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  1. Well I dunno about anyone else but I'm not really sure what else we're meant to do this cycle I guess when Fifth is back we could maybe end the thread/cycle a bit early if that's not too inconvenient for anyone or like someone wants to bang out some RP? Maybe I finally write TBD taking the stage with his insane breakdancing moves
  2. Yeah Devo Does make me wonder why Aeo was so keen on RPing like they're the last elim alive when as it turns out they weren't Currently waiting on a clarification from Fifth on something that's like fully commitment worthy but otherwise I mean yeah maybe the dead doc / elim doc will judge me for this but I don't see a world where it's Wit or TJ really since either one just would have done more tbh Well that goes more so for Wit than TJ but you get what I mean
  3. Right goodnight everyone hope you all get a good nights sleep
  4. Devo Aeoryi A shocking twist for me to change my vote I know
  5. This the same kinda disrespect I faced from E!Mat idk why I even bother tbh see y'all in the morning
  6. Many a game has been lost due to this fact why you saying this like you're proud smh Also no don't self-vote no don't do that why like if you're village you don't want to and elim it's a gambit just don't alright
  7. Very cool of you to not PM me and then also vote yourself for no reason? Like cmon there's no need to do something like that
  8. Look idk what anyone actually knew about me I got like one PM and you get 1 guess as to who it's open with
  9. Imagine if Fifth comes in and clarifies whoopsies Matrim was loyal this whole time that'd be crazy
  10. Also I only just opened the Stoneward message expecting another alliteration fiesta but uh nope that is most certainly not what's in there
  11. Aw man I was hoping to keep some distancing going why you gotta out me like this smh
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