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  1. Steel, the wandering bard, walked into the bar. On his back, he had slung a large string instrument of unusual make. Sitting down, the barkeep walked over. "Your usual, please" he asked. As he waited for his drink, he glanced around. With school about to start, he had figured there'd be a few more people. But apparently not. Regardless, he'd probably still try and do some songs later. If he could figure out what was going on with a minimal amount of effort.
  2. Look I know I'm busy As such I've had issues staying active But KKC was what brought me into this community, and frick me if I don't join this game. Steel the student signing up.
  3. Glowpaste is a thing you do during the day, which then tracks the player during the night. Bit weird imo but it's fine. Yeah no duh I'm not cleared, I've been inactive the whole game it'd be suspicious if somehow I WERE cleared. That being said I'm not lying. I targeted illwei because she was on the list of people who possibly submitted the kill. That's why I was hesitant to mention the item, I didn't want to obfuscate my results by anybody knowing what I was going for. Anyway yay I did one whole thing. Beware, I cannot guarantee my activity after today. Tears of the kingdom is coming out and I am fully anticipating it eating up any and all of my time lol
  4. Hm well that doesn't look good. That's what I get for relying on others analysis I guess.
  5. I'm going to be at work for a while, so I have no idea if I'll be able to get on later and vote. Let's go ahead and vote Ash based on what I've been reading.
  6. Hm I'm thinking about whether I should share it or not. I need to get caught up on what's going on before I can decide whether to use it then share what it is or not.
  7. Just for the record I'm just a vanilla with an item I'm planning on using
  8. Hi my roommate just let me know I'm still in the game I'm in the middle of a work shift, so I don't have time to read anything right now. Would someone be willing to catch me up on what's going on?
  9. Hi I'm alive, kind of forgot about the game, sorry. I don't have time to say anything useful right now, I had a really long work day and I'm going to get some rest now. I'll stop in tomorrow and get caught up on everything
  10. Dangit I didn't go insane. My terrible plans have been foiled! No deaths? I can't decide whether thats just hilarious or really bad. It's really hard to parse any information without anybody being dead. It basically ends up being the same issue that I have with day one, I have nothing to work with lol. I'll try and find some time in the next day or so to actually read thread. But fair warning I'm in the middle of starting a YouTube channel so I'm busy with that.
  11. Ooh someone voted on me anonymously, I feel special Don't care about it though. If you've played with me long enough you know I hate day one. If you take issue with that, so be it. I should be more interesting during the next day. I still don't remember all the ins and outs of the mechanics, so instead of trying to memorize everything I'll assume that your guys's interpretation of what happened was correct.
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