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  1. Link. I have been enamored with the lore surrounding his story, and that fascination lens itself to a rather fair 7, though the striking pose and classic art style bring it up to an eight in my books. I also like you based solely on the principle that you exist. A very good first impression in my opinion- usually, at least. 9/10, overall.
  2. Skylar held to vital in his fist gingerly as he walked, his steps measured and just barely bouncy enough to spray the liquid inside around. He was multitasking at the moment, the sloshing meant to mix the portion inside so it would be properly shaken, with the heat of his palm the only source of warmth, all while he balanced a journal on that same arm and used his left hand to write down ideas and questions he'd look up again later- he'd learned how to write legibly with both hands when he was nine, and had used that skill constantly ever since. The main theme of the questions was following his mental train as he considered whether muggle toenails could be turned into a mild anti-magic powder. If so, it could be useful in a number of future potions and projects- though how on earth he find a way to test it at hogwarts of all schools was anyone's guess. His odd new robes fluttered as he walked, and he idly spotted another pair of Ravenclaws as he grew closer to... wherever they were going? He had forgotten what time it was. He decided to follow them and simply how for the best. Besides, the theories he was considering and writing down were way more interesting than paying attention to where he was going. He would talk to them once they got to class- and he couldn't wait to learn who they were. He wondered if they'd appreciate his company and had started writing down a list of charisma potion ingredients before realizing he'd been working on something else just a moment ago. Shrugging, he continued, not really caring all that much. He'd get back to it... eventually.
  3. Give a few thousand breaths to Kelsior. Teach him how they work. Watch him somehow possess an incredibly absurd set of creatures that grant him increasingly wacky abilities and presence in the physical realm...
  4. Yes, she can only heal and move objects that are under twenty five or so pounds. She doesn't know any other weaves and isn't looking for a teacher, so she's unlikely to learn more, even accidentally.
  5. So, the 37 was on the scale rating. The women's section has a power listing that goes from 1 to 72, and she was a 37 on that scale. With her channeling, she can move things around with her powers, but nothing larger than a bucket, but healing is her only real talent with it. Dreamer is thirty points. It's the ability to Dreamwalk (Enter the world of dreams and other people's dreams if she tries- though she mostly just ends up inside of her wife's dreams every night.) and sometimes get those weird prophetic dream things that are almost impossible to interpret correctly. Healer is just to imply that she has a talent wit healing, which was listed as being ten points. And yes, the leg thing is a weakness. I'll update her profile in a minute. :3
  6. Ax asked me to make a character for him, and I decided to go wild with it. It's a rough draft, and I'm free to changing a lot of things if I need too. I'm more curious about what her actual cost would end up being as I have her now. Would someone take a look at her? :3
  7. At one point, it describes what what was happening in the age of legends. It shows cars (or something similar? I believe they were power-made, power-fueled flying machines used in the same way cars are used) and other similar things, and people experimenting with what the power could do, through trial and error, similar to how scientists work with traditional science in the modern day. Rand also starts colleges that quickly discover many scientific things including- if I'm not mis-remembering things- something approximating an engine and electricity... I think. Though that's a short, minor part of the story mentioned fairly off-handedly. We also see Nyneav (Nineave? I listen to the audiobooks) find a way to heal certain things in a way no-one had ever managed before. We then see some yellows who witness it immediately make hypotheses on how the technique could be improved and changed or adapted in a way that could improve it's effectiveness. So there is some, but I don't think that it gets to the point, or in the way you mean.
  8. Nope. Not much it's wrong about your wishes specifically. They could be better wishes, used better, but they were all good.
  9. ... Wow... Would I want to though? I could just run through the scenarios presented...
  10. 1. I would wish for the ability to grant any wish- reality altering or not- whenever I chose to do so. 2. Then I would wish to know generally whether the wishes would have a positive or negative effect based on my personal moral compass. 3. Third, I'd wish that once I'd granted their wish, no one, including the reciever of the wish granting, would know who had granted their wish- only that their wish had been granted, with the exception of myself. (I'd like to be aware of my ow wish-granting adventures.) I would then grant the joking wishes of my friends that I was immortal, and systematically get them all dates and fantastic lives while also ending world hunger and world peace with the ease of a few sarcastic quips and racist jokes. I'd continue to do so until I'd become a functional god, granting the wishes of all those that prayed to me with desires that fit my own moral compass's version of good (Which would hopefully improve and grow as I gained power and knowledge) and- in effect- become a living god very similar to the one that most Christians believe in. Unless he doesn't do this sort of thing for a reason, in which case I'd probably stop granting wishes at that point and just watch the world while granting wishes where it'll do the least harm and most good, and where no one would actually believe something miraculous had happened so that whatever reason that god who- may or may not, depending on your beliefs- exists has for their perceived 'silence' will be maintained. :3
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