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    I like Sando of course, space, making literally anything if I can use my hands (knitting, crocheting, embroidery, woodworking, anything else ever), Space, hiking, NURSING, any animal ever, talking with sharders cause you are all awesome, have I mentioned space yet? MUSIC!!! I must be interested in typos cause I make a lot of them.

    Things I’m not interested in: SHARDERS BEING DOWN ON THEMSELVES- you are all so amazing so LOVE YOURSELF CAUSE YOU DESERVE IT!!!

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  1. Happy storming birthday!

  2. Making people laugh, but the kind of joke where no one is the butt
  3. Happy birthday Hen!

  4. Happy storming birthday!

  5. In which people ask whether a book is worth reading or not. Are there websites for this? Apps for this? Careers dedicated to this? Yes yep and Most Definitely. Am I making this thread any way? Please refer to the fifth sentence. Mostly I want to ask if I should read a book but I don't wanna look it up on Goodreads, (besides, I trust you guys more). Should I read War and Peace? Is it worth it? Will I be crushed, emotionally, physically, and motivationally?
  6. I don't know how significant it is, but Charlie's name stands out to me as a little more normal then any other names we've seen in the cosmere to date. It's balanced out by "Glorf" but still, it sticks out to me. Maybe his name is influenced by some worldhopper? I might be reading too much in to it :p That was me! It's not cannon at all, I just think it's a possibility that Sigzil knows this story, given his history with Hoid. We really have no idea who's listening to this story though.
  7. AHAHA!! I love this story already. First of all, Tress? 100% relatable. I think she might be my spirit animal?? tbd. Also their flirting skills? Iconic "your hair is the color of the sun... If the sun light were a light brownish sort of color." Reminds me of me trying to talk to boys: "If the definition of great were in the dictionary... which, you know, it is... then you would be right there!" I also love this world building. Especially the mechanics of sailing. It seemed like they had control of the vents that were under the seas? I might have read it wrong but I want to know more!! I have this wonderful concept forming in my head of different types of suits they could wear to protect them from the spores.
  8. Brandon's newsletter said it wouldn't be that important, but since when do we listen to Sanderson. I've collected as many quotes as I could find that might hint at who Hoid is speaking to (there's not many). Also this book is storming cool but more on that later. "The Locals worshiped the 12 moons as gods, which we can all agree is far more ridiculous then whatever it is you worship" (ch. 1) "You should not find that so unusual. How many other planets have you visited? Perhaps they all sail on oceans of pollen, and your home is the freakish one." (ch. 1) "It was delivered by Hoid the cabin boy. (Yes that's me. what tipped you off? was it perhaps, the name?)" (ch 4.) ...That's really it, unfortunately. Although, I think it's also worth mentioning the Sigzil likely knows this story. Although he might not know its a true story, That would mean he knows some stuff about the cosmere without being aware of it. (also for the next couple months, that means he knows things we dont) It's been a while since my last cosmere binge, so I'm rusty. All I can tell so far is that the listeners of the story are most certainly not on Tress's world, and they know Hoid by his real name. So that really narrows it down. When I started this post I thought there'd be more clues, but here we are. Thoughts?
  9. You know Jungle Cruise at Disney? Like that, but guiding us through the Shattered plains chasms
  10. When even your non Brandon Sanderson friends know you have a legitimate problem
  11. When you fake tears to psych all your Sanderson friends out before showing them a certain video
  12. I love your signature. By the way, is your "Space Cadet" rank perhaps a reference to Stephen McCranie's Space Boy?

    1. Hen


      Thanks!! It’s not but give me two minutes to find out what that is and it might be

  13. Alexa play all I want for Christmas is you! Wrong!!
  14. K*l****. Or in other words, I refuse to choose. What’s your favorite direction!
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