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  1. Yes, absolutely. I'll put you on the sign up list. Make sure you check out our general rules. I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.
  2. Let me tell you a story. A story about those rogues who sail the spore seas. Yes, that's right. I'm talking about pirates. Once upon a time, on a quiet night in the lower decks of the Crooked Moon, a villainous plan was hatched. A group of ruffians, seeking easy plunder and riches, decided to do what no honest sea crew would do. They decided to become deadrunners, and stage a mutiny against the captain. If they could take over the ship, by whittling down the loyal sailors, they could make a killing. Their first step was simple. It was time to raid the Spore supplies. Rules: Quicklinks: Player List: Assuming we have enough players signed up by then, the game will start at 9 PM EST on March 5th.
  3. Yeah. That definitely felt off. Switched my kill vote last second, but still. I played pretty terribly, and yet we somehow still won.
  4. My vote was on you, Stick. The train wasn't going anywhere, so I switched off to protect myself. My gut is still leaning good on Archer, so I went to the only other person with votes Faerie. Considering they flipped red, I'm proud of that. Still have you as my highest suspicion. Like this post is just bad. You vote on JNV, but then immediately backpedal it. I don't understand this.
  5. Unfortunately, I've got my Pathfinder game in 15 minutes, so I'm not going to be here for rollover. In a naked attempt at self-preservation, I'm going to put a vote on Faerie Braids instead of Stick. I think my gut is leaning village on Archer, so I'm following his vote. Plus, Faerie is just barely active enough not to get hit by the filter, but not enough to actively contribute. @Faerie Braids I would love to hear more from you.
  6. Drake feels village. His attacks are targeted and precise. His vote jumps around like crazy, but I think that's his normal play style. Raven is a new player, right? Obviously I don't love the vote on me. Slight elim lean, although I would prefer voting out someone more experienced first. Would love to hear more from them. Neil is rubbing me the wrong way, especially this cycle. I can't pinpoint why, but that's what my gut is saying. I won't vote on him today due to the whole dyslexia thing, but I'm leaning evil. Might as well do the rest of the players while I have time. RoyalBeeMage is Village, and I would die on this hill. With poking and prodding, they give good insights, but aren't very engaged, so I highly doubt they are in a doc. Amanuensis. I'm frantically doing war games in my head to see if your claim holds water. Null until I work that out. Stick. I'm still reading them as evil, and my vote is still on them. They're interactions with Bee felt like pocketing. Faerie Braids. Slipped under my radar, which gives me an evil lean on them until I hear more. JNV. Mr. Quiet is quite quiet. I only voted on them in the first place because Aeoryi started rocketing up. Considering they voted for Neil, the enemy of my enemy is my friend? Slight Village read.
  7. I've flipped back and forth on them, but it kind of feels TWTBW at this point. I know you said to ignore other player's opinions on him, but that's what's really driving that for me. It seems like everyone and their mother has voted for him. Just reading his posts it's mostly null.
  8. I need to address this. I was not trying to make fun of your disability. I thought this was some sort of gimmick, I didn't realize that this is something you have issues with. I apologize. We can take this Out of Game if necessary.
  9. I'm back. And I'm being voted out. Great. My activity hasn't been great, but that's because I have to work during the day. The last game was on the weekend, so I had a lot more time to devote to it. Plus, that was entirely mech based, which is where I get really excited. Pointing fingers at people has never been my strong suit. I'm still feeling Stick is evil. I really don't like couching Archer as probably the Insider. It feels too much like Stick knows the result would be a Villager, so they're pre-emptively using the Insider excuse. It reads off to me. Can I please have a vote count?
  10. My eyes twitch from your terrible grammar. I appreciate a good gimmick, but this hurts to read. I recognize this is play-style related, so it's not alignment indicative, but still. On this point we agree though. Distributions should be done fully randomly. I was going to point the finger at the people who rapidly shifted the vote to Archer, but with Aeoryi flipping Villager, I'm left at a bit of a loss. Stick Your last post on Day 1 felt more like posturing than anything.
  11. Question. What does Jebiga mean? This game in particular feels way too flavored by some other mafia site.
  12. And as I say that, the vote count completely shifts to Aeoryi, with several prolific posters now lurking. This feels off. Aeoryi sorry about that. JNV
  13. Hmmm... Self preservation doesn't always indicate alignment, but the thread hasn't been active, so this reads as off to me. My vote on Archer isn't doing much. Aeoryi
  14. Alright, we're back at it. I think I'm going to vote for Archer. His rules questioning post felt particularly performative to me. We had way too many of those discussions in the previous run of this, and rehashing it just feels stale.
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