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    But I don't wanna!
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    for the stars fro if you miss the arrow will land far far away and the person kills probably wont know you.
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    It's spelled M A N man
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    My IQ is uhmmm at least 7
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    What even is this thing
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    What is this one too

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    stormblessed not stormdepressed
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    slc utah
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    reading and performing hemalurgy on unsuspecting people

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  1. Why did you get stopped at airport security? So doors right
  2. Instead, strange abandoned chickens live inside chasmfiends alone eating turkey.
  3. Granted it is your dad's money because he just died and you were in his will I wish I felt like my friends were there for me
  4. He says everything like a joke but when joking about stuff with us he actually gets serious and mean like me and my friends were talking today and he literally only gets mad at me
  5. It's like he just doesn't care about me and one other person he just hates us
  6. In this class my teacher literally just goes off at me it's annoying
  7. No do a card that is swap everyone's hands to who you want so rearrange hands
  8. 302. Become a well known renowned psychopath and serial killer and just do about anything at that point
  9. As your handing it back I fall out of the sky for absolutely no reason and land right on the sandwich I stand up holding it and drink a potion and go invisible for the next two minutes as I sprint away.
  10. Beautiful abandoned chickens live inside alone.
  11. Well yes I have... It's fun TPBM has eaten a worm
  12. I live decently close but have only gone a few times
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