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  1. This is a lot of thread and it's way too late for me to read all the arguments and counterarguments, but it seems to me that if Adhesion's Full Lashing is indeed just a temporary re-writing of Spiritwebs so that Object A thinks that Object B is part of Object A... the applications of this could be substantial, yes? Could an Allomancer burn metal that's Adhesion'd to their person? Could, in a more contemporary time, fully-controllable prosthetics be made that run on Stormlight and a couple Full Lashings? Could it somehow be applied to unlock Spiritweb-specific invested tools? (I.E., Shardblades, Metalminds, Breaths) These are fun thoughts.
  2. Correct, this game is a meme-complex that infiltrated our noosphere in the year of 1992 and has plagued us ever since. It's memetic properties mean that as soon as you perceive its existence, it is permanently bonded to you as its host. It does not matter whether you believe. It does not matter what you choose. It does not matter who you are, or what you do, or why you scream for the Game to release you. It has you, and it will never let you go. You, like everyone else, chose to venture into this universe, to learn and gain knowledge and open your senses. Sometimes you learn things you wish you didn't. Sometimes you regret your senses. Sometimes it does not matter. Sometimes, it just is. @therunner
  3. This of course was a capital offense in the land of Berries and Cream, so they were all ceremoniously crammed into 2012 Chevy Silverado (which was colored gold), and were driven--
  4. All got into a 2008 Chevy Corvette Convertible and travelled to the land of Berries and Cream.
  5. Also note the scene in Bands of Mourning where Marasi and Wayne visit the graveyard. Marasi reflects on Survivorist theology that Kelsier will one day "return in his glory" (I see you ripping off both our religions, Brandon. Don't think I don't ), specifically when the world is in great danger or need. The Southerners have the same belief. This doesn't fit HoA lore specifically, but does thematically. Could it be Kell (or rather, his followers) just co-opting an already existing theological trope? Maybe. Probably. It doesn't rule out the prophecy actually applying. I think it could be a very interesting plot point in Era 4, but I don't think it will occur in Era 3. Saze is a Hero of Ages, and 300 years doesn't quite cut it imo. I want to see a bit more of him. All in all, I like this theory, have some rep. Edit: Also, welcome to the Shard, my friend! If the chasmcrawlers don't get ya, the cookies will! By the way, most excellent tattoo (you can't see it but I'm giving a thumbs-up)
  6. *points* that's the one This Cali boy is headin to Texas (I know Texas has a thing about that but I promise I come in peace) Consider: What would be the institutional response to an irl Mistborn or Radiant? Scientific curiosity? Sensational fearmongering? A declaration of war? A new religion started? All of the above? Imagine how awkward it would be for Brandon...
  7. Smh I'm taking an extended hiatus so I'll miss S v R III: Revenge of the Medallions Oh well, I'm sure I can pop in during S v R V: Scadrial Strikes Back (MB Era 3), or at the latest during S v R VI: Return of the Radiants (Stormlight 6) Edit: to get back on topic, I think IRL Radiancy would be *extremely* revolutionary for our tech, as we'd find continuous ways to repurpose surges for machines, one day automating everything with fabrials. Having Mistborn and Mistings would be really complementary for our existing tech imo, enhancing what humans can do next to machines and if automation comes down the line, it'd integrate well with our current engineering prowess. Either way, people with powers would be in *really* good financial positions, no matter their "skill set".
  8. Hahahahahahaha, now THAT makes more sense. Cheers anyway. Edit: Mkay got some context. Looks like SPancakes and Queen are dueling, and I, like so many others, am merely a casualty. How many losses will be needed before the duel is decided? The Desolation is nigh...
  9. Bruuuhhh I was going on like a 2 year streak and I get sniped suddenly in a giant list of pings. On the other hand, I'm actually pretty happy that I've been noticed. (assuming it wasn't just at random lol) Cheers, @Szeth_Pancakes
  10. This is probably an entirely different topic thread, but I assert that Steel Feruchemy does not speed up or slow down your mind or the way you perceive the world. My arguments for this are as follows: 1) Mental Speed is stored in Zinc and Physical Speed is stored in Steel. If they had the same effect, they wouldn't be separate metals, because Brandon doesn't do his magic design like that. 2) In SoS, there is a moment where Paalm taps a ton of Speed right as Wayne throws up a speed bubble. Interestingly, the prose makes it seem like Paalm took a second to realize that Wax was actually watching her, something that should've been more immediately obvious if it was actually increasing her mental speed. 3) Obviously there needs to be *some* kind of mental enhancement to make speed running work. I assert that these effects are in the subliminal part of the mind: Reflexes, physical coordination, etc. Have you ever had a moment where you're physically doing something you're usually bad at, but you start excelling for a brief moment, because your body is moving faster than your mind? And as soon as you realize the fact, and try to do it consciously, the magic ends? That's how I imagine the experience of steelrunning: You see yourself moving *fast*, but your subliminal control of your body is compensating--you don't *need* conscious control to avoid crashing into walls. The other thing is: When Sazed is storing everything, he doesn't remark that time seems to be moving slowly/quickly. His thoughts are moving slowly, but his body is moving even slower, Saze remarking on how agonizingly slow his arms are. Meanwhile, those speaking to him move and speak normally, Saze's PoV not noting anything strange in their timing. It's a good idea, but imo what you're looking for is A-Cadmium ;P
  11. Their wars lasted for centuries, spanning a thousand star systems and sacrificing a trillion lives. And then, finally...
  12. I don't know about other attempts to get infinite energy out of Invested Arts, but Iron Feruchemy absolutely breaks the equations surrounding kinetic and potential energy, work, and gravity. In our real world, if you perform work and lift an object up, you expend force to lift it and give it potential energy. When you release, the potential becomes kinetic as gravity takes over and it's sucked back toward the planet surface. Gravity provides "free Force" but it can provide no energy because it's always net zero, because you're expending at least as much force to lift as it will expend when it drops (then you add air resistance and thermodynamics enters the equation, so you're LOSING energy). Iron Feruchemy breaks it, because suddenly you can lift a very very light object, and then drop a very heavy one. It's net-zero as far as Investiture is concerned, but it's NOT net-zero in physics. By lifting a light person and dropping a heavy one, you just added kinetic energy to the universe and broke thermodynamics. (You can do this reverse by lifting a heavy person and dropping a light one). While the engineering to harness this power is a bit tricky, and would be a lot nicer if we could get Iron Feruchemy to apply to objects instead of just people one day, the power *is* right there for the taking. Honestly, SoScad is probably doing similar things with their Brass Ferrings, although Heat Feruchemy seems to be more beholden to thermodynamics than Weight Feruchemy. (Or at least harder to crack since humans need a specific temperature to survive but couldn't care less about their gravitational pull)
  13. Granted, you are now a world-class thief. Your teeth are crooked, extremely painful, with the consistency of sponge. I wish for a spark of joy.
  14. Begone goths! Back! Back I say! *holds photo of Bob Ross wardingly before self* Granted! Every night at 2am you're awoken to find that one of your belongings, that's not furniture or electronic, has been shattered, shredded, or otherwise gruesomely destroyed at the foot of your bed. I wish for unlimited free Delta business-class plane tickets.
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