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    Unless you have Nirvana concert tickets and a Time Machine

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    "Excellent..." (Cue Steepling fingers)
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    Seattle, Washington (Sometime in the near future)
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    I like Overwatch, 1984, Animal Farm, Nirvana, Billie Eillish, and The Hunger Games. I also enjoy reading, (Obviously, why else would I be here?) with Oathbringer and Hero of Ages being my two favorite Cosmere books. Dalinar, Renarin, Nightblood, Szeth, Ruin, and Odium would be my favorite characters.

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  1. Happy birthday, Shadow!!! You're the best! :wub:


    1. BringerofShadows


      OH MY GOODNESS THAT IS AMAZING! Thank you! :wub::D

  2. Well... Wait a second, I can't give out secret plot points!
  3. Heather stood there, wondering what a real father would be like. One that cared for her and didn't instill bad habits or was abusive. Mmm...I could go for some "bad habits" right about now...NO. You will stay sober for Star. Stay sober for Star... Heather nervously swallowed, feeling her throat go dry. @xinoehp512
  4. "Oh, I will. I will..." Cosette says as she slips into the shadows, the file and all.
  5. "I will need a day of rest, as traveling from here to America is no small feat." There is a pause, and a change of tone. "But I can be swift and clean." Cosette said with an unnerving smile.
  6. Cosette looks through folder, figuring out how tired and worn out she'll become if she travels across the "pond". "When do you want this case done by?"
  7. "Yes." Excitement flooded through her veins. Finally! I am going to be useful.
  8. Cosette hears Hasel, presumably, head up the stairs. Looking at the plain room, she sits at the couch, waiting for most likely Iris. Pulling out her switchblade, she flicked the blade in out impatiently, and Noodles watches with boredom.
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