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  1. Happy birthday, Dapper! 

  2. rambling man:

    - did not realize that i had so many posts to my name

    - people follow me?

    - why do i keep posting these

    - im hungry

  3. thinking about doing an rp with one of my story ideas and then leaving for another 6 months

    just kidding i have row theories to read and compare with my own :)

    1. old man moomba

      old man moomba

      unhappy about emoticons autocorrecting to emojis.

      anyone know how to fix?

    2. Rosharan A.C.

      Rosharan A.C.

      I wish I could help but have no such knowledge.

  4. jethro tull put out some real bangers if i do say so myself

  5. Finished TLOK yesterday. Pros: Good fight scenes, quite a few funny moments (no idea if they were intentional or it was just me) a few good characters (Varrick mainly). I enjoyed the aesthetic of the show, even though it doesn't make a lot of sense for the world of Avatar. Lavabending is cool, I like lavabending. Cons: Neither Korra nor any of the main villains were at all interesting to me (with the possible exception of Kuvira, but only because she falls into a trope) , season 2 mostly sucked, though I did get a laugh out of some of the more wacky parts. I don't like Zaheer, his background makes no sense and somehow he's able to totally master airbending despite only having the power for like a month at most. IMPORTANT EDIT: tenzin good cool guy : )
  6. played some new videojames

  7. Happy birthday! 

    1. Lunamor


      Happy birthday!!!

  8. Why the name change?

    1. old man moomba

      old man moomba

      I changed my username everywhere else and I like to use the same username everywhere. 

  9. This new Moomba (most people just called him Moomba) smiled slightly at the reactions of those around him. Calmly, he reached into his pocket and removed a lighter and a thin cigar, which he lit and puffed on for a few seconds. "Sorry for the surprise. I'm also Moomba, but not the same Moomba. One from somewhere else than the one that just disappeared."
  10. Moomba closed his eyes, breathing in deeply. "Ahhhh. Much better. I'm no longer bound like I was on that island." he clapped his hands, smiling at Fadran. "For that you have my thanks. Now that I'm free, it's probably a good idea to become someone a little more durable." With that odd statement, Moomba took a sudden step backwards. Where he'd been standing was a misty shadow of sorts. The shadow resembled Moomba, but was still mostly incorporeal and hard to make out. Moomba gave a little wave, and faded into a similar mist. As one Moomba faded, the other became real, white fog morphing into tanned skin. The man now standing in Moomba's place appeared to be a younger version of the one that had just disappeared. They had a similar face and build, but any similarities stopped there. This man had his hair shaved and braided in the style of the Seanchan High Blood, though no member of the Blood would be caught dead wearing his clothing. He had a loose longcoat on, with a tank top underneath, and a pair of simple but sturdy trousers. For some odd reason, he also had bandages on his feet in place of shoes. This new Moomba looked around, annoyed by the lack of light. "Odd place, this." was all he said. With a slight smile, he tossed the goldmind back to its original owner without a word.
  11. Moomba chuckled. "Big words with capitals on them. Very fancy. Well, I'll come with you, so long as I don't have to stay here." he stood up, tapping the tobacco out of his pipe. "There's nothing left here for me."
  12. "Hmm." Moomba hmmed thoughtfully, "There are many adventures to be had, but none of them are very close to here. Wherever here is, that is." he stopped again, listening to himself. "Yes, nothing close to here. We would have to travel quite far to find a suitable adventure."
  13. Moomba smiled, puffing on his pipe before speaking. "Well, he's not exactly a god, since that would make me a god, and I would certainly know if I was a god." he chuckled, "I'm not a god, at least not in most places. Perhaps both more and less than a god, I'm not sure anyone has put a label on me." Moomba listened to himself for a moment, then nodded. "I agree with myself." he said, "Which doesn't happen nearly as much as you would think, believe me."
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