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    Reading, Singing tenor! The Shard. Brandon Sanderson. Did I mention reading? Acting. Dungeons and Dragons and MTG.

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  1. Happy birthday :D have a nice day!

  2. Happy birthday Vennie!

  3. Happy birthday, Ed! Hope you're doing well!

  4. @Experience You were asking about 17th shard secrets earlier, and I think this fits the bill exactly. Apologies for the ping, but..here you gooo.
  5. My goodness. Shardiversary. Four years ago I joined this website...wow. Four years ago I was in freshman year of high school??? Where did the time go!? I'M A SENIOR NOW?? WHAT??? NO. HELP.

    I guess...I really need to thank you all for giving me a lot of the reasons I'm still kicking nowadays. Thank you for helping me become...me. Who I am. Venture is now a pretty neat person, I think. Go me. Thank you. Go you.

    So, in no exact order, the reminders of love and affection to the many many people who have influenced me over the course of my time here, beginsssss now.

    @Condensation Hello There. Dang, wow. It's good to see you nowadays, y'know? We didn't know each other as well as we could've a short while back, but I'm so glad that we get to talk a lot more. You're such a creative person, and even through all the life stuff you’ve been having to mess with, you’ve still been Connie, my dear friend, the Grammar Queen (I sorely apologize for any future typos). I’m genuinely proud of you Con. I still owe you Wendy’s don’t I…hm…Regardless. You're amazing, and I am the better for having met you.

    @Emi Do you know how in awe of you I am nowadays? I have seen you grow so much as a person, I'd be tempted to say you're almost unrecognizable. But I could never forget your endearing presence: anime, art, and all. And can I say dang your art is getting good. I know you won’t see this for a week or two, but you’ll be in my mind the whole time. I’m glad that you have such great friendships nowadays, and I am glad that I number among them.

    @FriarFritz What can I say? You mean a lot to me. Not just because you recommended Arcane to me. I've always loved how passionate you are, how much you care for people. I make an effort to emulate the ideal you provide every day. Thank you for giving that to me. Thank you for the reminders and small acts of kindness, they give me such joy. Also ditch the poptarts pleaseeeeeeeee? 

    @JesterLavorre I actually managed to play Magic: The Gathering with someone, even if it was only online, and you’re really good at it too! Also. Also also also. Sleepless Domain is pretty good, huh? Thanks for being so willing to spend your time with me. Maybe I can get you hooked on a few dozen more hundreds of webcomics. 

    @King of the Oreo I love ya kiddo. Whether you see why or not, I do. I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do about that. Sorry. You still are an amazing person. No matter what, always and forever. So take care. Things will get better. I’ll be with you, because I enjoy spending time with you.

    @Knight of Iron Thanks for letting me worldbuild with you, thank you for sharing your personal philosophy with me, thank you for being one of the strongest people I know, thank you for sharing your artistic talents. I wish you the best with your future. I’ll keep nagging you to eat more veggies though. I have a rolled up sheet of newspaper, so go buy some lettuce. I should have a few good recipes for you later if you want too.

    @Mist You’re managing a lot. College, life, just…so much is stacked against you. And yet you still manage to make time for others. A fact I admire…just……so much. You’re a powerful person Mist. Make sure to take care of that person. You are the priority, I promise. I’ll make sure to get some extra sleep tonight if you do too, okay?

    @Mystic Syn Synnie! I’m appalled that I don’t know you better. You truly are one of the great artists of our time, and more people need to give you the recognition you deserve! Drawing, writing, being an amazing friend. Plus you’re like…really super smart academically? You are so heckin cool, and we better spend more time together in the future. Maybe we can geek out about more movies, eh? Stay safe, things’ll settle down soon, I’ve got a feeling. 

    @Scarletfox Scarlie. You’ve shared a lot of kind words with me, and I cannot express to you enough how much they’ve meant. The fact that you’ve grown so much from the person I first met, the way you’ve taken charge in your own life. You’re a fancy professional streamer now! That’s crazy!! Don’t give up on the chances you have, you are so worth your time. Also and maybe I have more music recommendations for you later? 

    @Tesh Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I really….don’t have the words. There aren’t enough words to get across the scope of how much the friendship I've found with you has changed me. You’re way too hecking patient with me. But I’ve never seen you give up once. You’re always trying. You struggle with a lot. Sure, you can say it’s not much in scale…but you manage to stand up every day and overcome your own personal challenges. From musicals to writing to Greens, you are so passionate, so creative, so powerful. You are an idol of mine, and I am made better each moment by your friendship. We are going to see a performance of Come From Away one day. Y’hear? I’ll hunt you down somehow. 

    @The Awakened Salad Bonjour Soup, Agent of Chaos, Herald of Leafy Greens, The Longest Armed One, eldritch horror from beyond our reality. You’re neat. *pat pat* Cannibalism and drugs are a thing. Yep.

    @Vapor Hellllllooooo Vappie. *offers cuddles* I hope we get to see each other more often. We all care for you, regardless of whether you think so or not. So take care of yourself. If not for yourself, for us. 

    @Zephrun's Imperium Star. You were a good person to me, someone I really needed. Thank you for being there. We’re still friends. Keep on living. You’ve survived this far, plus you’ve got Ward nowadays. :P Plus you’re on an upward path. Thank you for keeping going this far. 

    @Blessing of Potency PO. Thanks for the chats. I’m really glad that I was able to offer a little bit of help to you, and I am really grateful for the kindness you’ve displayed recently. You’re a boss, insanely cool person, much gender envy, so gamer. I can’t wait to see you next time you’re online. You’ll have an amazing future, much romance, so video game, greatly awe inspiring.

    @Lord_Silberfarben Y’all mean so much to me? You know that? Goodness, I can’t even. You’ve really motivated me to learn more about myself, about people, about the world around me. I’ve relied on your friendship so much. I swear to you, you are never a burden. Stay safe, please. I wish time zones weren’t a thing, eh? You can crush school, I believe in you.

    @theTruthshaper You are going to take over the world one day. I see it now: Lady Truth, Queen of Eternity, First of her name, Empress of All, The Royal of Light, Phd. You got me into web serial novels. Worm, A Practical Guide to Evil, Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. Not to mention all the fluffy stories I binged for weeks on end. They uh…cracked me up. You are definitely one of the most intelligent people I have ever met in my entire life, and I don’t expect that to really ever change. You just act so kind. I long to follow your example in life, because you are such a good person. Also you’re one of the very few people who read a webcomic I recommended, which is…woah. My regard for you is deep.

    @Ookla the Meta Wassap Meta. We aren’t the closest of people. You’re a scary adult, ack. But…..you’re a scary adult, you’re scarily mature, and that comes with a lot of power. And you’ve used that for nothing but good. You’re a great person, and I look up to you. Thank you for being my friend

    @AonEne Okay I’ll…admit. I had to brainstorm for a while to even begin this one...I just need to say that I really really care about you. You've struggled at times in your life, and you’re here today, displaying a love towards others that I can only describe as christ-like. You are one of the best people I know. You have been there for me, and I cannot possibly thank you enough for that. Even without trying you’re just so…you. Kindness and power and love are who you are. And you are so amazing because of who you are. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you so, so storming much. Thank you.
    Oh you thought that was it did you. Well guess what. It isn’t. Cause also you’re a Mod nowadays??? You’re on Shardcast nowadays??? I got to see your amazing face once upon a time???? You yelled at me when I pushed you away??? I want to steal your you-ness cause it’s just so amazing to me, but someone told me identify theft is not allowed, as cool as Beetle is, and I guess as cool as you are too. Anyways Yeeter Indeeder.

    @Darkfinder Vi, my buddy! Musicals and even though your name sounds really angsty, you really aren’t. You’re just…kindhearted. I’m glad that you’re doing well nowadays, keep up that pace. I believe in you

    And….if I forgot you….I’m so sorry. It was not maliciously done.

    What I would give to be able to teleport you all into a room and we be able to hang out in person.
    What I would do for the chance to make it so none of you would ever experience struggle.
    What I would say to change the minds of those who don’t understand you or help you.
    What I would….
    I would do a lot for y’all.
    Thank you for being my friends
    I love you all so, so much.

    Here’s to another year, may it bring you all the success and love you deserve.

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    2. Vapor


      Happy shardiversary!!!!!

    3. DramaQueen



    4. The Awakened Salad

      The Awakened Salad

      I'm super super duper late but HAPPY SHARDIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!! *pat pats back to you* 

  6. *nod* You hid them. Like you hid (and/or removed) the old groups of Ardent, Worldbringers, Obligator, and Returned. Fun stuff. More secrets to be uncovered.
  7. Yooo!! It's your birthday. Happy day!!

  8. I've never seen this before, but upon logging into the shard today, this popup took over my screen. None of the dropdowns actually work yet, so I doubt it's meant to be implemented at this point in time, and so I thought it would be important to bring up.
  9. I expected a non-answer.......but fair. I suppose some things are not within reach of mere mortals......
  10. *hugs you tight* hi carlie

    1. Ed Venture

      Ed Venture

      It's good seeing you.

    2. Scarletfox


      *is hugged and hugs back* hiii vennie ^_^

  11. I think I understand this a little bit.....but not enough. And things are busy right now. Do you think that mayyybe it's possible for there to be spectators?
  12. Curious site specific questions incoming. (i am ready to completely accept that i get no answers) 1. What are these groups. Gamma makes sense, you have a secret hiding place for the gamma readers, but special? Sounds fancy. 2. What would make someone unable to be followed? Is that a setting you can switch on that makes people not be able to follow you? 3. What was the last thing you wish you ate, but didn't.
  13. So. You know how you can just get....really bored. But you have something you're meant to be doing? So you're procrastinating I guess. But at the same time you're in a really productive state. Just not working on what's meant to be worked on. You do? Good. Okay

    I'm meant to be doing work, and then, bam, it's time for me to find out as much about the 17th shard website as I can. 

    Maybe I'll make it a challenge for you...yeah? Yeah! Okay. Here's the things you need to find. 

    A guest account with messages.

    The status update with the most replies.

    A calendar update with upvotes.

    The image comment with the most upvotes.

    (I don't know if this one is possible, I spent a good hour on it. (I kinda want a mod to answer it for me.)) Someone who has a Special Role. I'm not talking about something like the Patrons role, or the Retired Staff Role, or the Gamma role. I literally mean Special. Or Special 2. I know it exists somewhere, just gotta find it.

    The reply on a status update with the most upvotes. (I actually could be wrong about this one, because the Shard is not kind with what it defines as content).

    The earliest follow ever (Like how you follow users, and forums).


    Also what the storms, I'm a Torturer of Heralds. 


    ALSO. What the storms it's almost my Sharderversery.

    ............okay i've procrastinated for a good 2 hours. I'll go study for midterms now. 

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    2. AonEne



      ....huh, I found the account of the person who used to run the timewaster's guide forums

      Who's that? 

      Guest acc with messages: 



    3. AonEne


      (I knew the old roles existed, but I don't know who had them.) 

    4. Ed Venture

      Ed Venture


      Who's that?


      Their name is Spriggan

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