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    When I'm not playing SE, you can generally find me reading, writing, playing the harp, or sleeping.

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  1. Mysterious Bulletin: Isaal/Ash was elevated to Master Alchemist Szeth and Sart were brought on the horns and charged with Conduct Unbecoming. Szeth was expelled! Sart was lashed! Szeth (8) - Kas, Kas, Ash, Ash, Stink, Stink, Sart, Sart Ashbringer (0) - Archer Player List Matrim's Dice - expelled Kasimir The Known Novel - expelled Steeldancer JNV - insane Wonko the Sane - formerly insane Archer Drake Marshall - insane Ashbringer TJ - expelled Araris Valerian - expelled Szeth Pancakes - expelled Stink Sart
  2. JNV and Wonko broke out of the Crockery! TKN, Archer, TJ, and Sart were elevated! Mat was charged with Conduct Unbecoming and expelled! Sart was charged with Reckless Use of Sympathy and lashed! TKN and TJ were charged with Undignified Mischief and must apologize! Mat (5) - Mat, Kas, TKN, Archer, Archer Sart (3) - Mat, TJ, TJ TKN (2) - Ash, Stink TJ (2) - Sart, Sart Stink (1) - Kas Szeth (1) - Stink Player List Matrim's Dice - expelled Kasimir The Known Novel Steeldancer JNV - formerly insane Wonko the Sane - formerly insane Archer Drake Marshall - insane Ashbringer TJ Araris Valerian - expelled Szeth Pancakes Stink Sart
  3. Wonko has gone insane! Araris was brought on the horns and charged with Conduct Unbecoming. He was expelled! Sart, Mat, and Stink were also brought on the horns. Sart and Mat were charged with Undignified Mischief and must make an apology. Stink was charged with Reckless Use of Sympathy and lashed! Sart (8) - Mat, Kas, Kas, Wonko, Wonko, TJ, TKN, TKN Araris (3) - Mat, Ash, Stink Mat (3) - Archer, Archer, Sart Stink (2) - TJ, Araris Steel (1) - Ash Wonko ()) - Araris TJ (0) - Sart These students were elevated: Kasimir, Wonko, Ashbringer, TJ, Stink Term 2, Month 1 has begun and will end in 44 hours, at 7PM Mountain Time. Good luck!
  4. Jenali (JNV) went insane! Mat, Steel, Archer, and Drake were brought On the Horns! All had charges dropped. Note: as implied in the rules, a smaller player count means that the number of DP each master distributes has been brought down from 5 to 3 DP per master. Archer (2): Araris Valerian, Drake Matrim's Dice (2): Steeldancer, Drake Steeldancer (1): Kasimir Drake (3): Archer, Archer, TKN Szeth_Pancakes (2): JNV, Ash Kas, Steel, JNV, Ash, TJ, Szeth, Stink, and Sart were elevated! Everyone should have received a PM by now. Month 2 has begun and will end in 36 hours, at 7AM Mountain Time. Good luck!
  5. Sure Contracts can be pretty much anything you can come up with - past ones have included giving hugs, denouncing Tehlu, suggesting ideas for what to draw, voting out a noble, and much more. I wonder why.
  6. Kind of? It’s up to you how modern to interpret it - the writeups will probably regularly be in some kind of social media style, but whether the full setting is or not is mostly left open. The title is also partly a play on the fact that this time around the game itself is “modernized” in that it’s going to be coded rather than in a massive spreadsheet (for anyone interested, the github link for that is here)
  7. Yes, at least within a reasonable distance of whichever field you want EP in. If you're a Cealdish Commoner or Ruh, it's on average a net win. If not, I think it comes out about even? But I can't remember for sure. Doing it to get over 200 words is definitely less annoying than padding ad infinitum. In general, a reads list will probably be over 200 words already, but if you need to add a sentence or two, whatever. Just please be mindful of your fellow players and their time, and do your best not to abuse the mechanics, thanks. Yes, public apologies count as roleplay.
  8. Stick has been re-replaced with @Sart. If you’re pinchhitting, please make sure that the players whose alignment you know are in fact dead. This is your friendly IM, checking in to remind you that I’m here for comments, questions, and concerns!
  9. Aman has been removed from the game. His alignment will be revealed in the next rollover. He’s also requested that I post the following note on his behalf.
  10. Hey y’all! As a quick reminder, this is just a game. Anyone feeling strongly about the situation should step away and try to recalibrate, please - even if it might result in the exe landing on someone you don’t want it to. In particular, please avoid saying or implying that anyone is dumb or stupid, no matter how wrong you think they are. I’m around for anyone who wants to talk things out (or voice any other concerns). Thanks. Also, because this was my plan for my IM post this cycle before all this, I’d like to remind everyone that humanity has eradicated smallpox entirely and forever and that’s incredible and amazing.
  11. Note that intentionally using someone else’s color in an Empire doc (or any doc in general, really) would also be very much not allowed. Please do not use another person’s color to impersonate them, for any reason. This is a friendly reminder to everyone that you should not edit votes into posts ever please! This particular instance was harmless (the vote is already marked in the spreadsheet), but editing a vote in is a great way to get it missed, and we’ve already seen once this game how much of a problem that can cause. Anyway, this is your friendly IM, checking in to remind you that I’m here and happy to talk!
  12. Announcement: after some discussion, Ash and I have decided that the fairest thing to do would be to have Thaid and Archer both die, and to change the rules so that ties now kill all parties involved. The OP is/will be updated with the correct vote count and with Thaid’s death, and the tie change has been edited into the original rules. Thanks for your patience, everyone. Also, hi, I’m your friendly IM, reminding you that you can always come to me with issues or concerns
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