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    I enjoy reading Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere books (obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be here), and I especially enjoy coming up with ways that one may be able to use the magic systems within it in interesting and unique ways. All of them are good, but, Hemalurgy is of the most interest to me, due to the many, many potential applications for it, and the creative opportunities it provides (assuming, of course, that you don't use it for evil, because, quite frankly, that would just be plain evil).

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  1. I'm not sure if an Inquisitor could survive 200 years without access to Atium Compounding or another direct hack. This WoB says that on average their lifespan is slightly extended, but I doubt that constitutes over a full century. Fun fact I found while searching for this though; going out in the Mists would also extend your life, even if it's only miniscule.
  2. Might not even need to Compound. Just drink lots of water at a given time to Tap later. You might even be able for force feed yourself liquids more quickly by using a high powered hose that pipes water directly into your stomach, which you immediately Store to prevent from bursting.
  3. Hmm, true. However, since the power should be a more permanent graft on your Spiritweb, I suppose if it came to the worst and you did heal to match another's appearance you could always just Tap a memory of your old self plus health to change your appearance back. Might remove the power, but I'm skeptical towards that as it's now a more fundamental part of your Spiritweb, much like age. My original thought was to create a new set of memories from scratch though, kind of like a Forgery that gives your a plausible alternative mindset so as to prevent such a problem. That probably requires access to advanced theoretical Coppermind-VR technology, which I suppose is kind of cheating since we haven't seen anything like it yet, so maybe instead you could just find a way to have a Feruchemist splice two memories together. I wonder if a skilled Archivist could take the Unkeyed experiences of an Allomancer or Feruchemist using their power but could then overwrite who was doing it with the person to gain the powers in question. Then when they were Tapped, there would be no weird interface of personality or physical appearance. As well as Blanking Identity, perhaps if you were to Tap the kind of Connections formed when a Metalborn uses their power? Connection seems to be like a kind of spiritual memory, where Connections are read to see the future or the past, if I remember correctly, so if you have those Connections perhaps that would fit the spiritual ideal enough? Eh, Hemalurgy's really neat, but I don’t think it should be the only answer to every question. In fact, as I've really sat down and thought about it, Hemalurgy's main advantage is that it's comparatively easy to get results, though those results pretty much always come with a greater cost attached or a lesser output as said result. Basically, it's really useful as a shortcut of getting Investiture to work for you (or perhaps starting you off better off to obtaining more) but I don't know that it should be the ultimate end goal power anymore. That was the original plan, yes. And yes, going wrong would be very possible in such a scenario. However, if you splice the right memories together, I'm not sure that this is strictly necessary anymore; you'd just need to ingrain some key memories of you using the desired power while meddling with Identity, Connection, and health, and I think that would take care of it. I see no reason it wouldn't be permanent; most physical injuries not healed within a certain time frame don't change back to normal even with more healing applied due to the change in the Cognitive Aspect, so not Tapping health for a week or so after the procedure would make the power more permanently ingrained into the patient. I mean, it's basically just Forgery but with extra steps, so yeah, making Hemalurgic spikes with the process may be viable. If the powers are just temporary for some reason, making spikes from them may become the most efficient option. I do my best/worst
  4. I would venture to guess that it's because it would be too easy to abuse; figure out how to duplicate the memories and you can have an army with almost preternatural skill level, which isn't super fun to read about. Muscle memory also may be linked to the Spiritweb and its Connections more, so if you figured out Storing and Tapping those, perhaps you could still magically obtain skill.
  5. It's difficult to say what would happen, though I think that there's some wiggle room for debate. My guess is that you could remove some of the spikes without killing the Koloss, and they might get back a smidgen of their former level of sapience, but overall it would leave them more damaged and weak than with the spikes; those spikes are now an integral part of their Spiritweb, so removing them would have disastrous consequences for them. It's also worth noting that they have 4 spikes, which is the threshold at which you need a Linchpin spike, so it's very unlikely that all could be remove without killing them.
  6. Hmm, if you could use Connection to make the tungsten block believe it was part of the Feruchemist, I don't see why this wouldn't work; if it can leech a Surgebinder's Stormlight, it seems likely that you could find a way to Store weight from it as well. As for physical speed, I bet that it has to be an object that has potential movement already in place; a Steelrunner wouldn't fall slower by Storing physical speed, so by that logic neither would a hurled boulder generate more Storable speed. That said, I think it's likely that the Scadran space ships in era 5 will have this very capability. Why else would an Awakened Steelmind, of all Feruchemical metals available, be used in the construction of a ship?
  7. Really love this idea. Having livestock that can survive off dirt, grow faster/bigger than what should normally possible, and while using the base animals themselves to fuel the creation of the spikes? Absolutely awesome. You could even recycle the spikes for efficiency. I don't know that you'd specifically want to make a Cowloss, but some type of Hemalurgic construct as a livestock could be very useful indeed. While I'm sure plants have some kind of rudimentary Spiritweb, it is not a viable target for Hemalurgy, unfortunately. Probably could work. Piercing any being with enough spikes should leave it open to being controlled via Emotional Allomancy. Another possibility for aiding Koloss with avoiding gravitational consequences would be to use a Hemalurgic spike to grant them Feruchemical iron to reduce their weight. Also, this is still the Mistborn forum, so please try to put any non Mistborn material in a spoiler box. I'm not sure that there are a lot of direct parallels between the other Metallic Arts and Hemalurgic constructs. Koloss do have what is essentially the Blessing of Potency (magically augmented strength, speed, and seemingly health), but physical/cognitive mutations, both positive and negative, are likely just consequences of mish-mashed spiritual DNA. As such, a Hemalurgic construct made with a specific attribute could probably have just about any kind of physical transformation made based on the contents of the spike and where it is placed in their body.
  8. Looks really good! The vials especially are a nice addition.
  9. Sweet! A fellow Mistborn enthusiast. Which of the three Metallic Arts do you think is neatest?
  10. I've been thinking about how Scadrial's technology is going to advance and what it will ultimately mean in the long term, how the Metallic Arts will evolve in their use and access, and specifics on how this will be achieved. Currently, natural Metalborn powers are undeniably the best version; Hemalurgic spikes damage the practitioner's Spiritweb, contend with Identity contamination, and have a maximum number that can be born by a Hemalurgist. Unsealed Metalminds seem to have a fair share of caveats as well. The Medallions used by the Malwish interfere with each other, and can't seem to grant access to Allomancy. The BoM were better in a lot of ways, but they required replenishment after having their Nicrosil Stores drained, limiting their practicality. Natural powers can Compound, don't run out (of the base power, that is), can potentially generate Resonances, and don't have true limits to the number a person can possess. I think that what will most likely allow this to happen will be Lerasium distillation from the Mists (probably come era 5), but I think that there could be another way. We know that it is possible to rewrite the Spiritweb with F-gold to regain Metalborn powers lost to Hemalurgy, that healing the Spiritweb requires patching on an infusion of Investiture, and that one's Cognitive Aspect is of prime concern when rewriting the Spiritweb. As such, if someone could use Unsealed Copper to trick their Cognitive Aspect into believing it had a Metalborn power, and that powers had been ripped off by Hemalurgy, I believe you could grow a new power by Tapping a sufficient amount of Health via F-gold (probably requiring a temporary gold Hemalurgic spike, as it's unlikely that Unsealed Metalminds as they are currently understood can heal the Spiritual Aspect, based on their relationship with Honorblades and their inability to do so). This would take a lot of work with copper Feruchemy, but it would be interesting to see if you could use an advanced computer to simulate new memories from scratch for this process, kind of like a Forgery used to temporarily change one's Cognitive Aspect. It also would require a LOT of health probably, but for permanent, undiluted Allomantic/Feruchemical power, it's probably worth the original Investment (pun intended). It's also possible that Tapping some Connection to the desired power via Duralumin Feruchemy may help the process along, as the Spiritweb would have more to go off of. In any case, I believe that this could be a way to eventually create Metalborn without extensive use of Hemalurgy or a continuous dependency on Unsealed Metalminds.
  11. If you are a Radiant and you possess an Honorblade with the same Surges, they become overall more powerful. It should also be mentioned that Heralds had different levels of Investiture based on their attunement to their Oaths and Honor's Intent. Mild Cosmere spoilers: Edit: in short, I don't think that Honorblades are what can give you a Herald's level of power, because as @alder24's quotes support, Heralds had two sources for their power; their Honorblades, and then a direct boost of Investiture from Honor himself.
  12. You very likely could add more than 4 spikes, but they probably wouldn't count as a true Koloss anymore, but a similar, if more powerful/warped construct. As for whether the spikes would kill them, I doubt it; Marsh has at least 22 spikes, and it didn't kill him. Perhaps you could attempt to make a Koloss with more or less than 4 spikes by altering the contents of each spike, but this is speculation on my part (by assuming the spiritual "code" in a spike is what alters the spike bearer instead of just the raw power).
  13. Not much of a massive idea, but I just realized how well the Metallic Arts fit their Shard's respective Intents in regard to their effects; Preservation's Investiture doesn't change a person at their core (unless the fundamental nature of Investiture as a whole overrides it, such as with Savantism), instead adding power to them. Pewter Allomancy, for example, makes you stronger and faster, but your actual physique is preserved. Hemalurgy ruins the practitioner a little bit, changing and warping them with the more spikes they bear. Steel Inquisitors are physiologically distinct from humans after the number of spikes they have, and their Spiritwebs begin to fray despite their power. Feruchemy is more like Harmony. It changes the practitioner, such as when a Brute Taps strength (or possibly altering a Windwisperer's sensory organs?) they actually change their muscle mass, though what they are at their core is untouched; they can only Store what they've already got. I don't think that this necessarily fits every magic system, but for these three in particular, it's so neat to still pick up on the occasional connection.
  14. I've been thinking on these more as of late, and it's led me to a couple questions; 1. Does Savantism affect Resonances? Resonances are a mixing of the powers in your soul, after all, and Savantism is when your Spiritweb gets warped and extra saturated by your power(s), so would Savantism alter the Resonance, or cause it to be expressed more profoundly? 2. Does raw power affect Resonances? Radiant Resonances are more pronounced and noticeable than Twinborn Resonances, and Radiants have more Investiture in their system naturally. Does this mean that if a Twinborn was created via Lerasium that their Resonance would be stronger? 3. Can Resonances be "lopsided"? For example, does having Savantism or extra raw Investiture in only one power (such as a Twinborn's Allomancy) cause the Resonance to act differently?
  15. If you Store and/or Compound F-Nicrosil's power and Tap it, you probably gain more efficiency when Tapping other powers with F-Nicrosil, as weaker Feruchemy has been compared to a leaky pipe by Brandon, and net neutral systems need to draw slight amounts of Investiture from the SR for conversion. This is true. You would not gain any permanent Investiture via this method, but temporary increases in Investiture (which all Tapped attributes consist of) may prove useful for resistance against other Investiture. Mostly, I'd just be interested in seeing what happens when you supercharged one or both of these powers, as they may work a little differently based on their core mechanics, kind of like how A-steel begins to affect fundamental electromagnetic forces instead of just metals when taken to the extreme.
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