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  1. I didn’t claim the last Elim member because there were two of them It is impressive that the only thing I managed to do was push my own Contact though.
  2. You know, I’ll vote Archer. Maybe not a doc elim, but feels a bit like an Insider. Also I’ve seen hints that voting is important.
  3. I’m trying to figure out if you’re expecting the Informant to claim (outing the last Elim) or the Last Elim to claim (outing the Informant). The second doesn’t make sense but that’s how I’m parsing what Archer is saying.
  4. ... Isn't Fae dead? We know they're not the Informant. Unless that's hidden to us.
  5. Hello! I also need to do a sleep soon (but not very soon, thank you Organic Chemistry), but I’ll take a look at things tomorrow. And at least make sure to vote, I’ve heard that’s important.
  6. Free! Maybe I should no longer be blue, it’s been a while
  7. Yeah... I think lesson learned there. Don't sign up for SE games during finals week. Or at least don't rand Elim in them That probably had something to do with it? It's that weird metric of mine. I was busy, but I tend to go inactive more when I'm overwhelmed, which is either I'm really busy or I'm busy + already feel like there's too much to get through. Which tends to be the case when there's an Elim team I'm letting down than a Village one. Just the sense of "should really deal with [important thing]" + "already distracted IRL" + "reading through many pages to find a way to lie because I'm evil" = "... not now". Something I need to work on. (I do get overwhelmed as a Villager, I'll note. See that one Roshar and that one Threnody game where I practically begged the Village to exe me sooner so I wouldn't be the distraction train on Exelo. And OG Dingo had... multiple other things going on than just Finals.)
  8. You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round (Kinda wish I'd played just for the song, but with my schedule probably good that I didn't )
  9. Aaaaaand I need to actually be awake in the morning tomorrow so I ran out of time. Smh. That's more on me than my schedule though.
  10. I AM BACK! Or at least done with the semester and with classes and (mostly) grad school apps. ... And out of excuses to not be participating. I've paid... a little attention but not much outside of am-I-dead-yet. Will try and find things tonight. My NKA is probably going to be less helpful especially because it's a lot of players I don't know that well but if no one's beaten me to it I can see what I can do.
  11. Hi all I… I don’t even know. I’m done with the semester in like 10 hours then flying home, but I’m still not done done and… well, trying to focus on the last assignment + not being able to = bad timezone based math. Hopefully once I’m done I can focus on this. If I can’t, I don’t know. Might try and get a pinch hitter if that happens but who knows. (Unless I’m getting exed or something because I’m not really checking, wouldn’t be the first time.)
  12. I slept in again. Hopefully I get some work done this afternoon so I'd feel more in time to poke around here / not go Dingo, but I don't really want to mess with a tie or near-tie that I don't know what's going on. Is it between Archer and Aeoryi for the early SK discussions? Or more similar to me? I hope this isn't what I'd do at an actual convention, just not talk to anyone
  13. I did the thing again... I'll see if I can catch up but I'm not sure how much energy I have. Don't think it's 7 pages worth.
  14. Murder? Generally speaking: solo faction, has an NK, and can't win with any other factions (or anyone else, usually). But there's usually some other thing that goes along with it, because only-NK SKs usually have a rough time competing with coordinated efforts to find them.
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