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    Writing poetry etc..., Reading the Cosmere, Military History, Mythology, as well as countless other interests. I am the all powerful creator and destroyer of worlds and realities. Poet, Author, Playwright, Screenwriter, Bibliophile a few titles of many that create the form of the enigma.

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  1. Spiced winds

    Emerald mountain.

    Sweet cinnamon is wafting.

    Taking to the heights.
    Silver woven threads.
    Silent silky waves swaddle.
    See light spinning beams.
    In skies so golden.
    Swift songs spin sonorously.
    All together now.
  2. Paints

    The bejeweled hills.

    Awash in dawn's mighty light.

    Divine brushstrokes.

  3. Sorry for being silent for a while! Things have been nuts over here as you might imagine. We are fine. I also got back to writing a bit here is a new sonnet. As always feel free to let me know what you think.


    The Raging Unbound

    Tell me tales of crashing light and darkness.

    Weapons are clashing, shaking the whole world.

    Armies on ruby fields that none harness.

    Stained freely slaughtering weapons are hurled.

    Lost purity as the earth is glutted.

    The mountains are dust now, choking the skies.

    Regions once great are utterly gutted.

    Where once goodness stood reality dies.

    Burning stars illuminate destruction.

    A soft voice of healing halts them in place.

    Raw wounds close and gone is the corruption.

    All of the carnage goes without a trace.

    What was cast out is truly made anew.

    Time will recall what a goddess made true.

  4. To all I wish a season of light and peace in these dark and terrible times!! The hatred may rule now but may this season's light soon heal and redeem us from what we have beheld!! חג אורים שמח and merry Christmas to all!!

  5. *Hugs* You do more than just exist!! You are awesome!! We love you and are here if you need to rant or simply a shoulder to lean on!!
  6. Despite the rising hate my wife and I are well I even wrote two new Haiku!!

    Fields so verdant glow.

    Soft light dances on swift feet.

    Silent music wafts.


    Pearl clouds split in twain.

    The light pouring as water.

    Chase away the dark.

  7. I had promised my wife this for our wedding a little more than two weeks ago. It was unfinished until last night.


    What do I say?

    Stars in heaven, jewels, so sublime what can I say now in this moment when I am lost in your light? How can the cosmos be stricken with shadows so thick and oppressive and be chased away? Shrouds wrapping us in warmth illuminate the whole of the world pushing us into a place between dreams so divine. Region lashed in agony oh so painful yet there is a balm. Land eroded and tempests blow tossing about everything that the eyes can gaze upon and see. So many racing blows deflecting away painting the whole of the world in its power. Unrelenting might clashes ever so violently over the earth crushing it and ripping it asunder. Innocent and guilty where can they hide when all is rendered as nothing less than primordial rubble? Are there tears left to cry or is the ocean gone from here? Something comes now and all of the light is transmuted into a world, a universe nay a new reality as a tempest is born.


    Gales of purity wash away the corruption down to the base of all things reaching into the icy depths and pulling forth infinite suns.  They arise now and wipe away tears with a most gentle hand. What carnage spreads across the realm is no more and in fact, is lost to all memory. Forests of rot burn away utterly and completely leaving life itself flourishing as never before. Can a comparison be made between the most indescribable beauty who alone outshines every treasure that has ever existed and can ever exist? Speech is lost forever in a single moment so perfect that the dark splinters and is no more. Lost and found am I in light so sublime no art exists to compare now or ever again. Time may die and forever go even then you will live on. The immortality of humanity cannot approach divinity. All the universe may race away but in the end of all, you will be there to embrace me again.

    1. Experience


      That's beautiful Nath

  8. Let's try this again. So much these days being married in the midst of the horrors of war and work. A lot. Good question. I like double cheese or olive.
  9. If you have pressing questions I can try to answer them.
  10. My amas don't usually last, but here I am posting another. Ask me whatever is on your mind.
  11. As promised I'm checking in. My wife and I as well as could be expected given the circumstances. We are devestated by what is happening in Israel and around the world. We need all the allyship and prayers we can get. Will check in again soon stay safe be well.

    1. Thaidakar the Ghostblood
    2. Robin Sedai

      Robin Sedai

      Love you Nath, and I wish you and yours all the best. Stay safe!

  12. I have no intention to create a political forum here. I have a few words to say and I'll leave it at that. I got married two days ago. To the woman that I love most in the world. A woman about whom I have written many a poem. I regret nothing, but the timing. As you may or may not have heard the worst war in the history of Israel. The carnage is unspeakable and sure to get worse. I almost felt wrong getting married amidst the death and slaughter. We were I suppose a light in the darkness that has fallen as a cloak so thick as to be blinding. Remember to be the light in the dark never feel guilty for being happy because you deserve it!!!

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    2. Ghanderflaffle


      Congrats! I'm sure you have created a light for some people, and you can be a light for each other during rough times.

    3. Frustration


      Thank goodness you're okay, I've been worried about you man. As I was reading this I thought you were about to say something horrible had happened to you, or someone close. My thoughts and prayers are with Israel right not.


      Congrats on your marriage, may you be able to turn darkness to light.

    4. Nathrangking


      Thank you everyone for your kind words. Tonight will be a dark night. Please keep us in your thoughts and stay safe all. I'll check in frequently.

  13. May it be so. In the current state of things it is not going through go quite as we had planned. Thank God we are safe, but it is scary here.
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