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  1. Well, I thought I would have missed rollover, but apparently not. I'm dead, and need to sleep ASAP. While I have a moment, though; Aman claimed kandra to me in PM shortly post Sart lynch (and so far as I can see has not contradicted himself anywhere post-reveal in-thread.). Make of this what you will. Slightly afterwards, I was PMed by Devotary, expressing suspicion of Rath (reasoning apparently independently to Aman's seek, although it's possible Aman also revealed to Devotary.) Again, make of this what you will. /shurg I... don't know how I feel about this lynch. If I'm being honest; Aman's reveal *seems* genuine, but I'm also well aware that Aman has at least 20 Cha and expertise in Deception. (Seriously. Look at this thread. Look at this thread. Did anyone think we *weren't* lynching Aman today?) The timing of Devotary's PM to me felt kind of off, but if they were elims together I feel like they'd be aware of that? So, I don't know. (Honestly, I feel like I'm probably jumping at shadows; I've barely been able to follow this game, and most of what I read I'm too tired to really take in. But, whatever. More information at hand to everybody is never a bad thing, and this is what I've got. /shurg) It doesn't matter now, but I think I'm abstaining. Call it sleep-deprivation induced paranoia, but I don't really think I feel good about this. G'night, all.
  2. I know I'm not around much, but I am in this game, you know. (Yeah you were in the Forest IIRC and Joe GM'd that half, but still. ) At this point, Araris/Drake/Sart seems like the obvious elim team. (Although there are definitely other possibilities.) Don't think it really matters where my vote goes, but just in case there's a rioter and a soother on the Elim team, Drake, Sart.
  3. *insert obligatory post to ensure I don't die to the filter* In all seriousness, I'm very sorry to do this, but I'm dead tired and need to be up for 3am tomorrow. >> I might be able to get on again before rollover, but don't bet on it. Fifth. Drake. Because reasons. (TM) This might change back, or move somewhere else entirely, if I manage to get on before rollover. Or it might not. /shurg
  4. Okay... well, it's a bit quiet in here, isn't it? I've seen Fifth loitering; anything to say? My suspicion of Lum has jumped slightly in light of Xino's death, given that she decided to answer my implied question about Xino's behaviour, confirming that it had precedent and implying it was likely NAI. Of course, given that no one disagreed presumably it was fairly normal behaviour for them, but it is interesting. Not about to lynch Lum for possibly just trying to be helpful, but I will be watching.
  5. *Sigh* First, the truck breaks down on the way home from work last night, so I wasn't able to get on before rollover, now my internet is being sketchy and the Shard is losing my posts. Joy. >> On that note; quick apology for yesterday, I did plan to get back and caught up and vote, but then the rear differential on the truck blew up (it was quite literally on fire :P) and I didn't end up getting home until almost 11. >> (And I managed to fall asleep on the couch mid-composition of this post, but whatever. ) Anyways, even if I had been around, I genuinely don't know how I would have voted. That end of turn was a bit of a mess; I might have just abstained or thrown a vote on some third party. Fifth is a growing suspicion; since D1 they've been on the radar with the weird misreading of Aman's posts, and they haven't really started looking better since. At bare minimum though they're actively contributing to discussion, which makes me hesitant to call for action on that front. On that note, Xino's posts are becoming rather frustrating; I've had problems in the past with the concept of inactivity filters (by and by large they tend to be easily met in letter and broken in spirit (and vice versa)) and having essentially an inactive player that won't be caught by the filter is annoying. Now, I'm honestly not sure if I've even played another game with Xino, so this might be standard behaviour for them, but it seems offhand to be behaviour much more conducive to an elim or kandra than a villager. I find the asymmetric interactions between Fifth, Aman and Drake interesting. (Fifth is sus Aman, Drake, Drake defends Fifth (or at least states willingness to do so), Aman seems to state trust for both Drake and Fifth?) Often interactions like this mean there's at least one Elim in the mix (usually the one in Drake or Aman's position). Not certain by any means, and the one I'm most suspicious of for other reasons is the one least likely to be evil given the way these patterns usually go. /shurg So like I said, interesting. Might mean something, might mean nothing.
  6. Ah, but there's another possibility you're all overlooking; the hardcore reverse-WGG mindgame. (Sorry not sorry. I just got off work and caught up with the thread a few minutes ago; I'm dead tired and sore everywhere. I'm in absolutely zero shape for serious discussion right now. However, there's a 50/50 chance I won't have time to catch up before rollover tomorrow (since it's less than an hour after I get off work) so I'm going to stick around for a bit and try to get into a mindset where I can do some analysis before I need to sleep. /shurg See y'all then, hopefully.)
  7. Popping in to note this quickly; I have a job now (yay) but it's 12 hour days (less yay) so I might not be around tonnes. Like I said earlier, still hoping to be around enough to contribute; but this is part of the reason I was reluctant to sign up for this. Don't expect anything from me except for weekends and like 7-10pm CDT, basically.
  8. Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no. It's my first day for Harmony's sake. I'm not ready for this. The Chief's office was a bit too small for everyone, so he ended up standing just outside the door, but he still had a good view of the proceedings. Someone was already dead? Officers were trying to kill other officers? Leaning against the wall, it took Ainm a moment to realize he was hyperventilating. Come on man, get a hold of yourself. Breathe in, breathe out. In the brief pause as Ainm tried and failed to calm down, arguments and hushed discussion broke out in the rather cramped room. Accusations flew, although none had any real heat to them, yet. A few, he noticed, even mentioned his name. Oh rust. I'm going to die. Alright, first things first, I'd like to accuse Aman of money laundering. No one has that many Villager Bucks(TM) to give away. In other news, joining this game was a horrible idea. Whatever. Most points I would like to make have been covered by others; assuming role madness is a bad assumption; I would guess one of each, although not with high confidence (perhaps 65%?). If anything has been dropped, it was probably the coinshot (or perhaps the Mistborn), as the Kandra likely has a kill and hypothetical four kills a cycle (lynch, Kandra, Coinshot, Elim) will tear through the players in no time. (Likewise, if anything was doubled up, it was probably protective, IE lurcher/thug/smoker/hazekiller (although Hazekiller seems unlikely).) Likewise; although in an ideal situation a village Thug would not choose to protect themselves from the lynch, I would not bank on a hypothetical Thug actually following through. /shurg Maybe I'll be proven wrong on that though, we'll see. Regardless, best policy will be to double-tap anyone who survives a lynch. If there was any other comment-worthy discussion this cycle, I missed it, and wouldn't mind having it pointed out. I am hoping to be more active this game than I was the last couple I tried to play, but I can't 100% promise, sorry.
  9. Storms, you've found me out; obviously the pictures of my dogs making derpy faces as they play is a metaphor for the all-consuming darkness within my soul.
  10. Alright, I guess now that I've made my account a little less obviously something created by my edgy thirteen-year-old self, let's give this a shot and see how it goes. Ainm Lathair, a rookie officer with no idea what's going on, at your service.
  11. First off, thanks Steel, although you have way too much faith in my overall helpfulness. Orlok/Orlok, for my amusement. Four-way ties are the best ties. Except I can't do that because Wyrm has preemptively ruined my fun with his rules. So Orlok/Orlok, Orlok/Bard. Bard deserves some praise, I think. Orlok deserves the praise if the dice let him live, though. (No hard feelings if they don't though, right Orlok? ) Now, how many more votes and retractions can I put in this post to annoy Wyrm... Also, why are people so concerned about Praise? It rings a little false to me, regardless of Orlok's skill as a player. It gives one player slightly more sway on the vote than the others. At this point in the game assuming some modicum of activity and cooperation between factions the benefit it confers is minimal at best. Get concerned later, when it has the power to actually meaningfully alter the balance of power. Of course, feel free to continue to accuse and voice concerns over it, don't let me stop you. It's interesting to watch.
  12. Well... My last midterm is next Friday... you're still short on players... a Wyrm game only happens once in a while... I won't die that much trying to do this, will I? (Yes, yes I will. But I was going to die anyways so that's alright? ) Tomir Izenry, is perhaps interested in the inheritance of one Lord Heron...
  13. Thoughts: Monk needs to continue to block Wonko. Yes this means a kill will probably go through. Additionally, a kill role should target Wonko, *and* he should be lynched. (I realize this weakens our ability to discuss, but there are only about half a dozen hours left in cycle anyways.) Thought process: Wonko is not Scraeling. Wonko must be on of: Lanre, Skindancer, Cinder. If Lanre: has some form of protection. Double tap+RB should hopefully be sufficient to clear it. If not, who knows. If Cinder: If is making faction kill, will attack the village kill role if they target him. Lynching or RBing and killing would suffice, however those leave open the option for Scraeling protect, and doesn't take into account the fact that the Cthaeh now has a vested interest in keeping Wonko alive and has the ability to heal; two attacks and an RB, again while maybe not enough to kill at least covers as many bases as we can. If Skindancer, RB becomes less necessary, but on the off chance they hit an Archer or something it's probably still worth it. Otherwise, same logic as Cinder. Ergo: The defensive power available to the Fae+Cthaeh makes it difficult to ascertain if we can even kill Wonko, but we should make out best effort. If we could get two kill roles on it, all the better.
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