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  1. Thank you for moving it, sorry for the confusion
  2. What parts of the Sunlit Man are we allowed to talk about?
  3. There are a few similarities I've noticed regarding the Charred and inquisitors. Both are previously human individuals that are given superhuman abilities by being pierced by invested material. Further more it appears that both have their souls disrupted by this process enabling them to be controlled by some outside influence. I would Like to hear some of your thoughts on this on the similarities and differences you see and what it might mean for the Cosmere as a whole.
  4. While I think Hoid's retelling is largely accurate there are a few "creative liberties" he appears to have taken (The character's refering to their crewmates as the Dougs, comments about your uncle etc.) Thus it stands to reason there may be a few other things Hoid may not be completely truthful about, Thereby leaving us with a few unanswered questions (Was Hoid's portrayal of Ulim accurate? Do the farting Pancake people even exist? If so which shard is responsible for their creation and why is it cultivation) I am eager to hear your thoughts on which things Hoid may or may not be truthful on.
  5. 71. Use Connection (Perhaps duralumin enhanced malatium?) to learn everything about him. Then make an Essence Mark that turns him into a version of him that isn't full born and sneak it onto him. Bonus points it you can modify his memory so he's unprepared to fight you.
  6. 48. Somehow get a Soulstamp on their Metalminds to adulterate the metal, this should make them sick from burning it during their compounding sessions. With all their other gold Metalminds soulstamped, this would effectively make them vulnerable enough to kill
  7. 44. Teach them sand mastery and trick them into overmastering. (note: this may not be the best idea)
  8. White sand can passively absorb investiture, if a ribbon of white sand were shot at a radiant would the sand absorb the radiant's stormlight or would the radiant be able to absorb the sand's investiture once it hit their blood?
  9. 25.Soulcast the Fullborn into a non flesh material so they can't heal from being turned to stone or non metal material, we haven't seen what soulcasting metalminds does or if it's even possible, but I assume that it's new Identity would prevent any shenanigans.
  10. This is a thread to document all the ways to kill an entity naturally born with all the powers of a feruchemist and an allomancer. Cosmere wide invested arts are allowed extra points for creativity.
  11. I noticed bones seem to have a relationship to identity, as we see with Melaan feeling the need to imitate a dog while wearing it's bones and kelseir only being able to come back to life by spiking his skeleton. This connection could be cosmere wide as bloodsealers need bones to create their own skeletals and even need human bones for it to complete certain tasks. Are there perhaps any examples of bones I missed
  12. That would also explain how inquisitors can see non metal objects
  13. My apologies I thought that Axial was derived from axiom and was meant to invoke it like Connection, or Invested. As if Axi were meant tothe fudanmentally basis of reality.
  14. With how Axioms are described we often assume that Axioms are another word for Atom, just like how Cosmere is another universe. Indeed this appears to be basically true, the names of the surges basically prove they are, at least, an equivalent. But do we know the cosmere, unlike our universe, is comprised of more than matter and energy. The atoms of our universe is comprised of electrons, protons, and neutron and held together by the four fundamental forces. What if in the cosmere the fundamental forces were a bit weaker than those in our own, one of the tenets of multiverse theory is unlikely it was for the fundamental to arrange themselves in a way that could support matter even exitsting. If that was the case then something a bit more would be needed, perhaps they would need the four fundamental for forces AND investiture to exist. If this were the case it would explain a few things, for example "why does it take more energy to leave the cognitive realm then to enter it?" entering the cognitive realm is simply realsing the investiture in matter so it enters a state or realm of existence that requires less energy to exist, or "If no one can see axioms how can enough people cognize them for microkinesis to exist?" Axioms have investiture in their very NATURE, so of course they can be manipulated.
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