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  1. Oh, if you're going for full DP then yeah. That would require a pretty detailed strat and a good amount of minmaxing I think. This is the era when Falcom was still doing beatable unbeatable fights.
  2. While it's true that the hardest battle of the game is there, that's only if you want an achievement of sorts. Otherwise, it will still be hard, but not that much above anything else.
  3. Watched the 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie. That was... pretty good actually. I wouldn't mind seeing more of this, a trilogy or something. The fact that it was so thoroughly canned makes the sequel bait at the end all the more painful. Good watch, peak popcorn material.
  4. Done with second half. Ok that was extremely cute but also extremely sad. Kanon and Shannon fighting was an interesting way to end their story. At this point it really is like they're separate pieces with wills and emotions of their own, tied down by Lion's choices. That's pretty sad. No Rosa, oh well. Still, Maria's bit was interesting. Way this was put, every Maria scene so far is there to teach Ange something. Oh and her puzzle was evil. I got it right the first time but it was not immediately obvious that it was the correct answer. It made me believe I was wrong in fact. So there go another 10 minutes of me believing I actually have to solve the thing. Pain. What if Ange is stuck in her own loop Rika style? No? Too much wishful thinking? But like, she's died a couple times in the future already. I think. Neither of those were really explicitly told. Really, I'm just clinging to my only hope of a perfect ending here. Although I get that going the "Ange is stuck and just has to wake up" route may undermine Beatrice's story. ALTHOUGH if Ryukishi doesn't want to state Beatrice's identity, he has to go a different route to wrap up the story, which he is, through Ange. So this angle is still technically possible? Maybe? I'll just keep reading, reasoning time is probably over. Now look. Kyrie is fine, she does the mature thing treating Battler like a son and all, sure, whatever. I'll just never understand why this is something that she had to force herself to do. I didn't understand this with Natsuhi and I understand it even less with Kyrie. No matter how much you hate the parent, the kid is sinless and deserving of love. Actual love, not just pretending. Yes, I'm aware she can't exactly control how she feels about him, you don't choose your emotions. I know I'm being unreasonable here but this is a point I'm unable to let go of, in any context. I disliked Catelyn for the entirety of GoT because of her attitude against Jon in S1. All the cool moments and good deeds in the world didn't make up for that in my eyes, and I'm having an equally hard time here. Now that she knows that it's her son, she looked like she felt guilty. Good. I hope she did. George's puzzle I got right, only because I had heard it before. Probability and I don't get along. I like the message behind it though. It kinda supports the idea that none of this happened and she's letting herself be convinced by Beatrice's tales. We continue along that line and Sayo just wrote the things, sent them ashore, the island exploded, Ange grew bitter, she read the tales, and she believed them. Not the magic parts but the part about it all being a murder case. Ruining the memory of her family within her, which is the actual thing closest to the truth. I loved the scene where she fell asleep, everyone's goodbye was adorable. I really loved Kinzo's. Now, this has been about 7 hours, probably not even halfway through. I can't even begin to guess what happens from here on out.
  5. 200 hours into BotW and like 90 into TotK, just found out lynels can teleport. I was testing how good they are at climbing and it turns out they don't need to, so that was scary.
  6. Twinkle paused for a moment, at a loss for words. Well of course he'd be sad, the loss, the betrayal. The killing. Things weren't supposed to be like that in a group. "I think. The others probably feel the same. We should probably be careful of course." Her voice lowered to a whisper at the end. Saying that stil felt wrong after all. She shook her head before coninuing. "But I still want to be there for Ed, well, for everyone. We already got one trai- We. Lost two friends already. I don't want to distrust the ones we have left." After a moment, she kept talking, not wanting to end on such a sour note. "And I mean, this is our job, right? We're not much use going with our knights to prom." She made a sound at the end, hoping it sounded like a laugh.
  7. Yeah, that's what I meant. Pretty big reason not to fail any riddles then.
  8. First half done! Man, I'm overthinking some of these. I chose ice cream in the food one because ice cream has a lot of fat, meaning in the long run it heats you up instead of cooling you. Same result but still. And for the one about the ambulance I even started looking up kanjis and stuff, yet it was so simple. And my brain completely short circuited on Genji's. I was looking for 1cm and completely glossed over 10mm. After that I figured that I had to make the division after all and got it wrong. So that was embarrassing, I did reload though. Man, this thing is killing me. Eva's history with Ange makes all the sense in the world, but they made sure to make her easy to hate back in Episode 3. And my heart broke when Natsuhi talked about how much she regretted the thing with Lion, and I straight up melted when Beato hugged her. I'm not surviving this, dude, spread my ashes somewhere nice. I gather you get the scenes after Ange leaves by getting the riddles right? It's absolutely beautiful and painful. Like if anyone has any character development and/or redemption arcs left, we're doing them right here, right now. No time to wait, enjoy solving the puzzles because that's the only break time you get. Better yet, Kyrie and Rosa are in the back half, this is gonna hurt.
  9. That's so cool. I like this trend of putting some gameplay only in the last episode. Helps bring home the point that this is the end. Guess I'll have to use more than one save for once. Also, drunk Ange is cute!!!
  10. They're going to hide a bad ending inside one of these cake slices and I'm going to get it!! Alright, maybe not. I just think this is really cool and I'm unreasonably excited about it.
  11. Ooh just started that one after about a decade of indecision. This would have been so my thing back in high school, I regret waiting so long to start it. Loving it so far.
  12. Watched Godzilla Minus One. That was a good one. I don't know when Toho learned to do cgi but no complaints on my side. It's also probably the most character focused Godzilla movie I've seen so far. No complaints on my side for that either. Really enjoyed it, a bit dark but not too much. I like the characters, Goji looks amazing, very rewatchable. Now, this latest spree of serious Godzilla movies is great and all (Shin is still my favorite Godzilla movie), but I hope at some point we can go back to fairies and mechas and space monsters. Those were fun.
  13. Finished Gardens of the Moon, it was pretty good. Whatever the hell I was expecting when I started reading it, it wasn't this. Rule of cool reigns supreme here, but without sacrificing story quality. Those happen to be my favorite kind of stories. It's so weird, it takes everything you're advised not to do when writing a story, then does it, and it works. What's that, you should create a grounded magic system that's not overpowered and over the top? How about I break the ground and throw it at you a hundred meters in the air? Oh, that the "overpowered is forbidden" rules applies to characters themselves you say. No worries, I'll just slip in several characters that could single-handedly level entire cities if they so choose. A huge cast of literal gods that can do the same while we're at it. What do you mean most stories pick a tone and stick to it? That's too narrow, here, have a scene about morality and the meaninglessness of a character's entire life immediately followed by an awkward teenager trying to figure out how to flirt for the first time. Trying to find people talking about this series before reading I came to the conclusion that it was a fairly depressing series that used humor to make the tone bearable. The only thing I found that didn't fit with that was a certain phrase. "Malazan covers the entire range of human emotion". After reading this I think it makes sense. Sure, some scenes can be intense, and the danger feels real at all times. If half the cast is dead by the end of the series I won't be surprised in the least. But there's also a huge amount of the story that sits on the extreme opposite side of the spectrum. The author really tries to do everything at once and succeeds. Mostly. The one example of a romance arc in this book was pretty bad, hope that gets better. I'm excited to continue the series. Depending on how things go, I might have found my favorite book series. The last time I had a hunch like that it came true, so here's hoping I'm right this time too.
  14. I'm pretty sure that was in the original. It was a pretty cool progression actually. You meet the Capuas as bandits and there's this slow progression where you find out they were nobles, then you find about all the scams that were going on, then you find out the Capuas were victims. And only later you find that Leeves was the town in question.
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