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  1. Thanks for the kind words, @Chaos! It was a blast getting to chat with Isaac.
  2. He does, but Brandon's continued refusal to confirm whether he's ingested the bead is suspicious as hell (and is a major part of why I had this theory in the first place). Even getting asked straight out whether he's ingested it, Brandon won't give a straight answer.
  3. I bet he'd be pretty happy to get his hands on Sand Mastery, too...
  4. The Denver signing report isn't up yet on Arcanum, but my first question was pursuing my long-time theory about Hoid using the lerasium to rewrite his Spirit Web in ways other than only getting Allomancy. For the first time, though, Brandon seems to have shot it down: he said that while it's possible to alloy lerasium with another god metal and get access to other Invested Arts that way, Hoid has not done that—and that there were several things preventing him from doing so. Bummer to lose my theory, but now I'm really curious about what might have prevented him.
  5. So I've already connected with Argent on this, but just for general interest: yes, I did get audio of the signing line. I didn't get the general Q&A, but there really weren't many questions of Cosmere import in that anyway—mostly writing questions and a few basic Cosmere ones (can you tell us a random Ideal/are there dragons in the Cosmere).
  6. I'll be there quite early, looks like, since I get off work around 3. If anyone wants to say hi, don't hesitate. I'm super tall, wearing jeans and a tan sweater today. I'll probably be reading The Runelords while I wait.
  7. Ah, excellent. I actually think I've seen this WoB before, now that I read it. I do think it's no surprise that he wants to be perceived as something else. When he called himself Passion in OB, it reminded me of Ruin's attempt at characterizing himself as passionate in HoA. How else are these overtly "evil" Shards supposed to get otherwise rational/"good" people to go along with them, right? Edit: Hah, this was from JordanCon. I was in the freaking audience...no clue how I managed to forget this.
  8. Wait whoa, do we have a WoB on this? A cursory search of Arcanum doesn't pull anything up, but that would be a really nice thing to have for those arguments of Odium vs. Passion. (I am firmly on the side of "this is the Shard of hate" and Rayse is simply lying to Dalinar in an attempt to seduce him, FWIW.)
  9. When Shallan soulcasts, she briefly enters Shadesmar. Transformation and Transportation both allow for Shadesmar access, though Transformation's seems to be a limited access. Hoid likely wants to see if he can figure out how to get around those limits.
  10. I also think Hoid is low-key thrilled to have soulcasting under his belt: easier access to metals, and, if he can figure it/hack it someway, full access to Shadesmar for worldhopping without a perpendicularity.
  11. And the interesting thing here is that Ash was included in the nine, implying that she may become a Dustbringer down the road (and that would make sense, since we need a Dustbringer book and we know she's getting one in the back 5).
  12. Yeah, I got to 29 and I had to flip back and make sure I wasn't crazy. I wonder what that's all about...
  13. Even if Purity is a Shard, which is unlikely, AU came out well after SoS and the WoB that the spike was from a Shard we knew.
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