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  1. Hey all. I hope this is okay here. I am wanting to try my hand at cosplay for the first time for the con in December. And of course instead of dipping my toes in, I’m going straight for doing a Listener/Singer. My main question though is how does one who has no sewing talent (I’m talking like none, maybe even negative talent. Ha ha.) find places to get clothes for cosplay. Do I just accept something not too book accurate, but would be fun to wear and still feel like fantasy cosplay? Or can I find a good place that does more Asian style cosplay instead of medieval European since that is what Stormlight is more based around.
  2. Thanks everyone! We decided to go with Alcatraz. I think he would enjoy Rithmatist too, but I hesitate since it really was written to have a sequel that doesn’t exist. Still a good story that we might come back to after Alcatraz and maybe Reckoners.
  3. Okay all. I need a little help deciding which Sanderson book to give my 10.5 year old next. He’s read all Skyward, Tress, and Yumi. He is a little bit sensitive so I worry about having him jump into the harder hitting cosmere books next (Mistborn Era 1 or Warbreaker and definitely not Stormlight yet). And I can’t personally in good conscience have him read Mistborn Era 2 before Era 1 even though I think he would be fine reading those. So do we think Elantris, Emperor’s Soul, Sunlit Man, or Reckoners series would be the next best one? Or do I stop overthinking it and dive into Era 1 with him?
  4. @Treamayne Thanks for sharing your knowledge. That is super cool! My son thought it was cool too.
  5. It’s been a while since I’ve been o the forums, so maybe I missed this discussion already. But my 10-year old just started listening to Tress and pointed something out that I hadn’t considered. He just got to the part where she almost blows up her face with zephyr spores. The book explicitly says it reacted with a drop of sweat. He paused and said, “That shouldn’t work. There’s salt in sweat.” I burst out laughing. Are there any WoBs about this? I’m still perfectly willing to suspend disbelief for this to work and be fun. But also he’s got a point.
  6. @AndrolGenhald Mine had the same problem. Which I discovered at midnight last night. Luckily I already had the audiobook and got through my missing pages that way, but I’m going to try and get a complete book to by emailing Dragonsteel.
  7. Okay, I even just did a reread but I need some community help with creating a DDF costume for my son for Halloween. I’m going to get the patch from the Dragonsteel shop, but should I look for a specific color flight suit? Or something else to put it on?
  8. YKYASFW someone stops at your kids lemonade stand while they are touring the house for sale across the street and you see their kid carrying the Soonie pup from the Mistborn box. So you geek out and ask them about it and then they notice you wearing your Wayne shirt from The Lost Metal swag stuff. And it feels like you are instant fans and now I really hope the buy the house so we can be neighbors.
  9. So my kids ages 6 and 9 just beat BOTW this week. I’ve been super impressed watching them play. By beat I just mean beating Calamity Ganon/Dark Beast Ganon. My 6 year old didn’t even do Vah Naboris. I feel like I super over prepared for everything. Ha ha. I got all the shrines and everything before I even considered going to Ganon. They game a lot more than me and definitely asked for advice. But they did it all on their own and I am proud of them. They both had the goal to beat it before Tears of the Kingdom. Now I just need to make my goals which were to beat one new Zelda game and the Champion’s Ballad stuff from BOTW before Tears. I’ve started both Ocarina of Time and the remake of Link’s Awakening. I don’t get to play lots though and will admit that I forget the controls for OoT and what I’m supposed to be doing almost every time. Oops.
  10. Just going to be proud that I guessed the last WTCC on clue 2… and I started typing this before Alyx asked us to say if we did. I loved that one. Ha ha.
  11. Guys. I’m not actually much of a gamer. But we just got a PS5 at our house and I couldn’t come up with a username for my account. After a few failed attempts I tried coming up with a Sanderson themed one and jokingly wrote one about our number one favorite worldhopper/wit/Worldsinger. It worked. How has no one used it before!? Ha ha.
  12. I have two ideas. 1- Maybe that is the Lumar name for the sorceress. Hoid obviously knows her as Riina, but she could have picked something else for this planet or the people named her or something in stories. 2- It is the name of a Lumarian boogeyman/woman. It would make sense that things associated with the midnight sea/moon would become creepy bedtime stories or something like that.
  13. Okay. I’ve been meaning to post a review for days now since I absolutely read the whole thing on Jan 1. I loved this book. I agree with those who have said it might be one of Brandon’s best. This was truly just a delightful read. I cannot wait to get my physical copy to see the art in person. Howard did incredible work that just added so much to the story. My only tiny complaints about the art is that it always showed Tress with her hair down instead of braided and that we didn’t get a picture of Fort. (In my head he looks like a bigger beefier version of the king from The Dragan Prince.) But honestly those are small beans that I can easily get over given how fantastic the rest of the art is. I can see how if you don’t love Hoid how you wouldn’t like this book. For me though, Hoid stories are some of my favorite things in the cosmere. And while Hoid is definitely manipulative and self serving, he also demonstrates a lot of compassion and empathy at times to people in situations that don’t seem to obviously bring him gain. There were so many times in this book that I took screen shots just to keep his quotes easier. As for the characters and plot, I loved them all. Tress and Charlie are so cute. Tress is so relatable as a character feeling like just a regular person doing their best to accomplish big things. I loved the supporting characters from the crew. Even all the Dougs. And the scene with her dad networking and calling in his favors (doing advanced parenting) was so good. As were just the few lines about the Doug who died, whose actual name I now can’t recall. (It’s those little throwaway lines by Hoid that really make me like him. He didn’t have to tell us he actually knew that man’s name or what a good person he was, but he did.) I think the character that could have been developed a little better was Crow. Mostly because I don’t think we got answers to what her condition actually was and how it works. Like it’s clear her motivation is not dying. But if she was always this manipulative and nasty, how did her crew stick around before? And why did she specifically want Hoid on board? I would love to eventually see more of the other seas though I know coming back to this world is unlikely. But maybe someday we will get a map and ars arcanum. I also want to understand how the seas work. Why can you only get to the midnight sea through the crimson? Does the crimson fully surround it? Are all the seas just circles surrounding each other with two poles? But that doesn’t make sense with how the moons are situated. Oh, I am really starting to not like Elantrians right now. At least not the Ire if Riina is still involved with them. They seem like a super sketchy organization and I have questions with no answers yet. Anyway, this was long. The book is great. I love it.
  14. I had similar thoughts about Crow at times as well. The true identity of the sorceress was much more exciting from a cosmere/Hoid perspective. I had suspicions about Huck/Charlie basically as soon as he was introduced. But I held space for different possibilities. I normally don’t catch twists like these so was pleased that I had “figured it out” even if I never felt 100% confident. While I suspected quickly, I still think it was a well written reveal.
  15. Oh yup. This is my bad for spelling it wrong and not catching it on my post up thread. I’ll edit it there too. Sorry everyone! Gotta love the irony of pointing out a “correct” written spelling and then messing it up…
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