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  1. "Yes," replied Yerik. "Do you remember when I told you about special metals that I could use to make magical weapons?" He gestured. "Well... here they are! I suppose you've seen the soldiers use them, so you know a little bit about how they work."
  2. All of a sudden, Jeremy noticed the eyes. "Uhh," he said, backing up. "Uhhhh." @NameIess
  3. Miyako looked around the room. The room was filled with soldiers, both in armor and out. Some seemed to be training, while others stood guard. The walls were covered in weapons- mostly spears, though there were a few devices that appeared to be fancy crossbows. The primary focus of the room, however, was the armor. Two main kinds were represented- the golden kind that could change its shape, and the reddish metal that some of the soldiers had used to pull off remarkable displays of power. Yerik's eyes lit up as he scanned the room.
  4. Hey Calano, Archipelago has been revived. Are you interested in returning?

  5. "I'd be more impressed if you'd brought us somewhere useful." shot back Jeremy. "What use is dimension-hopping if you can only end up in weird places inhabited by 'unimaginable horrors?'
  6. I... think the princess is keeping track of your location. To make sure you don't leave the castle. Yerik glanced at Miyako. Would we get in trouble for exploring? I... no, I don't think so.
  7. There's things you can do besides fight, the voice replied. Practice your mental resistance, for one thing. And we can observe, added Yerik. There might be information hidden around here somewhere.
  8. "Well don't rush," Jeremy replied sardonically. "I'm having a great time here."
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