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  1. Happy birthday!!!

    1. Honorless


      Happy Birthday! 

  2. Just barely saw this, but thank you! It's amusing to us as well that Josh and I have birthdays within the same five day window. It's a great excuse for a vacation though!
  3. We won't really do membership card, but there are plans to do button style pins, (hopefully we will also do enamel pins.) Sadly this has to wait until the store is up and running. If you're in Utah I do have some of the button pins from the OB release left and am still willing to sale those (3$ per), but sadly it isn't practical to sell them online right now.
  4. Oh look, more topics like the ones Eric keeps on mentioning. Want to test our sincerity, maybe starting a topic about one of these subjects is the way to do it.
  5. Sell. At some point Kaladin and Adolin will have a dance off for the right to determine the future of Alethi fashion.
  6. Haha, not exactly. Also, you reminded me of something I forgot. Original post edited. Have anything you want to try to sell us on?
  7. If an admin start it, obviously no one will think the wrong thing! Right? Buy and sale is a simple game. I will post a sentence. The next person to reply will then either say "buy" as in they agree and would believe it, or "sale" for if they don't. It keeps things simple, since you don't need to defend yourself, and the next person doesn't have to explain why they agree or not. Then add your own thing to be bought or sold. So let's start this off as simple as possible: The Stormfather has given the "talk" to Syl because she caught sight and refused to drop the subject.
  8. 38: In the event of a zombie apocalypse what would be your first actions? Probably die, if we're being honest here. It also depends on where I am. I have thought about it a lot in a couple of my work places (who knew call centers could actually be good for something?), and the local amusement park (Some of the looks you get when talking in line about the best place to hide in case of zombies is quite fun) 34: In the above situation, where would you choose to hide out? Again, kind of depends on where I am, and the level of intelligence of the zombies. If it's a "animate body that can't even climb or jump" it's a very different answer from "Semi-smart can avoid basic traps". 65: If the apocalypse were a sentient potato apocalypse instead, would that influence your actions differently? Sentient potatoes would change things. For one they're smaller. But again, depends on level of intelligence. Are we talking normal human, or smart enough to Voltron into super-potatoes? And now for the original ones: 43: What is your favorite TV show, and who is your favorite character from that show? I don't really have a favorite TV show -- wait, maybe I do. Star VS the Forces of Evil might have finally taken that spot. I adore Star, mostly because she is a character I identify with a lot. (And at the same time really don't. I like to think I'm smarter than that at times.) But I love that she's a girl, and kick butt. 25: Toilet paper roll over or under? Josh says over. I say I don't care that much. Eric is famous for "The Way". (Seriously, just ask him.) 82: Does it bother you that the numbers on my questions aren't in order? Nope. I had noticed, but thought you were grabbing from a "getting to know you" style list and was grabbing questions as you saw them and liked them.
  9. Oh look, a topic like the one Eric was just saying he wanted to still see. Maybe someone who maybe had thoughts to share but didn't get a chance to should start just such a topic. *Walks away whistling*
  10. I find it amusing that you tagged me twice. Also, I will not be coming, but thank you for keeping me in the loop.
  11. If someone wants to crawl TWG they can source, but it is supposed to be Siri. As to the rest, I think the answer was "because it's cool."
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