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  1. Okay, I don't think anybody got my Brick Joke. I'll try again. (Though if you haven't read the Brick Joke, read that one first, I think it's funnier and thus a higher priority to get.) Here is the Airplane Joke! (also from madfigs)


    A guy was riding on an airplane, and he decided to smoke a cigar. Unfortunately, he was sitting next to a woman with a dog. The dog began coughing, so the lady said, "Excuse me, sir, but could you please put out your cigar? It's really bothering my dog."

    He angrily replied, "No, I won't! You shouldn't have a dog on this flight anyways!"

    "This is a non-smoking flight! You need to put that cigar out!" she said. They argued back and forth... get rid of the dog, put out the cigar, and so on.

    Finally, the man said, "Look, I'll compromise with you. If you get rid of your dog, I'll get rid of the cigar." HE was thinking, "She'll never want to give up her dog." But much to his surprise, she agreed to the deal!

    The lady opened the window (amazingly, without causing the air pressure inside the plane to drop) and threw her dog out. The man, thinking that he had another cigar anyways, threw his cigar out the window, thinking that he had won.

    However, the woman suddenly reached out the window, and grabbed her dog's leash! As she pulled the dog back in, she was thinking that she'd won, but do you know what the dog had in its mouth?


    A BRICK!!!!



  2. Have any of y'all heard the Brick Joke? If you have, don't explain it - sometimes it takes those who hear it for the first time a little while to understand ;)

    The Brick Joke (from madfigs.com, but don't go there for an explanation either or you'll ruin it for yourself):


    Once upon a time, there was a man who wanted to build a house. But, being a little eccentric, he wanted to build the house using only 99 bricks. So he went to the hardware store and said, "Hello, I'd like to buy 99 bricks."

    The owner of the store told him, "I'm sorry, we only sell bricks in quantities of 100."

    "Can't you cut me a deal or something?" the man asked.

    "Nope, sorry," replied the owner. So the guy bought 100 bricks.

    He took the bricks back to his lot, and he built a house using 99 bricks. Now, if you do the math, 100 minus 99 is 1, so he had one brick left. And he took that brick, and he just chucked it, way up in the air!


    1. Szeth's Facepalm

      Szeth's Facepalm


  3. What would you do if you found a note in your basement, and that was when you discovered you had a basement?
  4. Next week my whole club is doing an epic Christmas oneshot. Because I'm a DM, I get to come up with a boss, and I'm going with a sweet old lady who tries to feed the players gingerbread. Unfortunately, this sweet old lady happens to be the avatar of an eldritch abomination and the gingerbread is poisoned.
  5. Fan of VeggieTales here! "I'm from the IRS-" *slam*
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