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    Making peace to build our future
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    Strong, united, working till we fall
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    Pacifist in the Violin-Viola war. Actually? No. Hurdy-Gurdy wins
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    Video Games, Books (obviously), Anime, Knife Throwing, Swordplay, Archery, and Woodcraft, just to name a few

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  1. I can’t wait to see how he replies to this one!
  2. It probably is. The soundtrack gets released (in Japan) the day after my birthday, so if they don’t release it in the US, I’m gonna have to try to import it. (Skip me)
  3. Dang you broke the rhyme ah well! Let’s start another And, very unfortunately, got taped (I can just imagine an Emu running through a city just covered in tape lol)
  4. Uhh… are you a zombie or something?
  5. I know a sharder who’s an X-Ray tech, we could maybe ask her?
  6. I solved this problem! You’re very welcome
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