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  1. Guess that means my work is done here for now
  2. Still think humans are relevant enough to warrant a page but maybe it's good to hold off until like the Dragonsteel books So is that a go for it on the category page at least?
  3. Yeah we have similar issues on another wiki i work on regarding category pages for ethnicity vs nationality vs residency vs nation states that no longer exist. But if there is a overhaul in the wings then I'll hold off from doing anything.
  4. Pretty sure the timeline doesn’t work out. Iriali seem to have been traveling a long time with the “One” most likely referring to Adonalsium. I’m more partial to them being the original inhabitants of Elantris.
  5. How about a compromise for now and just a humans category page to at least fall under sapient beings and potentially under applicable [planet] lifeforms as well
  6. So the demonyms for planets (surprised sci-fi hasn't come up with a specific word for this) being used as category pages are Rosharan, Lumaran, Taldaini, Selish, Nalthian, Scadrian, Komashi, Threnodite, and Yolish. Have all of these been used in canon as actual demonyms? If so then it makes sense until we get its usage in the narrative. If not then we should vote on how to form the demonym for Canticle.
  7. That's a very different design philosophy than I am used to but the wiki I am most active on, Assassin's Creed, is a very different franchise from the cosmere. While understandable I would still argue that humans should have a page in a similar way that iron has a page.
  8. Proposal to make a separate page for people on Canticle. The first thing to address is do we have a canonical demonym. I would assume it's Canticlite but I'm not sure we ever see it in the source material. Second is would we treat it like Rosharans who do not fall under Ashynites (which currently also doesn't have its own page) or would it be a subcategory on the Threnodite page.
  9. Well we have pages for the other sapients in the series and some of them we have less information than humans so to me it felt like a glaring absence.
  10. I would be hard pressed to call anything these style posts encourages discourse. More like people (including myself) shouting at into the void with very little factual basis.
  11. TBF when I said "less time" I actually meant less POV word count (Kaladin is about 100K more than Vin) and then had to scramble to just the exact wording. But your second point is spot on. That's all any of these posts are.
  12. I used a meme from cremposting which led to this current tangent. My intent should be obvious. I find these threads to be inherently without integrity to begin with. If you wanna know how the fandom sides on a topic do it as a poll. Any else is a flimsy excuse to argue for ego points. But anyways. I actually accounted for that in my statement by saying that she would have to engineer such a meeting in order to bless Kaladin. That is something I fully believe she could do with her seemingly greater grasp of future sight but didn't.
  13. They would both agree this fight is stupid and ally with each other instead.
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