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Anniversary Game 10/Anonymous Game 14: Tyrian Falls Apocalypse

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The inhabitants of Tyrian Falls moved quickly to take advantage of their second victory against the Spiked. No longer just a refuge, Tyrian Falls has spent the past year forming coalitions with nearby populations in the former Western and Northern Dominances, all intent on forming a government free from the tyranny of the Final Empire with its Steel Ministry and Noble Houses. Tyrian Falls itself had thrived, grown to become a town and a critical production center. Yet, the curse of Tyrian Falls could not be so easily defeated.

Recently,the Mists have begun to linger even during the day. Ashmount Tyrian spew more and more ash into the air. Devastating earthquakes rip the ground open. Plantations rapidly restructured into prioritizing food production struggled to feed everyone as these disasters rendered more and more farmland unusable. Squeezed between the armies of Fadrex City to the west and the New Empire to the South, a desperate attempt to form an alliance with Urteau was made.

These efforts have yet proved unsuccessful, as Ashmount Kalling laid waste to the intervening land, and neither party was willing to commit to an agreement without a dependable supply line permitting trade and travel.

While negotiations were ongoing, Tyrian Falls came under assault once more. The New Empire’s Koloss have been spotted rounding Lake Tyrian in its direction, while the sickeningly familiar signs of sabotage have begun to appear in the fields and the forges, in the wells and the walls. Should Tyrian fall here, Urteau will walk away from an alliance, abandoning its neighbors to the ravages of Empire and Ruin in order to pursue self-sufficiency. Yet again, it falls to Tyrians to root out the saboteurs before the Koloss arrive.


Welcome to Anniversary Game 10 and another year of SE! @Elandera and myself will be the GMs, and @Elbereth will be the IM.

This is an anonymous game so don’t sign up in the thread. Please sign up by PMing me or Elandera privately. You can message us here, on Discord, or wherever else you like, and you'll be in so long as we respond with a "noted" within a day or two. Do your best not to indicate whether or not you're playing to anyone else. If you want to spectate, PM me and I'll send you a link when the game starts.

Check out the rules below and pick a cosmetic role if you wish before signing up.



You can find the rules in a doc at this link, nicely formatted for your convenience, but you can also read them below. (Doc will be edited to fit current game)

VILLAGE: Win when all Spiked are dead.

SPIKED: Win when they outnumber the village, or otherwise can no longer lose.

General Rules:

  • 48-hour days, 24-hour nights.
  • Vote minimum is 1. Ties are decided randomly.
  • Final votes will reflect the number changed by manipulation, but not the names.
  • Unsuccessful attacks will be announced as “____ was attacked, but didn’t die!” with no differentiation between Thug and Lurcher protection.
  • Spiked vs. Coinshot attacks will be differentiated in the write-up, including if the attack is unsuccessful.
  • Group PMs are allowed.
  • Spiked are not guaranteed a role.
  • There are no secrets.
  • There is an inactivity filter of two cycles. You must post in the thread, or be replaced/removed.
  • One action per turn (two allowed per cycle).

THUG: They can survive a single attack. If they are killed during a night or day cycle, they survive and this will be revealed in the write up. If they are attacked again, they die… finally.

TINEYE: They are messengers and are capable of writing messages to the town while remaining anonymous. Each night, they can send a message to the Game Master. The GM will then post it within the write up at the start of the next Day. As long as a Tineye is alive, players can send Private Messages back and forth. Once no Tineye is alive, they can no longer deliver messages, so no more PMs.

SMOKER: The Smoker is undetectable and they can extend this power to one other person each night*. If scanned by a Seeker, the smoker or the person encompassed within their coppercloud will show up as being Smoked. Alternatively, the Smoker can turn their coppercloud off. This would allow them to be scanned accurately as a Smoker. In addition to being undetectable by the Seeker, the Smoker and their target are unaffected by emotional Allomancy. As long as the Smoker is using their coppercloud, a Soother or Rioter cannot change their vote.
*Smokers can choose on D1 whether they want their copper cloud on or off, applying only to themselves.

SEEKER: The Seeker can sense when someone is burning metals. In fact, they have gotten so good that they can tell whether someone is spiked or not! Once per night, the Seeker can target someone to learn their abilities and alignment.

COINSHOT: The Coinshot does what they do best. They push metals around; specifically into other people’s bodies. Once per night, the Coinshot can target a person for death. Unless otherwise disrupted, that person dies.

LURCHER: Where the Coinshot pushes, the Lurcher pulls. Once per night the Lurcher can target someone and that person will be saved from death. A Lurcher cannot target the same person two nights in a row.

SOOTHER: Their ability to dampen emotions puts them and the Rioter in a very special position. During the Day, they can negate one person’s vote. The change will be anonymous, but since I will be posting voting results at the end of each day, those that are observant should be able to tell what votes were changed.

RIOTER: The Rioter works in a similar fashion as the Soother, except once during the day round they can change one person’s vote. Using this power does nullify their own vote though. They are still capable of voting, but their vote will not be counted. The change itself will be anonymous, but since I will be posting voting results at the end of each day, those that are observant should be able to tell what votes were changed.

MISTBORN: They have the abilities of all of the above, but will only be able to use one per cycle. At the beginning of every day, the Mistborn will be told which ability they have and they can use that ability until the next night. If a previously held power would be received, the die is rerolled, and the new power is granted regardless of whether or not it was previously held.

VANILLA: You have no special powers, but you still get a vote every day. Who knows? Perhaps you were meant to be the one to save the town! Not all stories are about the strongest people in a group.

Additional notes:


A Tineye who is killed at Night will still have their message appear in the writeup at the start of the next Day.

Mistborn Roles:
If the first roll for the Mistborn turns up a metal they already had, the die will be rolled again. The second roll will be used regardless if the Mistborn has already had that metal. Once all eight are used, all metal probabilities are reset.

Order of actions:


  • Smoking*
  • Soothing/Rioting**
  • Execution


  • Smoking*
  • Seeking
  • Tineye Message
  • Lurching
  • Kills

*Smoking does not extend protection to someone the turn after the Smoker dies
**The interactions between Soothing and Rioting have already been clarified extensively below

Emotional Allomancy Interactions:

  • Seeking a Smoked target will have a result of “your target was Smoked” for role and alignment.
  • If a Rioter and a Soother try to move and cancel the same vote, the vote is moved and canceled, with an effective result of just canceled, plus the Rioter’s own vote being canceled.
  • Rioting someone’s vote to a Smoked player will work as normal.
  • Soothing or Rioting a Smoked player will not affect that player’s vote, but the Rioter’s vote will still be canceled.
  • Two Riots on the same target will “cancel out” and the target’s vote will stay in place.
  • A Riot can be used to move a player to no-vote, but not from a no-vote to a player.
  • Rioters and Soothers cannot self-target.

On Smoking: Once a smoking order finishes its two-cycle activation and no other order is received, the Smoker will return to the default state of Smoking themselves.

On Rioting: Rioter’s votes will be canceled even if the action effectively made no change due to where the player’s vote ended (e.g. A Rioter moves El’s vote to Wilson, but then El votes on Wilson with no change in the action order. The Rioter will lose their own vote, and El will remain voting on Wilson).

Cosmetic Roles:
You are highly encouraged (though not required) to take a cosmetic role. Use it however you wish and include it however much you want in your posts. This is simply for fun and for RP creativity.


The Bereaved: You lost someone very close to you when Tyrian was last attacked. They may have won in the end, but much was lost. You must talk about the deceased in every post.

Survivor: You fought against the Spiked when they attacked the town and were victorious. In every post, you must mention a lesson you learned from this experience.

Hazekiller: You were trained to fight and kill allomancers and this town is a hotbed for metallic arts. In every post you must detail your plans to combat hostile metalborn.

Tourist: Tyrian Falls has thrived since the last attack of Spiked, becoming a critical center of the resistance. You have wanted nothing more than going to see the historic sites, no matter how recent. Each post must reference your plans for your visit.

The Skeptic: You lived in Tyrian Falls during the last attack or two, but somehow missed the whole event(s). Maybe you were visiting someone out of town or were sick those days and your house was one of the few not hit. In each post, reference something that you heard happened in the last attacks but that you can't quite believe.

Noble Thief: You grew up sneaking out of your family home, gaining skills most only associate with the underground. You simply wanted to have a little late night fun without getting caught. You soon learned the thrill of not only breaking out, but breaking in. Sure, you don't need what you take. But neither do the people you take it from. In each post, work on your plan for your next big heist while evading the detective.

The Detective: As Tyrian Falls grows and crimes become more common, you're stuck tracking down a thief. They couldn't even give people a respite during the apocalypse, why would you get one now? In each post, work on your investigation to track down the thief.

Terris Steward: You live to serve others. You just don’t feel complete unless you’re waiting on someone, retrieving an item, delivering a message, you name it. Each post, you must wait on someone else.

Forgetful: Your mind isn't what it used to be.  Each post must contain you starting one thing, either a sentence or task, and end with you doing something else completely unrelated.

Hobbyist: You have something that you do on the side. Maybe you collect rare metals or gardening or whatever; but you’re passionate about it. You must reference your hobby in some way in every post.

Allergic to Metal: No one envies your place in life, considering the planet you’re on. You’re allergic to metals. This means no forks, no swords, no metal buttons. If you do come in contact with metal, you tend to break out in a reaction. In every post, you must show the steps you take to keep yourself safe.

Obligator: You still have faith in the Lord Ruler. Whether you think his death is a hoax or you think he will return, you haven’t wavered. In every post, you must make reference to the Lord Ruler or his, er, rule.

The Accidentally Spiked: Perhaps it was an old battle wound. Perhaps it was an incident during the reconstruction of the now strong city. Either way, you have a sliver of metal stuck inside. In your posts, talk about your worries regarding that spike and what it might mean for your safety… and control.

Make Your Own: There have been some really creative and unique CRs in the past, like Madagascar’s Drunk Crazy Cat Lady, so have some fun with it! It will be entertaining to see what you create!


Anonymous Account Rules:


At the start of the game, you will be issued an anonymous account. There are a number of rules associated with the use of an Anonymous Account. Please follow them carefully. Given the potential for abuse of Anonymous Accounts, any rule breaking using the accounts will be dealt with harshly.

1) Do not change the password of the anonymous account you are issued. The IM and GMs will have access to all anonymous accounts for the duration of the game.

2) Do not use the anonymous accounts to PM any non-anonymous account, other than the accounts of the GMs. Please do not use your normal accounts to PM anonymous accounts.

3) Once again, do not tell any other player or individual associated with SE whether you are playing or not playing the Anonymous Game. Player identities will be revealed after the game, not on the death of their avatar. Players are asked (but not required) not to reveal their own identity after their death, until the end of the game, including in the dead/spec doc. Players wishing to spectate rather than play should PM me for a link to the spectator doc. Questions and rules clarifications should be submitted in your sign up PMs, and will be posted by myself in the signups thread.

4) Do not change anything cosmetic about the accounts, including member title, username, signature, and avatar.

5) Do not post in other threads with your anonymous account, and do not post in this game thread with your actual account. If you realize your own accidental post, hide it if you can (if you can't, remove the content) and notify the IM/GMs. If you notice someone else’s post, do not quote the post or tag the account. Simply tag the IM/GMs who will handle it as quickly as possible.


Sign-ups will close Tuesday, January 2nd at 6 p.m. PT  /  Wednesday, January 3rd at 2 a.m. GMT / 1 p.m. AEDT. 

Quick Links:

Current player count: 25/30

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Posted (edited)

“To the people of Tyrian Falls, members of the Kaltyr Alliance” Steward Varn read to the Tyrian Council from a steel tablet, the only loose metal permitted in the council room, “The apocalypse has come, my friends. Ruin has been unleashed unto these lands, and we shall none of us survive save by working together. It is our pleasure to welcome you as citizens of the New Empire, that we may stand together as one against this threat. Signed, Emperor and Empress Venture.”

“Hah!” Education Thur laughed. “That’s it? No mention of what ‘citizen’ of their Empire means, no threat to have us put to the sword if we refuse?”

“That is it,” Varn confirmed.

“Can we afford to refuse them?” Agriculture Agde asked. “Every day, we lose more and more farmland. This season’s harvest is heading towards complete disaster. Even if Urteau joins our Alliance, we may lack the resources to survive a single year.”

“You think the Empire would provide us anything?” Manufacture Cel demanded. “They will strip us of our supplies, commandeer our production, and subjugate our people. We will not submit to another Empire so soon after freeing ourselves from the last one.”

“The leadership of the New Empire freed us from the Final Empire,” Allomancer Oleinda cut in. “Empress Venture slew The Lord Ruler herself.”

“The Tyrant Preservation merely selected new champions to replace His old one,” Intelligence Linaan argued, flicking her ears back in irritation, tail tightening around Sidor’s wrist. “Every investigation into the New Empire agrees that the Imperators and especially the Kings will continue noble rule just as it was during the Final Empire.”

“Do you expect to fight back?” inquired Defense Afandor. “Your own reports demonstrate the futility of that. We have 200 soldiers on active duty. If I call in the reserves, I could command a force of perhaps 500, 35 of those Allomancers. We face 5,000 Koloss on the move,that many again along with an equal number of human soldiers within range to join them. A fraction of that army would be enough to wipe us out, especially with all the sabotages that have been happening recently. I was here last time that happened, we all know what that means.”

“I’ve dealt with the Spiked twice, more than any of you,” Sidor replied. I know how to root them out, how to trace their supply lines back to the source and uncover their conspiracy. Once they are dealt with, we can face the New Empire in negotiations with the might of the Alliance by our side. We will possess the leverage to make them deal with us with trade, rather than military force. They’ll be willing to pay us in food and boxings for the privilege of marching on Fadrex City unimpeded.”

“Do not count on our unconditional support” Alliance Alson cautioned. “Vital town though you may be, you do not possess the authority to make a deal on behalf of the entire Alliance, especially since your negotiations risk warfare.”

“Enough,” Mayor Eldao declared. “It is clear that we will not come to an agreement today, and a matter of this import must go before the people as well. Oleinda, Afandor, Sidor, Linaan, you have experience fighting the Spiked. Take care of our saboteur problem and make ready the defenses. Agde, Cel, you two are responsible for repairing every act of sabotage and protecting our resources against further ones. Thur, Varn, you are to share the New Empire’s ultimatum with the populace and gather public sentiment. Alson, help me get us the authorization to negotiate with the New Empire on behalf of the Kaltyr Alliance.”

“A proposal has been set forth and seconded,” Steward Varn announced. “All in favor?” Every hand went up, save Eldao’s as she lacked a vote. “The motion passes unanimously. As a final reminder, although everybody here except Intelligence Linaan was today found to lack Spikes, there is no guarantee this will remain the case. Every councilor must be accompanied by at least one individual similarly spike-free at all times. This meeting is hereby adjourned for the day.”

Oleinda, Afandor, Sidor, and Linaan walked out together in their respective pairs. “Hah, to think we have to deal with the agents of Ruin and Preservation at the same time,” Sidor’ complained. 

“Surely it must get easier,” Oleinda offered. “We have experience on our side, while Ruin doesn’t care about the agents He throws at us enough to inform them of His past failures.”

“Nothing to say of Preservation’s emissaries, hmm?” Linaan purred, fangs bared over Sidor’s shoulder. “Eager to regain your noble status under the New Empire?”

Afandor frowned. “Enough of that. We may have left Tyrian Falls after the last attack, but in our travels we came to agree that the Kaltyr Alliance is the best hope for the future. We cannot -”

He was cut off by a scream followed by an incessant howl, and all four broke off their discussion to rush in its direction. Linaan reached the scene first with her enhanced speed even with a bipedal skeleton. By the time the other three arrived, panting and out of breath under the wide-eyed gaze of a gathering group of spectators, she was comforting a forlorn dog mourning the death of her human, the Coinshot Onidsen. An obsidian dagger impaled his heart, a note tied to the hilt read merely “Rache” over and over in barely intelligible handwriting. Even as they watched, the letters blurred, merging together to form a new message. 

“Welcome, my children, to the end of the world.” 

Onidsen was killed by the Spiked! He was a Village Coinshot!

Anniversary Game 10 has begun! All PMs have been sent. If you can't get into your anon account, please let us know as soon as possible!

A few quick reminders, clarifications, and whatnot:

On anonymous accounts: do not post with your anon account in any thread but this one. Do not post with your personal account in this thread. You can follow the thread or the forum with your anon account if you so choose. All PMs from past games should be gone already, but if there are any remaining except your logbook please just delete them. You can add your personal account to your GM PM, but we do not recommend it, as it leads to substantially more mistakes.

If you want to add a cosmetic role or character name/description (and please do!), DM it to me or Elan (preferably on your anon account) and I’ll add it into the next player list.

The answers to all rules questions and clarifications will be put in the doc as well as the thread. 

VILLAGE: Win when all Spiked are dead. 

SPIKED: Win when they outnumber the village, or otherwise can no longer lose. 

The turn will end on Thursday, January 4th at 6:00 PM PST/ Friday, January 5th at 2 a.m. GMT / 1 p.m. AEDT.



Lurchers can also target themselves.

A Smoked Rioter’s vote will be canceled if they Riot someone else.

Player List:


@Amber Vulture Sasha de Vries, Detective
@Amethyst Scorpion Barney, Detective
@Azure Mouse Maihler, Meme Artist
@Charcoal Hyena
@Chartreuse Penguin Murph, Carpenter/Armorer
@Coral Swan
@Cream Tuatara
@Emerald Falcon Tune, Graffiti Artist
@Fuchsia Ostrich Endsayer, Endsayer
@Indigo Weasel Quagmire, 3 "Weasels" in a Trenchcoat
@Ivory Dragonfly Bartleby, Witch Doctor
@Magenta Albatross , Grandiose Verbosity
@Mauve Crocodile
@Melon Dingo Barrrrrrrg, Obligator
@Mint Heron , Stray Dog
@Onyx Flamingo M, Orator + Researcher
@Opal Lion
@Oxblood Beagle
@Pearl Chameleon Samwise, Obligator
@Plum Rhinoceros , Nalthian
@Quartz Zebra Zee, Accidentally Spiked
@Saffron Iguana
@Sage Kangaroo Leo, Amnesiac
@Salmon Meerkat Sal, Loyalist
@Sapphire Elephant Forgetful

PMs are open!

Edited by Devotary of Spontaneity
Player List + Clarifications
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As we start another anonymous game, I want to remind everyone about the Logbooks/Guestbooks! Since these are shared accounts, you may find a short list of prior users of the account in your PM under a logbook or other similarly named PM. You are welcome to add to or create a logbook for your current anonymous account with details such as which game, your real username, your role, the RP character and any other comments about the game.

Please wait until the end of the game to do this (for anonymity in case of a pinch-hitter and additional notes you want to add). Please do not make changes to or delete prior entries.

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Hello fellow mortals! How’s it going on this fine day? “Fine” is a weird word, isn’t it? It can mean good or refined or just okay, depending on the context. And then you have the music definition — used to mark the end of a piece when you’re in a repeated section — which is totally etymologically different! Fascinating stuff, truly.

Anyway, Vulture looks punchable. Did you know vultures pee on their legs to cool off? Wild.


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16 minutes ago, Plum Rhinoceros said:

Hello everyone! I look forward to intentionally putting you to death. 

Is this the kind of thing we vote on someone for?

Also, I'm a Smoker, which doesn't seem that useful. Hopefully saying this is fine.

The cosmetic roles look fun, I'll try and pick one soon.

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2 minutes ago, Coral Swan said:

Is this the kind of thing we vote on someone for?

Also, I'm a Smoker, which doesn't seem that useful. Hopefully saying this is fine.

The cosmetic roles look fun, I'll try and pick one soon.

From my interpretations, the collective consciousness of Tyrian Falls doesn't see this as something worth killing over. However it's not impossible that I didn't translate her signals correctly.

Just in case I did, I will cover all bases.

Plum Rhinoceros

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8 minutes ago, Coral Swan said:

Is this the kind of thing we vote on someone for?

Also, I'm a Smoker, which doesn't seem that useful. Hopefully saying this is fine.

The cosmetic roles look fun, I'll try and pick one soon.




1 minute ago, Emerald Falcon said:
  Hide contents







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1 minute ago, Salmon Meerkat said:

Sal stared at the words on the ground. I wonder what a "PM" is.

I do believe it stands for "Priority Mail," and have come to the conclusion that your letters to friends will now arrive sooner than the usual 3-5 business days.

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1 minute ago, Salmon Meerkat said:

Oh, fancy.

I would recommend that with the dangers out there you still continue using metal scraps instead of paper, if you were not already. 
I understand that some of us might have some problems with that, in which case I would suggest using a secretary. If anyone would like my resume I am more than happy to provide that to you.

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