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  1. I haven't kept up with this forum lately so I don't know how much this has been discussed, but I've observed parallels between Card's Outside and Sanderson's nowhere and between Jane and M-Bot since Skyward. M-Bot's development feels so similar to that of Jane that I've assumed the Ender books are a direct influence. Tangentially, the last Ender book finally came out this month, and I'm nervous to read it. I really enjoyed Cytonic, and don't have many original reactions, but one thing that particularly bothers me in this book (and the last two, to lesser degrees) is the way computer programs are treated. Things like "lines of code" and "commenting out" are human abstractions that aren't part of what a machine actually does, and the way M-Bot and Chet talk about programs just doesn't make any sense. The book reads like it's written by someone who knows very little about how computers, despite how integral they are to the story and worldbuilding. I just had to decide to try to suspend my disbelief on that and enjoy the story, and I'm still excited for Evershore and Defiant. This just makes me worried about Mistborn Eras 3 and 4, because it matters to me a lot more that the Cosmere fully make sense.
  2. Oh, I’ve got it: Killing of Windrunner Teft.
  3. Could she be the same as Lemex’s nurse (the confirmed Terriswoman in WB)? Axindweth is described by Venli as being some sort of surgeon, so the connection seems logical.
  4. Looking back at Oathbringer, the Dysian on First Dreams that poisoned everyone has similar tattoos. That is such a small detail given how unimportant that chapter was to OB that of course I did not remember. Perhaps that impostor was also Nikli. The one in the interlude says they warned the crew not to come multiple times instead of killing them in the beginning, which is not the tactic of all of the Sleepless.
  5. Sanderson got me too. I was assuming the whole time someone on the ship would be an Aimian, but still didn’t suspect Nikli until the scene from his viewpoint, which was quite a “well, duh” moment. I think I didn’t suspect him because he was already in Rysn’s service before she decided to go on the trip.
  6. On that note, Infinity Blade is absent from the list of books in the epub version. Chapter 3, p. 51: “‘The place where Leyten got dropped into the ocean?’ . . . ‘Same,’ Kaladin said.” Kaladin’s response confuses me. I think “The same” would make more sense. Chapter 15, p. 194: “reminding him of the refuse he’d find in the chasms with Bridge Four.” Should be “found”—otherwise it sounds like Lopen still has chasm duty or expects to in the future.
  7. I suspect that the authors don’t actually know which one survives—it could be either, and the outcome is the same. The ending monologue is deliciously ambiguous. Which Holly? Both hate each other for making the wrong choice—the replica hates the original for killing the replica of her husband that the real Jonathan knew would be sent to her, perhaps planned as a way of letting her keep him; the original hates the replica for being the same liar the man the original murdered was. Either way the surviving Holly is only half-alive, both because she killed her husband and because she killed her mirrored self. This outcome is the only one possible other than both shooting simultaneously (which is what I erroneously guessed would happen). Of course, one of them had to have survived because the story is narrated in first person past tense. Is that evidence that the survivor is the replica, or is the surviving original narrating both people as her unified self? The narrator seems to be the replica, but the title of the book is The Original. I wasn’t sure about this story at first—I felt like it was very unoriginal for a while—but the questions raised by the ending make me love it. But it reminds me of the last sci-fi short Brandon put out, Snapshot. In both stories, (which I barely remember and must reread now) They aren’t identical but are similar enough for it to seem a little odd.
  8. There used to be a Twitter bot that posted progress bar updates, @ _StormWatch. It isn’t active anymore, so 8ish months ago, I made a similar account for myself: @SanderProgress. I forgot to post about it, though the Hispanic Cosmere community seems to have found it anyway. I hope this is helpful to people who obsessively check the progress bars.
  9. Oftentimes in SA there are seemingly insignificant characters that are described very specifically, such as Nale in the prologue of WoK. When Brandon provides specific description it’s usually a flag that the character is actually important. In chapter 53 of WoK Kaladin saves an unnamed bridgeman, described as having “dark brown skin and brown eyes, his thick black hair pulled back into a long, braided tail.” “How …” the man said. He didn’t have even a hint of an accent. Kaladin had expected him to be Azish because of the dark skin.” This is an odd description, and Brandon surely knows more about who this guy is. Is anything known about who this is? Am I just seeing importance in this man that he doesn’t really have?
  10. I found several more errors on my reread that haven't been reported in this thread yet. I found them in the hardcover but I'm only reporting the ones that are also in the current ebook. All given page numbers are from the hardcover. p. 370: "Do you have a thought on whom should I approach next?" should be "whom I should" p. 397: "Earless Jacks snorted" His name is Jaks, not Jacks. p. 448: "Shin Stone Shamans would recover it from whomever had killed him" should be "whoever". The subject of the phrase "whoever had killed him" is "whoever". The word is not the object of "from" but is part of the phrase that is the object of "from". p. 477: in the hardcover, "like how to best get the ardents there to accidentally drink a mixture that will turn his mouth blue"; in the ebook, "like how to best get the ardents there to accidentally drink a mixture that will turn their mouthes blue". Changing "mouth" to the plural form is correct, but it should be "mouths", not "mouthes". p. 582: "Lirin ordered gathering his sewing needle" should be "Lirin ordered, gathering his sewing needle" p. 781: "smashing a few Rockbuds beneath his plated boots." Should be "rockbuds", not "Rockbuds". That word is not capitalized anywhere else in the book. p. 784: "Parshendi blood splashed in the air as he killed" Shardblades don't cut living things, so there shouldn't be any blood from Dalinar's fighting. It is discussed elswhere in the book how there is no blood where he fights but blood everywhere where his soldiers fight. p. 799: "The last time he'd been alone had been that night when he'd been tied up for the highstorm to kill him." This is not at all true; in chapter 46 Kaladin wanders around Sadeas's camp by himself and sees Adolin rescue a prostitute from a lighteyes. p. 911: "rushing across bridge six" everywhere else has been capitalized as "Bridge Six" p. 999: "Most men would pick one of those, if given the choice, and name them the greatest of talents" should be "name it the greatest of talents" I tried to make sure I didn't report any that have already been reported.
  11. I’m sorry to bring anything related to TikTok into this, but “Maybe I’ll be Chaser” “My dad’s already Chaser” “What about Jager?” “We’ve already got a Jager” ... “I have an idea” “What’s your idea?” “You should be...” ”I’m not gonna be Jerkface”
  12. Page 9 line 13 The comma in “‘We fight,’ said Mongrel” is italicized. It should not be.
  13. “Darro had betrayed his most beloved of bothers” amused me. Pour was used instead of pore several times.
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