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    oh i almost forgot roleplaying, im stupid :P
    Alas, third update lmao- I am on a smash bros e-sports team, and main corrin :D

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  1. He begins to try and get the spiders off of her- trying not to directly touch her though. "I-I Think-"
  2. That poor cactus..

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    2. Weaver of Lies

      Weaver of Lies

      *doesn’t know theater*

      Killing cactuses is fun.

    3. Edema Rue

      Edema Rue

      B-but Macbeth-

    4. Weaver of Lies

      Weaver of Lies

      *still doesn’t know theater*

  3. he blinks, and shoots an arrow in that direction.
  4. "Y-yeah-" He continues to try and fend the things off
  5. "Sometimes.. But other times it's horrible-" He looks at he as she yelps- sweeping the spider off of her
  6. "I.. Thay terrify me." He continues to try and hit them before pulling out a dagger of his own and hitting them
  7. He begins to breath slower- but still panicing.
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