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  1. I guess the only thing you can apply abrasion to while falling would be air, but I don't think it would actually slow your fall? Same way a mirror-polished cannonball wouldn't be faster than a normal cannonball. That's more air resistance stuff, so unless you could become a shape that restricts airflow, you'd just be falling normally. unless the magic system is magic.
  2. I feel like I haven't seen you in ages, tho you've definitely posted recently. How's it going? Also, your pfp is a masterpiece of art. Puts Mona Lisa to shame.

    1. AltonicKeys


      yo :] I don't post/reply that much anymore, but I still frequent the site a lot. Still reading like the nerd I am! Also thanks, I love putting my energy into things that will not get me a job

  3. First page of the Postscript, page 383, paragraph 1, sentence 4. "The experience was so much fun that I wanteßd to try something again..." "Latin small letter sharp s" (eszett) is used instead of an apostrophe. I'm not sure if this is a printing error exclusive to this specific copy, or if it's included in other books. I left the little publishing info page, in case anyone wanted to check. This is a library copy. Photos:
  4. A battery world is definitely possible, but I'm not convinced how Canticle can be one. How does the planet store this energy? The core is probably invested, cuz the planet is way to small for normal physics to apply. The sunlight is invested to some amount, or even the air, but I can't find any evidence that the ground absorbs the investiture and keeps it. The air is resistant to the sun's investiture, so a lot of investiture is lost as heat, doing the whole melty thing. It probably doesn't leave a lot of investiture to reach the ground, and make it to the core. Also, why would a shard, a being made of investiture, need a store of it? I guess it could make sense if the energy was meant for something/someone else, or maybe a backup plan or something? The battery planets would be really long term investments, since it probably takes a lot of investiture to make them, and it would take a while to break even.
  5. I point out the glaring grammatical error in your last sentence! There's no comma after "stops", implying that the car stopped flinging the sandwich into your hands. The sandwich is still in the car. Plot twist, I was the driver all along, and I speed away.
  6. Laegon does so. "Well, a ghost did something to me and it felt weird."
  7. Laegon slides off the stool and holds the ball in front of him.
  8. Laegon eyes the orb, but obliges. "Should I lay down, or...?"
  9. Laegon dragged himself into the bar and collapsed on the seat. "There are dead old ghosts in the forest that probably ate my soul. Special today, diluted."
  10. Laegon is confused, but decides to worry about it later. Instead, he looks around where he is, wondering where the others are, and where the village would be.
  11. "Thank you, kind ghost spirit." Laegon picks up his city painting and axe, and leaves through the gate.
  12. "Seems like you know who you were. Hmm" Nodding thoughtfully, Laegon did not understand what the ghost said in the slightest. "May I leave now? You said you would pick what you take and give from me."
  13. Laegon groaned. He picked up the painting of the man, and held it up at eye-level. "Can you just tell me who you are? It's the least you could do before you steal and eat our souls or something."
  14. Laegon kicked the ground. "Well I don't want my memory gone but whatever. A boon, huh? Can I have... The knowledge on who/what you are." He points again towards the painting.
  15. Laegon thinks good and hard. After what felt like 6 days, 12 hours and 30 minutes, he looked up. "I would like to offer... my lack of knowledge on who you are." He points to the painting of the duo. "And also the girl."
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