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  1. Well, a cognitive shadow is just a splinter that looks like a person. Realmatictly, they're the same. Anything a splinter can do, a shadow can too. You can make Yumi or a Shade into a sword if you want to. It's not gonna grant you surgebinding, but the other benefits should happen.
  2. That's the word I was looking for! Been to long since I read everything....
  3. Not really. Leras was dying, but he was not dead. Ati was imprisoned but not silent. Remember, both still influenced the world while imprisoned or dying. The shards had vessels, even if they were not at their highest capacity.
  4. Or, maybe just put a large gem inside.
  5. I think an A-Pewter F-Iron would be the best.
  6. Unless, of course, they have something to reduce their weight...
  7. Well, he worked with gavilar for a while. And he is clearly a scholar; he knows the mechanics behind Jesrin's death. The Investiture- anti-investiture reaction is pretty self explanatory. I'm not convinced Ishar used anti-light. It seems like their would be easier ways to destroy a planet.
  8. The Double Shard is unlikely, as it's kinda a cop-out. Way to simple. Mistborn
  9. I don't doubt it's possible, but I think it might require more work than just the pump. Or if it does, it would take a while. Misborn
  10. Would not wish the power of divine hatred onto someone, it warps people. Mistborn
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