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  1. Cash and Wierdo faced each other, bloodied and weary, but determined to see the battle through. By now a crowd of spectators had gathered. The people of T’Telir watched in shocked silence, while Dodior the Ravenant was cheering and laughing from the sidelines at an earsplitting volume, in spite of all propriety. Part of Dodior’s retinue was a gathering of Lifeless, and if you looked closely you might realize that these were the recently dead and fallen: Ajah, Ias, Bee, Aeternum, Aeoryi, Tethan, Double. Their colorless faces weren’t expressive, but they watched with an intensity, and sometimes burst into silent applause. Sparks flew and steel resounded on steel as Wierdo attacked, ending the split-second of calm. The fighters were a blur of frenetic movements, attacks and feints and parries and counterattacks. Both adversaries recognized that a blow to the head at this point would be decisive, and didn’t leave any easy openings. “Why are you smiling?” Cash demanded between blows. “Because I know something you don’t,” Wierdo gloated. “And what’s that?” “I am not left handed!” Wierdo revealed. Suddenly, Wierdo switched his weapon to the other hand, and went on the offensive with redoubled vigor!! “Oh,” Cash grunted with effort, parrying furiously. “Well, I really am left handed.” He put the last of his energy into a desperate attack, and Wierdo wasn’t quite in position to stop it as Cash stabbed him through the heart. “Nice try, though.” Cash stepped away as Wierdo collapsed. “He attacked me,” he explained to the crowd. “Examine his things and I’m sure you’ll find evidence that he was the last of the murderers who killed Dawntrue.” Quite sure, in fact. Weaver had been busy planting the evidence during their fight, after all. “Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go get patched up.” A few timid cheers went up from the crowd. Truthfully, the citizens of T’Telir didn’t really know what to think. That was why Weaver and Cash would tell them. Everyone who would contradict their telling of events had been silenced. Everyone but Ravebringer the Undead, that is. The Returned, who was swiftly developing an eccentric and macabre reputation, would always know what had really happened here. The other Returned weren’t eager to see the issue relitigated, though, so whenever he broached the topic in the court of the gods there was no support. Still, Ravebringer would go on to live a long and colorful life in the court of the gods, so it wasn’t all bad. Cash and Weaver slipped away into relative obscurity, from which they could plan their next moves unopposed. They would mourn the loss of Bee, but ultimately, they had accomplished their goals with notable success. ❁ Wierdo has died! He was a Priest! Quivil has died! She was a Priest! The game is over! The Heretics have won! ❁ Vote Tally Cash67 (2): Quivil, Wierdo Wierdo (2): Cash67, Weaver of Lies ❁ Participants 1. @Aeoryi Priest 2. @Aeternum Priest 3. @Archer - Double the Drifter Priest 4. @Cash67 Heretic Dueling Champion 5. @Kasimir - A Salmon Enthusiast Priest 6. @Kidpen - Tethan Priest 7. @RoyalBeeMage Heretic 8. Spark / @Quivil Priest 9. @The Unknown Ajah Priest 10. @TheRavenHasLanded Ravebringer the Undead AKA Dodior the Ravenant 11. @Weaver of Lies Heretic 12. @Wierdo Priest ❁ Bookkeeping Master Spreadsheet Eliminator Doc Dead Doc
  2. Round 3 between @Cash67 and @Wierdo!!! Both sides are more wary of the other now, bloodied as they are. They circle more cautiously, testing the other with feints while maintaining a close guard. Suddenly, they both spring into action, throwing caution out the window and lunging... And finding the mark. Both sides scored a hit, this round's a draw! This is a very closely contested duel, which is a fitting metaphor for the game As a reminder, the first non-draw at this point decides the game. Onto another round! ...Alternatively, because 3 sort of feels like a good number of rounds, we could do a tiebreaker of sorts. A tiebreaker squared, if you will. Since this is already a tiebreaking duel. Tiebreakerception. If you're interested, here's how that'll work: May the odds be in your favour!
  3. Well, you can always provide moral support by laughing horrifically loud from the sidelines
  4. I'd say you're eligible yes! However, be warned that it's possible that you will die if you get in a duel -- Returned aren't immortal, and the reason why you were untargetable before was because you live in your own palace and are constantly surrounded by guards (there's a reason why Returned getting murdered isn't exactly common!), but if you get in a 1v1 fight all bets are off. This doesn't affect the mechanical outcome of the game in any way.. The mechanical consequence of the duel is still deciding the tied vote. It has the potential to affect the final writeup though.
  5. Another clash between @Cash67 and @Wierdo!!! Wierdo charges in to press the advantage! Cash hangs back and fights defensively, baiting Wierdo to overextend. Cash feints to the left but Wierdo doesn't fall for it! Wierdo steps in close to deliver a killing blow but Cash skewers Wierdo, knocking him backwards! Both sides have drawn blood and it's anyone's fight now! Cash has wounded Wierdo. Next round! Possibly the last round!
  6. So, one way or another, this duel ends the game. I think I can just outright say that. Since it's literally forced by the mechanics of the game + the fact that there's 4 non-Returned players alive + the fact that the game hasn't already ended. It is impossible in this game-state for it to not be a 2v2 with the next death ending the game one way or another. I'm not revealing any secrets about the game state. (Maybe you already put all this together on your own in which case don't mind me. ) Bearing that in mind. I've made a decision. I will delay the end of the this cycle until the duel can finish properly. Seeing as we've started down this course, it seems like we may as well carry it out, come what may. I have a reasonable fallback in mind in case that doesn't work for some reason, but, I think we will make it work. TL;DR the duel must go on
  7. Announcing a fabulous swordfighting duel!!! Give it up for CASH and WIERDO!!! Cash draws steel first, intent on scoring blood. Wierdo steps back to build distance and lashes out with a surprise slash, but Cash catches the blow on a piece of Awakened clothing!! Cash goes for the throat, but Wierdo wrests his weapon free in time to parry! Wierdo thrusts at Cash's exposed side! All of this transpires in a few seconds, and then they disengage. Wierdo has scored first blood. Next clash! Submit your orders or name your seconds!
  8. You may absolutely duel! If you want to. Cash has already submitted his orders for the first round, so all that remains for the duel to go forward is for you to submit yours.
  9. I will not confirm or deny who the heretics are, shame on you. But if you're naming a champion they gotta agree to it.
  10. Well, I'll tell you what. If you want to go through with it, submit your orders for the first sword exchange. If you do not, then it defaults to the rules as written, which are RNG, and that's perfectly okay too. (One possible example of what those orders might look like: Also, I will allow it if either side wants to name a champion to fight on their behalf in one or more exchanges
  11. Should you assent to a duel, the weapon of choice is SWORDS, the location is RIGHT HERE, and the ending condition is TO THE FINAL DEATH. ...in other words, I will be making up a lil minigame to resolve things instead of it being a coin toss, although the odds will still ultimately be 50/50, there is no mechanical benefit, it's just, possibly more fun DUELING RULES:tm: or we can allow the cycle to resolve naturally via the winds of fortune!! so what'll it be
  12. Perhaps, perhaps. Do you think I should call it early? ...we could make this a bit more fun, you know. Instead of a coin toss, I could make Cash and Wierdo duel to the death. I won't do such things unless people agree to it, though. It is still possible that vote movements might occur, after all. (oh also the writeup is up)
  13. Exasperated, the priests of Hopeteacher had detained each member of Dawntrue’s court individually and thoroughly questioned them. They were resolved to handle things sensibly and get swift results. The only problem was, they were getting conflicting narratives. Some people highlighted Cash or Weaver as the main culprits. Others swore up and down that it was Tua. It was difficult to make a decision. In the end, those in charge of the investigation decided evidence seemed to support Tua’s guilt. Those of a more cynical persuasion whispered that it was a decision of expedience more than anything. They wanted a scapegoat to show the public. Tua was executed in the streets of T’Telir to thunderous applause. The other Returned and all their priests eagerly announced that Dawntrue had been avenged and that everybody was safe again. Not everyone was eager to celebrate, however. After the execution, the members of Dawntrue’s household rooted through Tua’s things, and never found any hard evidence that Tua was anything but a faithful priest. And there was the new Returned. Ravebringer the Undead, or sometimes Dodior the Ravenant. He believed that Tua had been innocent, even if the other Returned were dismissive. Those who remained eyed each other warily, knowing their conflict was not yet finished. It was only at this point that they noticed that Aeternum was missing. They found the body crumpled on the floor in a gallery of still life paintings. Curiously, the physicians insisted that this death was unique out of all of them. Aeternum had died of natural causes. The official cause of death was recorded as "lack of sleep." ❁ The Unknown Ajah has died! He was a Priest! Aeternum has died! They were a Priest! ❁ Vote Tally The Unknown Ajah (3): Cash67, Quivil, Weaver of Lies Cash67 (2): Aeternum, The Unknown Ajah Weaver of Lies (1): Wierdo The turn will end in a little shy of 24 hours. ❁ Participants 1. Aeoryi Priest 2. Aeternum Priest 3. Archer - Double the Dead Priest 4. @Cash67 5. Kasimir - Ias, a Salmon Enthusiast Priest 6. Kidpen - Tethan Priest 7. RoyalBeeMage Heretic 8. Spark of Hope -> @Quivil 9. The Unknown Ajah Priest 10. @TheRavenHasLanded Ravebringer the Undead AKA Dodior the Ravenant 11. @Weaver of Lies 12. @Wierdo
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