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  1. I would be hard pressed to call anything these style posts encourages discourse. More like people (including myself) shouting at into the void with very little factual basis.
  2. TBF when I said "less time" I actually meant less POV word count (Kaladin is about 100K more than Vin) and then had to scramble to just the exact wording. But your second point is spot on. That's all any of these posts are.
  3. I used a meme from cremposting which led to this current tangent. My intent should be obvious. I find these threads to be inherently without integrity to begin with. If you wanna know how the fandom sides on a topic do it as a poll. Any else is a flimsy excuse to argue for ego points. But anyways. I actually accounted for that in my statement by saying that she would have to engineer such a meeting in order to bless Kaladin. That is something I fully believe she could do with her seemingly greater grasp of future sight but didn't.
  4. They would both agree this fight is stupid and ally with each other instead.
  5. Only if we also ignore that Cultivation passed up on not engineering a way to select Kaladin. Well it took him like 7 years but yeah he would probably be pretty good.
  6. So Vin kills a shard within 3 years and Kaladin is within the third year already. Hopefully he gets his kill before the time skip then.
  7. Not including Prelude, Prologue, Flashbacks WoK starts in 1172 with Syl beginning to bond even before that and we are now in 1175.
  8. One could argue if Kaladin were better his arc would be done in less time like Vin's. And that Preservation chose her because of latent skill. You don't pick a chump to be your champion. This was the WOB I was thinking of. I mandelaed a in universe reason I guess.
  9. If Kaladin was as effective as a Mistborn he would would have taken up Honor and killed Odium by now.
  10. The discussion is now over. (Although this is technically Kaladin v Vin)
  11. We haven't really seen much of Nalthian religions outside of Idris, Halladren, and a bit of Pahn Kahl. It's possible her seed/Avatar is connected to a different culture/country.
  12. Isn't that what the WOB states? The narrative reasoning g-force was there because the audience would expect it and it was in universe reasoning was because Kaladin expected it? I don't think he knows about g-force per se but he would understand the basics what a change in acceleration would feel like I assume.
  13. Well there is the comparisons in the fandom with the MoRaG and Lifeless
  14. Technically Kaladin only feels g-force because he thinks he should like cognitive Kelsier with pain. So it should be possible to change that with better training and understanding.
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