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  1. Yo, wassup? It's been awhile. You doing alright?

  2. I remember seeing a WoB where Brandon says something about him being ok with people sharing ebooks as long as it's done in the same way that they would share a physical book, but I can't find it. I would really like to make sure it's correct before I lend one of my ebooks to a friend, if anyone can find it.
  3. Other authors: "How did he just smash the record for biggest Kickstarter ever? Who is this guy!?" Brandon:
  4. This Saturday at the American Fork library we'll be having a Sanderson themed "worldhopper experience!" There will be a bunch of fun activities, like learning how to make glyphs, discussions, a bridge run with a real wooden bridge, and more! Unfortunately, Brandon won't be making an appearance at the event, but it should still be lots of fun! Also, if you want to do a longer bridge run (just under 2 miles) we made the bridge at my house and *might* run it down to the library instead of renting a truck to bring it over, if we get enough support. Let me know if you're interested in that!
  5. Bless you. *Wins while maintaining social distance*
  6. You thought you were the winner, but it was me, Dio!
  7. I was talking to my brother about the new Ghostbusters movie, and accidentally said "ghostbloods: afterlife" This meme is the end result: (RoW spoilers)
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