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  1. Nameless’ lawyer pasted a smile on his face as Hacob left. “Ah, excellent. My thanks to the court for hearing this case, even if the plaintiff did turn out to be wasting your time.” inwardly, the lawyer was seething. Just a few more posts and he’d have been set for life, able to retire to some quiet corner of the thread and spend his days feasting upon the souls he’d gathered up throughout his long career. But no, this case just had to end now. For stupid reasons like an Author being busy, no doubt. Either that or some useless quest. Now he’d have to finish at least one more case, unless he wanted his retirement home to be without that thirtieth jacuzzi. The lawyer sighed, then began packing up his things to go.
  2. Schrödinger was always making things more complicated than they should be. It was so unfair that the universe happened to agree with his theories.
  3. This was either impossible or completely possible, depending on your theory of time-travel continuity.
  4. Regardless, by the laws of stuff, everyone (including Everyone) will eventually get a friend.
  5. This was understandable, as Everyone had yet to meet said future best friend.
  6. The Inexperienced was quite upset that she was always getting mixed up with her brother whenever one of their names was placed at the beginning of a sentence.
  7. Someone old walked in shortly after the new person. "Hello indeed. You're new here? Watch out for pineapples."
  8. Everyone’s future best friend appeared, then disappeared quickly.
  9. Unfortunately for the sake of the happy ending, Barioth had gone and died of fulfilling-one's-sole-goal-in-life-itis. Either that or the curse that had claimed the lives of his family had finally turned around and claimed him instead, now that his granddaughter was out of its reach.
  10. The girl frowned. "I'm Rabel. I... think I am at least. And I think I have a grandfather. Where is he?"
  11. Contrary to all expectations, The girl on the bed did not immediately explode. Instead, her eyes opened and she sat up. "Where am I? Who are you?"
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