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    Today she was rather...bizarre
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    Attack on titan/SNK,music,art,dancing,smiling a lot,READINNNNGGGG,chemistry and memes.

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  1. I'm finally back,it's been quite some time and I have some of the sketches done.It's a work in progress,but your ideas are very good! Thank youuu<3
  2. Lament on the Wind


  3. I'm glad you like it! Hello. Wdym?Is...Everything ok now?
  4. This is so sweet! Also, Urithiru looks really cool!
  5. I keep thinking you’re phillycheesesteak!

    1. Lament on the Wind

      Lament on the Wind

      After we switched profile pictures,I replied to a su right below a comment made by phillycheesesteak and I was so confused,but now I'm used to it:D

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