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    I love reading (duh), along with running, and enjoy participating in my high school's stage crew. You should join XC and read The Far side.
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  1. I will be inactive for the rest of May. Me and my family will be in Europe, so fun. I will not be posting anything while there, when would I have time? Anyway, this felt like an appropriate thing to do.

  2. I know, since it went right back to the heart of Africa where me and Sally still are. while we were waiting, we dug a mile wide moat around where we are. Sally catches the sandwich easily and I give her a pat for being a good girl.
  3. That didn't ruin them, but it certainly didn't help either TPBM can't keep track of writing utensils
  4. 184. speak in an accent you don't have naturally (and do it badly)
  5. I shoot Hank and WhyEverNot with elephant tranquilizer. I then ride my elephant, Sally, into the area and take the sandwich. we travel to the heart of Africa.
  6. I dislike my ELA Class, but I'm excited to take a creative writing Class my senior year TPBM thinks tying your shoes is a waste of time.
  7. M-bot can go 20 mags, 1 mag being around 300 mph. that's 6000 mph, which is only around Mach 8. while she does have better guns, she can't really do much damage, as she has 0 bombing capability, making her damage output a bit meager. Meanwhile, America has the firepower to definitely take out a slightly advanced ship, even just with surface to air missiles. BUT WE DON'T NEED TO BRING THIS UP AGAIN also, PINEAPPLES?
  8. There is a romantic subplot, but the two characters act more like chums than romantic interests. Rithmatist is one of my favorite books, I think you'll be fine.
  9. Please don't bring this up again... (Me and Fool already argued about this for almost an hour once.) I Love Pineapples! What are your thoughts on pomegranates and popcorn?
  10. probably reckless driving what's the worst class you've ever taken?
  11. I come into the shop, knock you unconscious by hitting you over the head with a grand piano, take the sandwich, and leave the store, running into Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.
  12. I have a WWJD bracelet, and totally have a watch TPBM was a dinosaur kid
  13. Fry sauce, skiing, and stupid weather Ahh... Utah also, @One of the Ten Fools
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