks were the NK. So that theory is wrong lol
  6. I basically have to vote for Striker no matter what for self-preservation, but I do kind of like some the reasoning provided last round and this round by Mat. But I also tend to trust Mat for some reason even when he's elim, so there's that. I need to go back and reread people's posts in detail but I probably won't have time. Here are some general thoughts that have been floating around in my head, take em or leave em: Unless there were vote swaps that canceled each other out, we only have one politician, which is either me, Bort, or Devo. If it's a villager, it's not unlikely that the elims are going to try and get rid of the three of us, either through voting cycles or NKs. If one of us is an elim, though, that would change what they do. The move of a vote off of Archer and onto Xino is either completely random or chosen by the politician. If the politician is a villager, I'm leaning random, unless they were really convinced about Archer's innocence for some reason. A random vote swap, percentage-wise, would also likely pull a vote off of Archer, since almost half of the votes that weren't on Xino were on him. It seems most likely that Archer died from the NK, but it's also possible that the Detective chose them to be removed N0 and that the NK was blocked by one of the Field Exterminators. Idk why the Detective would pick them, but maybe they were suspicious about the group PMs. It's a possibility, but not a likely one. I just still think Archer was a weird pick for the NK. Idk. It seems at this point that my exe would provide the most information, since most people seem to think that it's between me and Striker, or me and Bort, or whatever. I also don't know what the VC is yet but I'm tired.
  7. It's not me. I'm just a boring old vanilla villager, but I understand not taking me at my word. I usually don't. I was just rereading the rules and how the roles work. Maybe I'm misunderstanding things, but the rules make it sound like someone else's vote is automatically moved to the person the politician votes for, and they have the choice to pick a particular person. Idk I might be misinterpreting that. Even if the manip does choose whether or not a vote is moved over I think the reasoning of "Bort was inactive for most of the cycle" is really flimsy. If you're a villager, and you have a power that doesn't have a limited number of uses, why not use it, if you're convinced the person you're voting for is the right choice. Bort didn't give much reason on their vote, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't use their power if they had it. The risk of late round manipping for Devo makes more sense as an argument.
  8. Stick asked the same of me, too. Devo was noncommital. Because we both sent PMs to Bort asking about the vote manip?
  9. Not an accusation from me, just a question if you did or not. To be honest, I asked both you and Devo, just to see what y'all would say.
  10. The manip wasn't me, but I know there's not really a way for me to prove that. My guess is that the manip is a villager, though, and the elims thought that person was trying to protect Archer because they knew his role from N0 PMs. That's a possibility, at least. It just seems weird that they would NK Archer when it's likely we would have spent a lot of today's turn discussing his alignment and possibly waste an exe on him.
  11. Sorry, I went back and looked and saw your earlier post. My bad!
  12. I guess that's fair. And rereading your post, I see your case for Striker. There's more reason there than my gut dislike of Xino's list.
  13. To be fair, there's not really a case against anyone yet. But I worked so hard on them... I guess this is my question too, it just seemed like a weird coincidence.
  14. 2 hours left and I went back and did a VC. JNV (2): ash, Stick Xino (1): Liranil Striker (3): Archer, Mat, Illwei Archer (4): Xino, Striker, Emulation, JNV Mat (1): Devo 11/12 voting is pretty nice! @Bort You around? The only weird thing I noticed was that Emulation voted on Archer at the very beginning of the round, and that's all they've done + their only post. It's not like they could be lurking in the elim doc instead, I just thought it was odd.
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