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  1. Happy Birthday other Silver!

  2. As far as We can tell, the binding of BAM has pretty much just messed with the connections and identity of beings native to roshar, and roshar it's self. Theirs no reason for BAM to affect Sel, anymore then the everstorm would effect Returned on Nalthis.
  3. The imprisonment of BAM happened shortly before the recreance.
  4. I mean, it has been a thousand years, and that's a while for anything not written in metal to last. I bet according to steel ministry cannon, Rashek had no kids, but the cannon is wrong, with bastards and all that.
  5. I mean, two of the houses could have split; noble houses do that sometimes.
  6. I also remember there being 10 kings, but all the sources I've found say there were 8, and Rashek, of course. It's possible Leras made 10, but thats not his number.
  7. Someone has been at the Well before, there were likely 16 beads, 8 of which were taken by Rashek, leaving at least 2 behind. That leaves 6 unaccounted for unless I missed something.
  8. fandom I swear every time I open a page I need to wait three minutes for the ads to finish popping up.
  9. Beanies are fine. I like how they look, but all hats shove my hair against my head in an uncomfortable way. TPBM dislikes chemistry.
  10. I mean it fits... Cosmere
  11. Rand would absolutely obliterate him. But he is a wizard, so it's not fair.
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