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  1. Honor, pick bondsmith. And try to learn immortality through realmatic means. Talk to hoid learn to curve the insanity and be a constant uniting force. Then assassinated by a dagger with a gem on the end. That rips me apart to my soul
  2. 1) pass 2) smash 3)smash 4)smash 5)depends how fooled i am 6)smash 7)smash great now I’m the perv of the thread.
  3. Hmm idk about like mistborn, but definitely stormlight archive is a good read. The magic system is based upon oaths and self improvement. The first half is a little hard to get through but once you understand what’s happening it’s amazing. And definitely worth a reread. also hero of ages is great especially after a reread. It fills in the holes that the story has especially the tarist prophecies and helps sets up future books.
  4. So just something quick, who needs birth controle in the cosmer? Like for example scaa or at least scaa heritage seems to add the chance of getting pregnant whereas noble women had a higher chance of not being able to get pregnant. That of is course being part of TLR “Grand” design. then we look at roshar, and it’s not uncommon to hear some families with 4+ kids and others with just two even shallan and adolin don’t seem to be worried about having kids. But the entire world is constantly at war So we can assume that more kids are being born then on screen. And don’t get me started on the parshindi the way they reproduce makes no sense to me. I’m unsure how other planets work as I have only read mistborn and stormlight. but here’s my working theory. That places like roshar where the average person is more invested doesn’t have to worry about birth control as they can intend to have a child or not. Or it can be altered by someone who can see the SW like TLR. Whats your thought? WoB?
  5. Don’t forget that some weird time dilation was happening as well. People locked up for weeks said they only been there for a few hours.
  6. Dang it @Frustration. You, just made mistborn and radiants on the same level with this. In fact radiants might be versatile in different ways instead. That they have a more connection to the SR and are able to do weird things because of it. Whereas mistborn are stronger combatives in general. If a mistborn and a radiant of the third ideal had the same amount of investiture to draw on, it’s a much more even fight with advantage going to radiants with healing and shardblade, but the mistborn is still a force to recond with especially sense even a kelsier level mistborn would be as strong or near as strong as(or even half as strong) mist fueled vin. it breaks open the door. It’s crazy and needs a thread of its own. 4th ideal is still op because of shardplate but dang is it crazy. and not only that but what if radiants get access to something better then stormlight? Because stormlight sucks as a stored investiger so that means radiants would also gain a boost of lasting longer. Omg this litterally blows up exponentially.
  7. Highstorm give stormlight because of the connection to the spiritual realm. Stormfather is a spren. A strong spren but still a spren. rhythm of prayer is one possible way to get voidlight but everstorms is now the new prime way of getting them. my theory on trace amounts is liken to medicine, how it’s mostly water and small parts of other poisonous things that reduce our symptoms, but most of the medication itself doesn’t have the parts that help us, (I don’t know much of this I remember reading two articles about this(it’s called water memory unproven but also not disproven)) also it’s the cosmer so a bit more realmatic wiggle room. after 7,000 years odium is tired of being locked away.
  8. Three theories, one, maybe odium withholds voidlight from his enemies, something honor might have done in the past, two, odium gives voidlight to his Allies, because the highstorm is basically a constantly moving perpendicularly, and it’s a byproduct of refilling gems instead of intentional. three, the gems are “resonating honors tone” because they have trace amounts of stormlight left in it, and are not accepting odiums tone. i think 1 or 2 might be why, but I can definitely see 3 being the realmatic reason
  9. If noahdon was a bondsmith he could have made himself immortal, or ageless. Almost liked a hacked hareald. Questing is if he’s crazy and if he isn’t where is he
  10. Just a question, are the other forms really infertile or is it more apathetic to their sexual needs? they could just stay in form to have a child while at the same time they might choose mateform to make it easier
  11. I feel the length is good we just need more stories/books in roshar. SA is nice but if we had smaller books about other sections or past events that would be great
  12. Unsure if it predates the shattering, but it definitely predates the KR also for everyone else that questions if KR are 10 or 1 magic systems I’m inclined to consider them 10 because their is only one unmade that destroys your soul if used improperly, that has all of them. Like you can’t be a Windrunner with division. whereas in mistborn A mistborn is litterally part of the magic system. And the others are just dilutions. same with other scandrial magics. also I really liked the discussion. Definitely makes sense where y’all are coming from
  13. Good or bad? I would say ambitious is a better word. In his Society he is the perfect soldier king and general. You could say yes there. to his family he was a king first, father second. And that might be seen as bad but remember that in other Sanderson book’s people always are struggling to balance the two. So as someone interested in his legacy it makes sense to put the nation first. (Making Dalinar a useless drunk during times of peace is an action I’ll defend to the death. We all know that Dalinar is a monster, who didn’t care for kingdom building just warmongering. Even he admitted that he would have conscripted all the males or slaughter the towns/cities he conquered. If he became king) (with navani it was cutting off, cold but understandable. And being good at hurting people it makes sense that the arguments got like that) bring on the desolations is a bit of a stretch. They were coming, With the everstorm as the workaround. Also he was doing it because he was literally getting visions from his “god” that the enemy is coming. Seeing radiants, and the power they held. It makes sense that he would try to make it happen to hasen the return of the spren. The faster the spren returned the faster he can use them to fight the great battle. And if that wasn’t available then he had anti light to bring into the war. Can you imagine, radiants with a spear with anti light in the head, true killing/Turing insane, the fused. They wouldn’t have the ability/capacity to get their own. So is gavilar a good or bad person. I will say neither he was an ambitious general king, That was preparing his people to end a 7,000 year war by any means necessary
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    Ask Kajsa Anything!

    I assumed you asked if you invented the “deadly kindergartners attacking you how many you could fight” question. If I’m wrong I apologize
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