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  1. I never left... I was watching. Always.
  2. 17 hours since last post? That's far too long.
  3. As much as I would like to play part B, I will have to withdraw. I only have two more days before life drags me away again. This was a fun if quick game TJ. Thank you for running it.
  4. Kas, I hope you have calmed down a bit and I'm sorry to say that this post will likely set you off again but... Sticks death is purely on Stick. Sart offered the 'kill everyone' plan to find the Insider, I offered myself to Stick if they couldn't decide who to kill. Stick chose to have the kill on whomever got the most votes which was the worst choice to make of the three on offer. There is almost always a last minute flurry of votes at this stage of the game. We all know this. Between that and Sticks natural indecisiveness, this result was all but guaranteed. My own vote, which I had to do due to filter, was on someone without a vote. That was by choice. I could've tied it up. I wanted to tie it up! But I chose to vote on someone else in the hopes to help Stick. Could I have voted on Neil to make the margin bigger? sure but I didn't want to. My vote should not be the deciding factor where the elim kill goes. No vote should! For whatever reason, the fact is that Stick did not place their order. Unless they placed it on Drake but that would be even worse than not placing an order at all. I like Stick. I love playing with Stick. But their death is their own fault! Now then, Drake. I do believe it's time for you to die.
  5. It's always possible. Am currently working on something but needs to await some clarification from TJ before continuing. Likely boils down to nothing but one never knows. Plan 1: Failed. (See below) Plan 2: On Hold Plan 3: In progress (See below) I like Sart's kill everyone plan with one change. Since we have very little chance of IDing the Insider I feel our best chance is to kill as many as we can until the Contact dies. Then we exe whichever elim we think is not the Informant and pray to the Gods of Luck and Chance that during all the death we took out the Insider. It relies a lot on Luck but then I'm always willing to roll the dice. Naturally it's very possible that Aman was the Informant and all we are doing is killing ourselves for the elims enjoyment but if so, then well done elims. An impressive gambit. For the record, I was online and was thoroughly enjoying the chaos. I was even thinking of voting but Stick said that both Aman and Drake were going to hammer what at the time looked to end up a tie so I decided to let it play out. Was not disappointed. I feel that would be a waste. The Informant knows who the Contact is so if you are as you claim then there is no chance of you hitting the Contact. Instead you should target someone you think is the Insider as the kill will fail on them allowing us to ID them easier as I'm presuming you will be willing to reveal who you targeted either right before end of cycle or at start of next cycle. Ignore this. Informant doesn't know Contacts name (I believe). There goes a couple of hours of wasted gray matter. So much for Plan 1. However, should the Informant not know who to target with the NK for fear of hitting the Contact, I offer up myself. I'm very willing to let my fate be decided on a Coinflip between the Informant and the elim. And I loved it. While I rarely have time to RP, I do enjoy it when others use my character to advance their own story.
  6. Except we do not know if we exe the Insider. The only way for us to know would be to have the NK target the Insider and they not show up in the write up. So long as the kill is targeting outside the Doc there's a chance for the Insider to be revealed.
  7. Not really. For instance we can disregard Drake claiming me as the Contact and anyone you claim as well. Others will claim randomly and even then there will be some that no one claims. No matter what, people will vote and someone will be killed. All I'm trying to do is keep the Insider from having an easy time. Now if they claim they run the risk of outing themselves for no gain.
  8. Don't you worry TJ. My no vote was done for a reason. The reason now being moot thanks to all the end of cycle fun we just had. But hey, got a tie out of it and didn't have to do anything. Assuming Aman was telling the truth, (Which I never fully believe) then we can conclude the following: Drake and Stick are evil The Informant is now dead (Aman) so they only need to kill the Contact to win. The Insider knows who the Contact is. If the Insider reveals themselves and outs who the Contact is, then the Village has no way of surviving. Since the elims don't know who the Insider is, I feel that for the best chance of the Village to survive a little longer we all need to claim to be the Insider and claim someone else as the Contact. This will obscure the real Insider should they try and claim.
  9. Pure speculation and part ego on my part but I'm fairly sure that if you were evil, your more experienced evil fellows would've said something about me in Doc and you would've asked in there for more information.
  10. Heya Stick. Nice to see you again. Good to be seen Comrade Kas. Okay then, looks like Kas is evil. My condolences, I know you dislike being elim. Vote pattern analysis is going to be interesting this game. If you are one of the three special roles, you have so many options to choose from to aid or hinder the other side but just as many tripwires waiting. Does the Informant 'bus' an elim? Does the Insider only vote for Villagers and claim it's simply bad luck? Does the Contact vote early in a cycle on those they are told are evil or do they wait and hope someone else does it first? Do the elims kill one of their own thinking they've IDed the mole? Or do they try and get them voted out? So many options and so many I can't talk about due to them helping the elims more than the village. Why must my elim!brain be more active then my village!brain?
  11. Close. I'm not actually real. I'm the physical manifestation of scary stories older SEers tell the youngins around a campfire to frighten them and only emerge when I need to claim a fresh soul for sustenance.
  12. Greetings Aman. It's been a while since we've played together. The one and only. Any stories you may have heard about me are true. And the stories you haven't heard about me are also true. 'Tis hard being a legend in ones own time. Hopefully the rust is only skin deep.
  13. Happy birthday Alvron!

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