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  1. Best theory so far makes the most sense. I still think the swat team and the mistborn killer will play a role at least in the beginning. Maybe the main character starts on the swat team hunting the mist born killer but gets recruited into the ghost bloods at the end of part 1 book 1
  2. Cinder hearts are full of investiture, so if you did manage to awaken one I think it’s char would be more closer to a shadow then a lifeless.
  3. I see still I never noticed that. Still the fact A pewter exists proves that it is possible. And we have seen similar attributes enchanted by investiture in ferochemy as well. Perhaps it just a matter of amount of investiture or just that most magic systems don’t have a path to do this. I think I can get around by concentrating the investiture into a more limited area than a pewter. After all a pewter enhance the hole body where as where as this only does a part of the body, and P pewter effect many aspects of the body where as this only effect one trait of the body. Do you think these two combined could get around the power cost issue?
  4. You should probably book up a problem they would have and how he can fix them. here are a few ideas 1. Something to make them walk up walls. Is there a large trees that were climbing them would be an asset for travel and. 2. Maybe some sort of vine that could let you swing some tree. This would look cool and yes, it would also help with travel. 3. Something that allows you to connect to or gathering information from trees. this might be a way further them to record history of important events, sort of like a primitive form of data storage. If you want to go for cyberpunk thing, maybe Keaton be like some sort of tree Internet. 4. something that allows you to drain nutrients from others. Since health is so important for the magic system something that allows you to take help from others would be a useful weapon. I hope these ideas hell at the very least they might get your brain thinking. Allow me to clarify nothing changes biologically by using strengthen Instead, it just reinforces, a portion of your body is durability with investiture.
  5. If it any helps when coming up with powers I wanted, I thought about what kind of theme I wanted for each. do you have a particular theme in your world building? not a specific power yet but like an idea of what you want to look like or feel. @Treamayne Can you tell me the particular point that you feel violates in cosmere rules @alder24 my original thoughts was that healing would be sort of like a bring some one to a baseline like the first thing you learn is to bring yourself or someone else up to your base level. And then from there, you learn to try to push some aspect of them beyond that.
  6. Swimmer form: had web fingers and toes, large feet and can breathe under water. Uses riverspren
  7. For fun, I thought about trying to create a wheel of time, gender binary magic system in the cosmere. What I have so far is pretty complicated and so I’m breaking this into multiple posts any feedback is appreciated. First, how to access the power: I am actually stumped on this one. Access to power depends on the shard. I’m not sure which shard goes with this magic system. Any ideas? female half of the magic system: I’ll discuss the Male half later. Also bond ability new abilities are unlocked by following connections across gender binary. Again, this will be another post. Base ability: each gender will get one base ability and four branch abilities. Think base ability as the one everyone has to learn before, they can’t unlock any other one. Typically someone trains the ability and eventually unlocks one branch ability. But occasionally, there are some geniuses or just workaholics that have 2 branches ability. Overall theme: for the female half of this magic system, I decided I wanted something biological and physically based . base ability: heal similar to regrow. Like all abilities on the female side, it can be used either on yourself someone else or both depending on what kind of training you have received. branch abilities. enhance: increases strength and speed, empower: increases energy and immune system. Growth: can be used to speed up or manipulate the growth of the body Sometimes use in conjunction with Strengthen. Can also be used on plants Strengthen: increases the hardness or durability of Pacific body parts. Want fingernails as strong as diamond, Or hair as strong as of metal Cord? Then this is the branch ability for you Any thoughts or ideas so far? I’ll make another post later with the Male half of the system. after getting fed
  8. He could send him a void spren or even an unmade. Look at that quote he wants the weapon to use to get vengeance what if a mysterious Spren showed up and offered him a bond on exchange for his obedience
  9. Perhaps it could speed up or slow down decay.
  10. How about the temporal metals in era 2
  11. Except for he wasn't burning a burning a god metal hevwas burning an alloy. Burning duralumin iron Doesn't give you steal. Why would burning an alloy give you atium? OK putting that aside It doesn't make sense at all but as you said I can't really argue with WoP I still think he was probably confused but still. Until Brandon gets around to writing it. It's our best guess at least. I'll give you that. Either way though if that's our standard then lerazium is definitely more powerful. Like not even close. Having the full powers of a misborn compared to the brief glimpses of the future that we saw in hero of ages. Besides since apparently burning An atium alloy with duralumin Magically transforms it into pure Atium. So if you have lerazium You pretty much automatically get a back door to pure atium anyways. (Seriously this makes no sense someone needs to ask brandom on this) Curiously what do you think the other atium alloys do?
  12. That wasn't a wob since it wasn't by Brandon. Why would burning Atium alloy Give you the atium. That doesn't make sense with the magic system has revealed. Is none of the other alloys behave that way when bured with d.
  13. Wrong we don't, That table is an in world document. And is therefore an unreliable Narrator. People in the cosmeto do not know that Atiums is not Atium But instead Atium alloied with electrum. As for what happened with Elend, That has been reconed. None of the Atium we see in Arizona was real atium.
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