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    I enjoy reading Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere books (obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be here), and I especially enjoy coming up with ways that one may be able to use the magic systems within it in interesting and unique ways. All of them are good, but, Hemalurgy is of the most interest to me, due to the many, many potential applications for it, and the creative opportunities it provides (assuming, of course, that you don't use it for evil, because, quite frankly, that would just be plain evil).

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  1. Eh, fair enough. I still think Atium may truly have more potential, but Lerasium is pretty great, especially if alloying it to cherry pick and double or triple up on good powers is an option. Also, don't we know about what Atium does too? The Allomancy table says it gives an expanded vision of the SR with added ability to process and remember such knowledge. It doesn't have to be selfish; you could still use Lerasium to do great good. Also, you could pull a Spook and have thirteen kids to reintroduce potent Allomancy to Scadrial's population As for the mush thing, you don't have to use Hemalurgy with it. Knowledge is Atium's core function, so other (inferior ) options would be available too. Doesn't Investiture generally aid and boost the practitioner instead of damage them though? I mean, okay, Hemalurgy is kind of a bad example for this (though even it preserves your life by rearranging organs and such), but Mistborn had no issues with Burning Atium/electrum alloys for centuries.
  2. Yup, I said it; Atium (the pure, non-alloyed form) is better than Lerasium. Or, at least it has a far greater potential, in my opinion. Both God Metals are quite useful in their own right; Atium can be used to see and comprehend the SR while Lerasium allows you to make permanent changes to your Spiritweb. And I think most people see Lerasium as the superior metal because it grants permanent, powerful Invested abilities with pretty much no downside, while Atium is used up in a flash. I used to think this way too until I realized something; Atium gives knowledge and comprehension. That means a lot, I believe. What's a Dawnshard's biggest power? Granting the knowledge and comprehension of a deity. And so, I think pure Atium may be able to do something similar, though on a smaller scale. Want to use a highly, highly advanced Awakening Command to, oh, say recreate Nightblood? Atium vision grants you the knowledge and ability to use it. Want to know how to Bondsmith your way to Ascension? Atium. Boom. Knowledge. Want to know how to Forge yourself into a only borderline possible yet much more powerful version of yourself? Atium again. Want to know how to crack Hemalurgic Compounding, add multiple Hemalurgic charges or powers in a single spike, add more than 5 spikes to a person, evade the Flaw, add +500 IQ via Hemalurgic copper (while remaining somewhat human), or otherwise rewrite a Spiritweb in literally any way you want? You probably know by now; Atium. Even if you don't have another form of Investiture as your disposal to gain insight into, you could learn the next leap in technological advancement for your civilization (with you owning its patented rights, of course), know what to do regarding a close personal matter, or simply gain a greater insight into how the Cosmere works. Have I convinced anyone else to join team Atium over team Lerasium yet? Edit: Hmm, I get the feeling that people are voting without actually checking my argument. . .
  3. Welcome to the Shard! So, the biggest issue I see with this is a misunderstanding of what it means for an Invested system to be aligned with a Shard. The powers of a magic system don't stem from the Shard's Intent, but the way you gain access to it is intertwined with the Intent. Still, I think it’s pretty cool you put this much thought into it!
  4. I think that the opposite is likely true, unfortunately; the more Connected you are to something, the harder it is to leave it. Since a Radiant's Spren is Connected to Roshar and the Bond/Connection between the Spren and Radiant is stronger than ever at the 5th Oath, it's going to be even harder for the Radiant to leave the system. We actually get some confirmation for this in RoW, when Mraize tells Shallan that she is trapped in the Rosharan system by her Invested nature.
  5. Yeah, I know that there has been a theme in some other works of fiction where a magic user can steal other magic users' power. I don't usually like this, as it's never clear how much power they get, there's never a real downside to taking it (aside from the moral consequences, that is), and they're always beaten anyway. Hemalurgy has measurable amounts of Investiture, has limitations and consequences, and it can still be used as a viable option to gain magical power.
  6. Love the idea! I'll have to illustrate it at some point. As for its functionality, I think that this would be effective for extra speed and stamina.
  7. Nice to have you friend! How many of the Cosmere books have you read thus far? I assume most if not all, but better to check anyway. Also, which magic system is your favorite and why?
  8. Nice to have you! Which magic system is your favorite and why? Also, which book (or series of books) is your favorite and why?
  9. Welcome friend! What's yours, out of curiosity? This is the correct answer Which aspect of Hemalurgy seems most interesting to you? I, personally, love that it allows for direct Spiritweb manipulation, which means you can change nearly any aspect of yourself you want. What's more, it allows for a magic system that can increase in power, but it has actual, measurable bounds.
  10. He had 22 spikes that we know of, as he added his F-Atium spike after Ruin's fall. Shoot them our way and we'll be happy to let you know what we know
  11. Seems plausible to me. Depends on some factors I would assume, but it doesn't seem unreasonable.
  12. Sorry for the confusion, I was speed writing and I've only got my mobile to use for a while. No, I don't think that Allomantically Burning a pure Godmetal will necessarily grant you access to the system directly. I think that there are individual ways to use the pure form of each Godmetal to access (or, I suppose, just improve the use of as some people have argued) the magic system they're tied to; Lerasium you ingest, but Tanavastium you Bond, just like with a Spren. Could be that Edglium you Command with "your Breath become mine" or something like that. That is true, but pure Atium's effects that aid in Hemalurgy could also be considered a "side effect". So, perhaps Godmetals don't directly grant access to their magic system, but the effects they grant are close enough that they could greatly aid its use or be used in a roundabout way to gain access. That is the electrum/Atium alloy I believe, not the purified form of the Godmetal. Hmm, that's a valid point. This definitely moves against my original theory. You could argue that this is technically still using a pure Godmetal to access its system after a fashion, but that's probably a stretch.
  13. I was thinking about how refined Atium (with no electrum contamination) is able to give you enhanced visions of the SR when I realized something; that's literally the perfect ability to use in conjunction with/access Ruin's magic system, Hemalurgy; in depth knowledge of what you want to do with an equal portion of cognitive enhancement to use it? Hemalurgy's all about knowledge, Intent, and metal, which just fits super well. . . Almost too well to be coincidence. Then there's Lerasium, which inherently grants access to Preservation's magic system, Allomancy. Honor's pure Godmetal is only seen in one way; the Honorblades. Which also happen to grant access/expand one's power in their Shard's respective magic system. I'm starting to see a pattern here. I theorize, then, that the pure form of each Godmetal of each Shard grants access to or expands the possible use of that system it's tied to. For example, Edglium may generate Breath for someone, Raysium may allow for Odium's version of Surgebinding, and Trellium may possibly allow access to Sand Mastery or Star Marks. And this does make some sense on an intrinsic level; they are the condensed essence of the very systems that they're Connected to, so I don't think this is outside the realm of plausibility.
  14. Happy birthday! Your art looks so good!
  15. Ah, clever; you simply hum the sound (or have a recorder replicate it via Intent) and any Kandra nearby would be caught off guard and may let their posing lapse. A big part of it was Preservation's desire for her to be his heir. If I remember correctly, what allowed her to pick up the entirety of Preservation's Investiture at the end of HoA was her initial interaction with the Well of Ascension; it acted as a sort of attunement force for the rest of the power (I'll have to find the Word of Brandon later). Yeah, absolutely! It was nice!
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