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  2. If I can't go to vidcon in June

    I'm going to be so upset

  3. oh dear i missed my shardiversary

    im fifteen days late


    im not gonna do the whole @ everybody thing so

    love yall

    have a great 2023

  4. hi i am back for like five minutes ill probably disappear again soon

    i have over 200 notifications

    what did i miss

    1. xinoehp512


      Dunno if you caught it, but I've been back.

  5. a white screen

    has never

    in the history of everything

    made someone so upset as this one just made me

    holy heck

    1. Slowswift
    2. Vapor


      i doubt people will get my reference, even if they know the thing im talking about

      i just needed a bit of a rant

    3. Slowswift


      Gotcha. Take care!

  6. hey hey hey 

    i have a brother 

    hes 13 

    say hi to @Fog

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Fog


      no I am alive now I was not ded 

    3. Robin Sedai
    4. Enter a username

      Enter a username

      Looks like I was over a month late :|

      Eh, I'll do it anyway. Hello and welcome to the Shard!

  7. also sorry for two su's in a row but ive been missing for like a month did i miss anything

    and also you all should listen to Rolling With Difficulty

    it's the best podcast


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    2. Vapor


      Yes to both your questions, Tani

    3. Quivil





    4. Enter a username

      Enter a username

      Clone Season is when we all change our PFP's to some variation on one (so far Cosmere-relevant) image.

      It starts on September 24th (10:29 AM MDT) and ends on October 6th (12:16 AM MDT).

      Also, I'm catching up on over two months' worth of notifications, which is why I'm so late to this discussion.

  8. where do i watch the dream smp

    i desire to watch something

    and i have chosen the dream smp

    but i have no idea where to find a solid compilation with all the needed lore and the best parts and whatever

    1. danex


      i’m ashamed to know this but EvanMCGaming on youtube has some long-form summary storytelling cinematic videos about a lot of the lore.

    2. Knight of Iron

      Knight of Iron

      Personally, I think my preferred way to approach starting the Dream SMP is to choose one perspective, and then just watch that one person's videos on it all. The entire server is so saturated with YouTubers making content and having their own plot-relevant storylines that it's pretty much impossible to absorb it all and have it make any sense.

      For example, I mostly kept up on the storyline through Technoblade's videos. It was easier to keep up with one person's streams than many, but he even has several edited 20 minute videos where he attempts to explain and summarize events really quickly (as opposed to other YouTubers, who may just have entire unedited 4 hour livestreams that you can't even tell is supposed to be plot relevant or not, lol). Wilbur also has a couple videos like that.

      That's just my preferred way to do it.
      EvanMCGaming has attempted to document all the major events of the server, and has successfully done so. This playlist I'm linking is to his nine-part video documentary series that sum up the entire storyline.
      Pros: It's got everything important in it.
      Cons: It's documentary-style, it's not going to use actual extended clips. Which means you don't get to see any of the actual interactions. But I guess if there's any of those you want to see, you can always just ask or something and I can point you to where the videos can actually be found.




    3. Knight of Iron

      Knight of Iron


  9. y'alllllllllllll

    I just finished season one of the owl house and ;aldkhfx.,mbliufgklgdafkvxmnhfouqwyq

  10. Vapor


  11. I got access to DALL-E! The first thing I searched for was "Brandon Sanderson riding a parrot" and I got this


    DALL·E 2022-08-25 17.19.11 - Brandon Sanderson riding a parrot.png

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    2. 2EmLee2


      That is truly a work of art. :P

    3. Turtle


      ohhhhh my brother has accses to this imma ask him for "evil, affable sword"

    4. Just_a_Fan
  12. i love imagine dragons

    so much

    they just occasionally give me terrible debilitating panic attacks and i have no idea why

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    2. Szeth's Facepalm

      Szeth's Facepalm

      Bruh i thought i was the only one who got those?? Not about imagine dragons, but about TMA and sometimes mitski lol. Like, for me, idk why exactly, i think it's because i'll just realize that something that brings me so much joy is gonna be gone and forgotten in a couple centuries, less for TMA probably. But it happens sometimes ;-;

      I really thought it was just me lmaoo

    3. Knight of Iron

      Knight of Iron

      I love Imagine Dragons too but, ah, panic attacks don't sound too good. Can't say I've had anything like that, but this did remind me that the first few seconds of Peace of Mind just fills me with anxiety.

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