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  1. If you're only going for a speed record and no accuracy...that seems like it would work? However, I thought one couldn't effect things with allomancy outside of a bubble?
  2. OK that makes sense. Unless there is some mechanism (biological, mechanical, and/or supernatural) that allows for a push within..say .001 seconds (or less) of the firing pin hitting the primer..there is just no way in the Cosmere to have any substantive effect on the speed of a bullet to any massive degree, especially when the bullet is already going so fast. The point on stopping power (damage increase) is a good one and makes sense.
  3. Probably because of something Brandon has planned for 2029, but won't get written and published until 2035.
  4. I assume you'd need aluminum wraps for your fingers?
  5. There are bullets commercially available right now, (.220 Swift) that can come out of the barrel at mach 4, and there are experimental ammunitions that have been clocked at Mach 5.8 (Which in Wax's case, he was often shooting experimental rounds, because it seems like Ranette spent most of her time on just that). If we're talking about a full Mistborn and Feruchemist who can increase their weight to, say 2,000 pounds, and use a duralamin steel push on a round that's already going Mach 5.8 as it exits the barrel? I get that we don't have the math for an exact answer, AFIAK anway, when it comes to steel pushing, much less duralumin steel pushing, but it would have to have some considerable effect under the conditions the we (the OP and myself) are describing? Or am I missing something?
  6. I would be very interested in the results of using a shard strainer on something.
  7. I'm not saying I know how, but if the OP's scenario is possible in the first place, then I feel like there should be a way to connect the power of Abrasion to the end of the barrel, from the shooter's hand...so that, the bullet does not become frictionless until the exit and therefore has spin? Edit: And if all this is possible, wouldn't the shooter basically have a portable rail gun? I don't think speed of light is possible, but some of the fastest bullets on the market today top out at Mach 4 (3067 mph) and if you search for "piece of plastic hits aluminum at 15,000 mph" (Mach 19.5ish) you'll see some serious damage. If a bullet could be pushed to between 10-20x Mach 4? I am assuming there's very few things (even in the Cosmere) that could withstand a hit like that.
  8. So was the gem recording of the ancient Truthwatcher admitting "I foresaw this" a red herring, or could Truthwatchers see the future before the enlightened spren came along? If that's the case, was that with Honor's "limited" ability to see the future, and Renarin and Rlain have Odium's "superior to Honor's" ability to see the future?
  9. I really hope we get into this on the page as we get to the more advanced tech ages, because that's fascinating!
  10. Ok, now you and @Wadders have me wondering about keteks as a theme in Vorinism. An art form that has equal and opposite parts, but with distinct meaning on both sides of the ketek. A reflection of each other, but not the same. When Vorinism is, at it's foundation, a religion based on the worship of Shards and their abilities, which fundamentally is the manipulation of massive amounts of investiture. That feels significant to me, in regards to the nature of sapience and investiture. Huh, that's not where I thought this thread would lead me to, but I'm here for it.
  11. Yeah, this just brings up more questions than answers for me.
  12. I also want to throw out there that Sebarial is just the sort of person to change his name to something distinctly not symmetrical, just because it will annoy his peers, and keep up the facade that he's an idiot and not a mad genius. That said, I assume there is a better in-world reason for his name.
  13. I have no idea if Gavilar had any good intentions or not. I do know he was a colossal (bunch of words that would probably get me in trouble with the mods) and he chose to be that way. He decided that this goal(s) meant that he was above everyone he ever loved and cared for, and since he would eventually be immortal, he could treat fellow mortals as if they were already dead, and therefore he couldn't be guilty of mistreating them to any degree. He felt guilt, that much has been said/alluded to. He felt guilt, and he still was a massive jerk. Evil is chosen. As far as I can tell, he walked into that with (what he thought was) both eyes open, and he never turned back when he had the chance.
  14. As with @Quantus's answer, this mostly sets my mind at ease. Near infinite energy is pretty nifty, I'm a fan of that. The part about, if you have enough anti-investiture you can probably deathstar a planet, is not so good. But at that point, I imagine there will have been a crazy stupid supernatural arms race..sooo who knows if it would turn out to be inter-galactic genocide, or maybe a tactical stalemate. I'll hope for that latter.
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