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  1. Another thing I forgot to mention - the vote inactivity filter. I think it helped a lot in terms of prevent players from skirting by without voting. The vote counts were 10/12, 10/11, 7/9 for game (a) and 11/12, 10/10 and 7/8 for game (b). Of course there's other specifics to get into like "does it count if you vote and then unvote" but if you uphold the spirit of the rule and not the letter, it can be a good tool to promote voting.
  2. GM ThoughtsTM: I've always been interested in running a game with a defective elim team, and I thought the theme of The Departed was perfect for such a game. This meant that Insider and Informant HAD to be a part of the set-up. All the weird rules that supplemented them were necessary to remove some issues I anticipated. The biggest concern is obviously preventing the Informant from outing the elim team. This is one of the reasons for the changed elim wincon. Now, killing just 1 player seemed like a very quick way for the game to end, which is where Contact was introduced. Contact also allowed the information to leak into the village without hard-clearing any villagers if there was a direct communication. Killing two people is still a very easy wincon but I assumed the playstyle of the players with the roles would be enough to manage that. Anti-flips were also very important to this set-up to prevent outing as any dead and revealed Informant would have all the incentive to out the elim team. Similarly, Insider would out the Contact if death was imminent. Anti-flips would make way for the possibility of fake-claims which would, in turn, sow doubts in claims of the real Informant. The next issue was to protect the Informant's identity, with the major obstacle for it being the elim kill. You either give everyone access to the kill and prevent the Informant from misusing it [which is what happened in game (a)] or you don't give the kill to the Informant and hide the fact that the Informant cannot kill [as was the case in game (b)]. In the former's case, votes were immutable to prevent the Informant from changing the kill at the very last moment. All that went out of the window when the entire elim team was outed in the first cycle, the one possibility I did not account for. Aman and Drake definitely made the game more explosive and added even more unpredictability into it. Regarding game (b), I agree it was a harsh loss for the village. Things could have been different, of course. But Archer claiming was actually helpful to the elim because as he revealed the name passed onto him, it confirmed to JNV that Sart was genuinely evil, which meant Ash was the Informant. I still don't think this is the best version of the game it could be. Some possible tweaks could be that if Informant or Contact were to be NKed, it would only be possible with the unanimous vote of all elim members. Maybe another village role could be added, which the elims need to kill. But honestly, I'm tired of thinking how to balance this game xD Thanks again, for all who joined and hopefully enjoyed the game! I aim to GM a normal game someday. >>
  3. ENTRY - FINAL XX-XX-XXXX EXTINCTION I WRITE THIS AS I STAND IN FRONT OF MY MASTERPIECE. YEARS OF LONELINESS. DECADES OF PUTTING ON A FACADE. IT WAS WORTH IT IN THE END. MY MISSION IS COMPLETE. I AM STANDING IN FRONT OF A PIG FARM AND WATCHING GLEEFULLY AS HUNDREDS OF CARACASSES OF PIGS LAY STREWN BEFORE ME. ONE LOOK AT MY ARMS AND I SEE NO DIFFERENCE. YEARS OF GROWING WITH THEM HAS MUDDIED MY BODY. BUT I NEVER FORGOT MY ROOTS, AND I NEVER FORGOT MY GOAL. A WOLF GROWING AMONG PIGS STILL HAS FANGS. AND WHEN THE SWINES THREATEN THE WOLVES, THERE IS ONLY ONE WINNER. TONIGHT WAS A MASSACRE OF SORTS. AN EXTINCTION. * Archer was eliminated! He was the Contact from Elendel Constabulary! Ashbringer was killed! He was a member of the Octet! He was also the Informant in secret! Vote Count: Archer(5): TheRavenHasLanded, Sart, Drake, Ashbringer, JNV Sart(2): Stick, Archer Game's over! Octet have successfully eliminated both the Informant and Contact! Congratulations to Faerie Braids, Sart, JNV and Aeoryi! In addition, a massive thanks to @Ashbringer for stepping in to replace Neil! I'll post the GM Thoughts in a few hours. Docs: QF70 Spreadsheet QF70b Spreadsheet QF70 Spectator Doc QF70 Octet Doc QF70b Spectator Doc QF70b Octet Doc Player List:
  4. Time! Not that it matters but Stick's vote doesn't count as it was 2 seconds off -
  5. <20 mins! Archer(4): TheRavenHasLanded, Drake, Ashbringer, JNV Sart(2): Stick, Archer Stick(1): Sart
  6. Clarification: No one in the Octet doc is allowed to be anonymous. Everyone with access to the doc (Octet + Informant) is listed in the doc at the beginning of the game.
  7. ENTRY 03 XX-XX-XXXX HIBERNATION [insert write-up here] * Faerie Braids was eliminated! She was a member of the Octet! Amanuensis was killed! He was a member of the Elendel Constabulary! Vote Count: Faerie Braids(4): RoyalBeeMage, Sart, neil the beguiled, Archer Archer(3): Amanuensis, Stick, Drake neil the beguiled(2): Faerie Braids, JNV Sart(1): TheRavenHasLanded Cycle 2 has begun and will end on 17th February, 03:00 AM GMT. Please try to bold your votes, and give retractions in green. Please welcome @Ashbringer who will be replacing @neil the beguiled. Player List:
  8. Hmmm, maybe 3 AM rollovers were a bad idea >> New cycle will be up soon >>
  9. <1 hr notice + VC Sart(2): TheRavenHasLanded, neil the beguiled Faerie Braids (2): Sart, Archer neil the beguiled (2): Amanuensis, JNV Archer (2): Stick, Drake TheRavenHasLanded (1): Faerie Braids Stick (1): RoyalBeeMage Neil has asked me to replace him as there's some emergency, so someone will sub in for him at the beginning of next cycle.
  10. ENTRY 02 XX-XX-XXXX APOSEMATISM [insert write-up here] * Aeoryi was eliminated! She was a member of the Elendel Constabulary! Kasimir was killed! He was a member of the Elendel Constabulary! Vote Count: Aeoryi(4): Aeoryi, TheRavenHasLanded, Faerie Braids, Archer Archer(4): Kasimir, Amanuensis, Stick, Drake JNV(2): Sart, neil the beguiled Stick(1): RoyalBeeMage Cycle 2 has begun and will end on 16th February, 03:00 AM GMT. Please try to bold your votes, and give retractions in green. @JNV, you gotta vote buddy! Player List:
  11. Drake's VC is accurate Well not any more - Aeoryi (4): Aeoryi, TheRavenHasLanded, Faerie Braids, Archer JNV (3): Kasimir, Sart, neil the beguiled Amanuensis (2): Amanuensis, Drake RoyalBeeMage (1): Stick Stick (1): RoyalBeeMage
  12. 49 minutes to go, and here's what the VC looks like - JNV (3): Kasimir, Amanuensis, neil the beguiled Aeoryi (2): Faerie Braids, Archer Kasimir (2): Aeoryi, Drake RoyalBeeMage (1): Stick Stick (1): RoyalBeeMage neil the beguiled (1): TheRavenHasLanded Archer (1): Sart
  13. VC - Aeoryi (2): Faerie Braids, neil the beguiled RoyalBeeMage (1): Stick Stick (1): Archer JNV (1): Kasimir Archer (1): Drake One tiny change I forgot to mention about >> Octet kill is no longer immutable. Octet members can change their kill order as much as possible as it is in GM PMs now.
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