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  1. Karger

    Shard Arrow

    They could but that would mean the arrow wouldn't penetrate.
  2. Karger

    Shard Arrow

    The only problem is that if your enemy is moving they might trap the arrow inside a nonlethal part of their body (kind of like a lastclasp). Doubly a problem with fused.
  3. Assuming sufficient prep time I really don't see how the radiant wins. Wouldn't the fullborn just decide things through raw physical ability? Radiant physical abilities are way more limited by comparison.
  4. Its not that much methane nor is it pure methane. You will also get a lot of CO2 and NO2 not to mention a lot of sulfur compounds. We also don't know the oxygen content in the air. I'd be much more worried about the smell. The oceans must be awful.
  5. Very much yes. I would also like the sequences of Tess saving everyone. I think its a great introduction to Sanderson's style of writing in which heroics both make sense and are properly planed ahead of time (just like real life!). I also think a group of good actors under the right direction could make the scene where her father calls in favors really good.
  6. I've put some more thought into it and I actually came up with a new theory. I think the spores at the bottom are crushed to death by those at the top. Some are also destroyed by lack of water (they don't get much down there) and other nutrients while still others are seared to ash by volcanic activity. When a plant (or in this case fungus) dies under such circumstances it will release light gases like methane. Methane will then bubble to the surface. The only effect on climate that I can see is a high potential for some acid rain along with a higher temperature (methane is a greenhouse gas) but the right ecology could counter both of those effects.
  7. We have volcanoes that do something similar(spewing vapor constantly for hundreds of years). Even in our solar system their are planets and moons that are much more active in that respect. You don't need much gas to produce the fluoridation either. Its not as if the planet's entire surface has predicable weather. Even on earth we have a monsoon season which had predictable enough winds for us to track and predict down to the day.
  8. This needs to be a movie. Enough said. I know that some of you must be film students. Your great Brandon Sanderson high priest commands you... In all serious though this book was surprisingly cinematic. All of he characters have wonderful quirks that would be very easily portrayed and the world itself would create some amazing opportunities for images. I think this book might be the best of any of brandon's for a story that is easily adapted to another medium. Anyone have actors in mind for different characters. Music? Direction?
  9. Bubbles from vents under the ocean. I'm guessing that some sort of deposit of mineral is heated and that resales the gas but that one is just a shot in the dark. The whole planet is likely artificial(12 moons). I imagine that the dead spores can dehydrate when on land and this creates water vapor. He wants minimal interaction with the outside world. Hiring people would make him a constant component of the economy and political world. RAFO! (delivered in best Brando voice) They appear to have some intelligence. I think they are kind of like cancerous aethers. They still have the framework needed to make rational decisions but this is overpowered by their need to procreate.
  10. When and by whom though?
  11. He seems fairly comfortable with his current life. I think he will stay.
  12. A fun way to answer this question is just to say "one." All rosharan magic systems depend on bonds made by spren. Radiants are just the result of a group of spren bound in a particular way. Fabrails are a different one. Even the old magic and the fused are the result of people connecting to spren and shards respectively.
  13. We thought we knew how they worked. How the southern tec worked had huge weight behind it as well. Neither question has really been answered now. Instead we just have more questions.
  14. The bands were a major plot point in the last book as was the southern continent.
  15. Saze was a god and secret history revealed everything else anyway. The last two metals weren't important and, so far as we knew, neither was Hoid. We still had questions sure but all the major ones specific to the trilogy had been answered.
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