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  1. tbh I think it's good to have a game that the village actually has some chance of winning, since there's virtually no chance they'd win based only off of day one guesses. If you want to see if day one reads are better or worse than rand, why not tune the game so if village votes are random it's roughly a tossup? While this would normally just be done by altering the size of the elim team, you could also do other stuff like not giving the elims a kill / giving them limited kills in order to give the village more of an edge.
  2. Based on what I've seen on other sites, I think games with longer cycles like this can be pretty annoying to play since you have to wait so long to get results. Also, I feel like you'd run into significant issues with player burnout or inactivity. This could be interesting. My main question is whether the twilight period is even necessary, since I'm not sure how much info players would get from the one night kill. Also, the elim team would have to be very small, in order to counterbalance every vote essentially being a day one vote.
  3. I don't think putting votes at the bottom is necessary as a rule, but I think that it's a decent idea if people want to do it as a visibility thing. Personally, I haven't had any issues spotting votes as long as they're bolded, since bold text is pretty easy to pick out. Yeah, agreed that most of the inactivity drop has been due to end-of-semester stuff. I know that I've been pretty busy with my final exams.
  4. MR: Role madness Tyrian seems pretty tough to manage, particularly in terms of keeping balance vs keeping to the spirit of role madness. I'd bet that a balanced role madness Tyrian would end up with tons of Smokers and Tineyes as pseudo vanillas, with a good number of Mistborn and vote manipulators, with very few influential roles. QF: I completely missed the factional kill bit and typed out a huge thing on how to make that balanced but I guess that's out the window now. This ruleset is pretty tough for the village, mainly because lylo is so much easier to hit.
  5. Comments: Lots of roles/mechanics for a QF game. There are three factions and 18 roles, which seems like too many for a QF. Deceive seems like it's extremely hard to manage. What kinds of win conditions would Ghostbloods have?
  6. I'm rather busy at the moment, so I'll pass for now.
  7. Feedback: 48/24 is not standard for a MR. 24/24 or 48 are the standard time formats. I guess 48/24 could maybe work, given the rule about no night cycle discussion? I'm not sure. 5 posts per cycle and a voting requirement is quite excessive for an activity filter. The elims only having access to their doc during the night could hurt them a lot, since it means that they can't coordinate their voting during the day. Why should non-elim exterminators target anyone? The skyeel attacks seem much more likely to hurt the elims. On that note, why should the apprentice exterminator target anyone? Targeting someone opens them up to being attacked by a skyeel.
  8. That kind of reminds me of QF46, where certain factions had to keep other factions alive. I think the 50% thing is very very likely to lead to a three way loss, considering the equal player count. For example, QF46 ended with only one player left alive, out of 21 players at the start of the game.
  9. For voting, I use this sheet that I made: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1W_rR7TjRRvlvpGKSzvgHmkNVG8aX-kYrgaYnbw1-2V0/edit?usp=sharing The Vote Seeds column in the Data tab should be filled out using https://bigprimes.org/ with ten numbers and six digits as the settings. The full sheets I use look more like this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LKI-T5UG20mWHIxdezwxGQSRC_l6v6KrxUtBJh3gIso/edit?usp=sharing
  10. I've seen a close variant of this role mentioned other places, mainly as an elim role. As you mentioned, it's good for preventing roleclaiming. I've seen it used in a few games where mass roleclaiming would have broken the game. The main issue with the role is getting people to give up information. With a lot of roles, it's already pretty easy to go through the game without claiming or making your role obvious. This role gives people even more of a reason to avoid claiming. I'm a bit unsure about how well this would work as a Serial Killer role. The ability of the role to win is pretty much dependant on whether villagers choose to claim. This means that the SK can get really screwed over if people just refuse to claim. A few other issues to consider: You'd have to make sure that the game would still be balanced if the SK dies. If the SK is the only mechanism preventing roleclaims, then people could freely claim after the SK dies. This would mainly be an issue if you were using the SK as a mechanic to prevent roleclaims. This version of the SK would hurt the village much more than the elims. People are much more likely to be village than elim, so unless an SK has a very strong read against a particular player, they'd just put down village for every player's alignment. This means that far more villagers would be killed. The SK could decide to play it safe and just guess the same role for everyone each time. The SK also has an incentive to pursue this strategy if there are any roles in the game that could harm it. So in a setup with this role, I think that most high powered village roles would die quickly. So overall, I could see it working, but it'd have to be a very carefully designed setup. I think it works a bit better as an elim role or elim faction ability.
  11. Current list of nominations, in case anyone is interested: Araris Valerian Ashbringer Gears Illwei Matrim's Dice Quintessential STINK I would strongly recommend that anyone nominated go over to Mafia Universe and check out the Season Seven games. Mafia Championship games are very high post count and it's a good idea to know what you're getting into.
  12. IMO starting with a day is better since it means that no one gets killed or scanned before they can say anything.
  13. Was the protection limited in some way? It seems really easy for the village to win by having the alignment scanner claim. Then the protection role just saves them while they get off as many scans as possible. If you run that setup again I'd recommend having a mafia roleblocker at least, so the mafia can shut down any alignment scanner that claims (and also so the mafia has a small chance of blocking a scan or protect). I probably wouldn't recommend doing vote manip in such a small game size. It's annoying to handle and it can be frustrating if it interferes with the vote (since it's kind of undemocratic ). A Jester role seems like it could be fun if your family is into that. Three player elim team means that would be 3 vs 8 or roughly 27.27%. So it'd have to be pretty heavily in favor of the elims. For setups, I'd recommend looking at some other sites. For example, the MafiaScum wiki: Lots of smaller setups. Look under the "mini" and "micro" links for setups of the size you're looking for.
  14. I think that gruesome violence and mature undertones are both allowed under the 17th Shard RPG rules: To clarify, are you saying that these ratings are too limited for SE, or are you saying that existing stuff is violating these ratings? Also, I'm a bit unsure about the gruesome violence bit specifically. SE is a game that is focused around gruesomely murdering people, so I think gruesome violence is to be expected. I can kind of see your point about mature undertones though. Mm, I think that's probably a question for the mods. I'm pretty sure that most warning moderation is done privately, so that makes it hard to tell. I think it's valuable to note that being pulled from games only happens on the third instance of a rule being broken, and that blacklisting only happens if the player keeps breaking rules after that. The reason why those aren't seen very often is because most players are going to stop after they've gotten two direct warnings. Also, players who are blatantly violating the rules after two warnings are far more likely to get hit by the site mods. I think you're also assuming more of a distinction between the SE mods and site mods than actually exists. To what degree do you think heated discussions should be moderated, considering that arguments and debates are a pretty big part of SE? Also, are you saying that the current rules aren't being enforced, or are you saying that new rules need to be added?
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