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  1. Dragonsteel Prime is available for download for free, for everyone https://www.backerkit.com/c/projects/dragonsteel/words-of-radiance-leatherbound/updates/4692 PS: check your email (Sanderson newsletter) for Emberdark sample chapters if you want more Yolen content (Dragons!)
  2. Granted, you get a schedule emailed to you, the timings listed are all quite normal. I wish to taste something new and delicious
  3. When Tress began to walk away with "Charlie", contemplating how she's changed and how that has created a distance between them, and then stopped. I got it at the same time as she did
  4. No official Battar portrait has been released yet But there's some fanart, like this:
  5. The novella Dawnshard implies that the Dawnshards - some kind of super hyper ultra Commands of Adonalsium were used to tear Adonalsium into pieces.
  6. Okay, good catch! Found the relevant section: From chapter 38 Envisager, after Kaladin is tied outside during the Highstorm. And in the chapters before... was that smiling face even actually the Stormfather? I'm no longer sure... there's a lot of weird things in the early Stormlight books
  7. Agreed, I also think that is his version of Lightweaving. And the Futuresight is perhaps something like a Resonance, Illumination of Progression.
  8. Honorless


    That looks epic!
  9. Honorless


    Looks haunting, as he should!
  10. Honorless


    Looks amazing! The hair-hood blend, idk why but I love it!
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