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  1. The adventurer nods appreciatively. “So you’re an experienced traveler? Good to have you on the team. Where do you hail from originally?”
  2. "Great! I'll keep it then. Been looking for a weapon like that for a while." The adventurer shrugs in answer to Arranis's question. "Depends. Seems like a lot of the plants we've been passing are drawing on the latent magic to fuel growth and their weirdness, but I don't think I could do something similar without danger, particularly considering the effect that sword is having. Maybe you could learn more from those monsters that have been tracking us for a bit." "Oh, of course you can join. As long as you're fine with me claiming the sword once we're done."
  3. “Almost there.” The adventurer walks with a careful stride, eyes scanning the forest around for danger. “And just so we’re clear, I can take the sword after we beat those evil guys, right? I promise not to use it for nefarious purposes.”
  4. Now without hands, Mim begins to wonder if perhaps he should’ve waited a few more days before challenging such an opponent. “How about we call it a draw?” Nin frowned. “Really? The old man’s dead? I’m sure he liked that. He always wanted to go out in battle. Considering his skills, it was always a risk that he’d die of old age first.”
  5. Seeing that it wasn’t Non back for another rematch, Nin waved and said hello. “Have you seen my new apprentice? I’ve only had him for a few days and he keeps running off.”
  6. The adventurer leads the group through a dense forest of ash-grey trees with leaves the color of blood. ”I think the sword’s influence is strongest about a mile or two ahead this way. By the way, do any of you happen to know anything about the person weilding the sword?”
  7. If I were to die in a year I’d jump from the Empire State Building without a parachute, swim down to see the titanic, and I might even go spelunking.
  8. So they all died, and rhyming died with them. Permanently.
  9. In five years I will have over 100,000 posts on TLT.
  10. If I were to die in a year I’d get life insurance, leave the shard after writing a goodbye post or two, and start focusing on what’s actually important in my life.
  11. "Very well. We go this way." The adventurer leaps off of a very small cliff and skids to the bottom, then begins walking towards a distant landmark.
  12. "You have my thanks." The adventurer half-shakes his head, then gestures in a general direction. "Not precisely, but I believe I may be able to lead you to it. Or at least to the place where the influence of that strange nothingness is strongest."
  13. The adventurer nods, face becoming more serious. “Indeed. That weapon is far too dangerous to leave in the wrong hands. I assume you’re here to confront those who are using it? Please allow me to join you.”
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