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  1. Thanks @Voidus. Apologize for the extra work. Missed it on my search this morning.
  2. I was doing art early this morning, (morning for me at least) when I realized that we don't have a art thread for our world and characters in general. I've seen @Sherlock Holmes do a piece for Tena and thought we should have a dedicated place for our art, should you want to share of course. Everything here will be Alleyverse centric, character, worldbuilding or both. Feel free to post all art, this is a safe, encouraging place to display your art, there will be no negative judgement or mean spirited replies, people put effort in the art they display here. Be kind and follow the golden rule please and thanks. (I went through all three pages of threads to make sure I didn't make a duplicate post. I could have missed it and if I did I apologize) The art I did as follows. Alleyverse, Alleycity, Alleys Rhazien Montage, Era 1 Aurell Faine, Era 2
  3. More art, just before I go to bed

    Alleyverse, Rhazien Montague






  4. Just exploring avenues for art for Alleyverse and my characters in said universe. 

    Alleyverse, Alley specific



    Aurell Faine




    1. Sequence


      HOLD UP, did you DRAW these?!

  5. @AonEne The mafia don't know that. They only see him as the successor to a very successful metalurgy business and they think he knows what he's doing which isn't completely true. Plus I though it mentioned that in my character sheet that the parents notes on the matter wasn't complete. If i didn't it wasn't intentional and I meant to. True, but there are synopsises.
  6. Lord Everette Meeks; Scholar's Court As Everette was on the verge of unconsciousness, a woman approached and asked something that was unitelligible, due to lack of blood in his system. He to stand on his feet but only succeeded in falling on his face. Which was painful and if he could complain he would, he'd probably broken his nose or it felt like it. His blood loss was severe enough the world was spinning even though he was lying on the pavement. Why was he on the pavement again? Everette couldn't remember. Gentlemen didn't lie on the pavement in public. Everette tried to get up, but his body wouldn't respond to his brains impulses. Everette found it difficult to focus, his mental capacity fading as he neared death from Hypovolemic shock. His breathing came in manic shallow bursts. With great effort, he reached out grabbing onto the hems of the woman's pants, but was unable to mantain his grip. His grasp was weak, his vision burry, Everette felt himself fading quickly. He rolled himself into his back. The woman's shadow loomed over him, it was so similar to the assassin that was chasing him. He panicked, but his body wouldn't respond. Everette tried to ask for help but he found out he could only repeat two words in his delirous state. "Gold. Mind. Gold, gold, mind. Gold." He wheezed between panicked, quickened breaths. He tried to make himself more coherent, but his language came out jumbled as he tripped over his tounge in anxious confusion. "Mind gold feru- metal- chemy." The last thing he remember was a woman floating, flying into the sky getting smaller and the black darkness overtook him. He fell into unconsciousness in a growing pool of his own blood, mixing with the blood of Jeb, though less due to burning petwer, was still significant enough to warrent concern. Nonetheless, two battered, battle weary men lay dying on the pavement. Shardslayer; Near Scholar's Court Shardslayer watched, through a rifle scope, as his target was surrounded a gaggle of Alleyfolk. People annoyed Slayer, especially the butler who'd broken his ribs. They'd healed them with the fortunate help of a Edgedancer mafioso. Luckily for Shardslayer, they'd get to murder to get to their targets. Regettably they couldn't kill Lord Meeks, and present company due to his clientele's request in their plot. They recognized Deteca, as she walked into the iron sights. Shardslayer sighed, removing their finger from the trigger. However itchy it was it would mean more chaos, destruction, mayhem and death later if they were patient. Slayer looked over to Mr. Left and Mr. Right, Lurcher and Coinshot respectively. "Go tell your bahss, tings gaht," They paused, voice heavily accented. "How you say... complicated. If te bahss wants Nuvtry dead, it'll cahst him double, in addition to te lords... eh... kidnap." @AonEne
  7. Fair. I can do away with the whole pandemic and focus on the fact that the mafia is trying to split Ettmetal into Atium and Lerasium. That could be a better problem. But I dunno how that would work in our alleyverse bc I don't know how rare or common Lerasium and atium is among this pocket dimension place. Edit: we could also do the poison/toxin idea. The virus wasn't the right word to begin with anyways Edit 2: @ZincAboutIt think a lot like the plot of Legends of Korra Season 1. The plot for this could be that the people are discontent with the way they have been treated by certain PC in previous eras and they want something done. The mafioso sees is as an opportunity to capitalize and get money by disabling powers and holding them ransom for money. @Sorana maybe this explains it better.
  8. And that is totally ok thanks for the response. Edit: not really a virus but an injection that stifles investiture.
  9. Lord Everette Meeks; Streets of Alleycity Everette grew weaker. One arm was keeping Jeb's arm around his neck and the other was applying pressure to his stomach wound. The knife was still sticking out of his back. He worried that the blade was laced with poison or that it could be and probably was aluminum. Everette's vision was becoming increasingly blurry with each step. The adrenaline in his system was running out and soon he'd be on the pavement bleeding out. What a predicament he thought to himself I'm going to bleed out on the street and die. It didn't seem so terrible. He just wished he could've saved his friend. Everette's vision focused on one thing ahead. The Underground Baker's Association, so close but yet so far. "Sorry friend, I tried," he whispered to Jeb. "This is as far as I could get us." Several figures emerged from the surrounding alleys. Everette's beary vision was bad enough he couldn't make out of they were friend or foe. He sank to his knees. "Seems like the end of the line," he said to Jeb under his breath. With the last of his strength he lay Jeb facing the sky. Desperately clinging to consciousness, Everette whispered, "If anyone can hear this. Please save my friend." Hoping beyond all hope that a tineye might be lurking about, or perhaps that destiny might intervene.
  10. I was talking to @AonEne in the collaboration thread briefly and suggested I post here. I want to build a purely antagonistic Mafia against the PCs. Their main goals are to profit off the virus they are creating by being in sole control of the cure. The virus being a investiture eliminating sorts. Their second main goal is to successfully split ettmetal back into Lerasium and Atium. I would like to know who is on board with this and if it would be okay in the first place. (Sorry for the double post. I did wait a substantial amount of time)
  11. For starters a rescue would be nice. He is bleeding out. The mafias main goal is to develop a "virus" that targets people with investiture and eliminates that investiture, not permanently per se, but they'll have a cure to give those people affected for a price. Most mafias are about money and profit not dominance and stuff. The mafias second goal is to find a way to split ettmetal into it's segmented metals Atium and Lerasium. Everette is a metallurgist by profession as he sells burnable metals to mistings and mistborn. So he can definitely help with the second goal and they think he can help with the Scadrian side of things. They've been assembling a group of professors, doctors and experts in each magic system to get this done.
  12. You could say I've been unsuccessful in trying to open it up to people to participate on my side and not wanting to force my character in others character plots. I've been wanting to develop a situation where several characters or all are threatened by the mafia. While my character has a very person stake in this I don't want to be just his
  13. Lord Everette Meeks; Demolished Tavern Everette readied himself, dazed, wounded and exhausted, he prepared himself to fight for his life and the life of his friend. At this moment it wasn't about avenging his family it was about protecting innocents lives and the life of his friend and butler. He steadied his breathing waiting for his opponent's first strike, focusing on his center of balance. The figure didn't change their pace, striding towards him, scraping his knives. "The more you do that the less indimidating it is." Everette breathed nervously. The figure in response thrust one of the blades towards his neck. Everette dropped the shard from his hand and redirected the past his head over his shoulder. He applied pressure to the elbow, hoping to force his opponent to drop the blade. He didn't anticipate being stabbed in the stomach and in the back simultaneously. He gasped in pain, and in desperation kicked at the elbow joint of the arm that stabbed him stomach, while with his arms redoubled the pressure on the other elbow joint. The blade slide from his stomach as the blow landed, the other blade stayed in his back as the assassin let go as to not let him break their elbow. Jeb emerged from the shadows delivering a pewter filled punch into the assassin's side. The blow knocked the assassin to the darkness of the smoke. "Sir, we have a problem," Jeb stated, staggering. "Whomever that was just wiped my pewter reserves." The bulter teetered, beofre falling like freshly cut timber, Everette lunged to steady the man, but Jeb nearly took them both down. Jeb was again unconscious He fished in the butler's suit, fantically searching for allomantic vials. His hands grasped a thin fragile cylindrical object and he pulled it out to reveal a pewter vial. He opened Jebs mouth and poured the contents inside. He closed of Jebs air ways to force the man to swallow. Everette looped Jeb's arm around his neck and lifted the man, then began to drag the man through the fast dissapating smoke. "Stay away." He'd mutter at people who'd near. "Not safe." Everette pulled his friend through the streets, desperately and frantically trying to get them both back to the factory.
  14. My style plus how this mafioso works
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